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# 1 new decks
10-21-2012, 04:03 PM
battle bridge
i have an cupple of sujestions for decks secondary bridge for big ship that can seperate like the galaxy rifit and oddy op cruser

put your wepions in that armory and if you dont whnt anyone touch your good wepions make an axtention to that room call advanced aromory is lock to every one exept you

deflector control
you can retune your defletor whith batts to give you more power

get an working holodeck in your ship have an small selcetions of programs
and traing programs maybe

fed brig
if one of your crew has not been on duty send them to the brig

bridge extention : crew meeting room
like in tng and voy

shuttle bay
has all your small ships and the one you get in you lunch that one for missions

aeroponics bay
make veg and drinks for free in there

astrometric lab
you have an good view at the galcay

thanks for your time

maquis command genneral volack

ship uss zeus

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