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I just built a new computer:
EVGA nvidia 680 classified
EVGA X79 classified motherboard
intel i7-3920k 6-core processor
Windows 7 64bit

I am experiencing very bad rubber banding, which I did not experience with my old core 2 duo using the same the internet connection. STO website says to use task manager to disable one or more of the cpu cores. https://support.perfectworld.com/app...2007/related/1
This helps slightly. I also disabled hyperthreading in my bios which also helped onyl slightly, but even with all but one core disabled I still get enough rubberbanding to make the game nearlly unplayable. This may be a compatability issue with the sandy bridges architecture. If any body has any idea how this problem can be fixed, or has any insight into whats going on here please let me know.

Heres my dxdiag file link: http://pastebin.com/cZnDzHAE

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