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# 1 Your 'dream update'
10-22-2012, 02:23 AM
Everyone has something they want more than anything else, and everyone knows that there's a lot Cryptic will never put in the game- but what's your dream update? I'm talking either a generalization of content "space pvp revamp!" or specific systems "dynamic exploration"- but stuff that would be big, and would be a significant change (and improvement) to the game.

For me, I'd love to do away with how ships are handled for your characters- factionally speaking of course.

Instead of a character owning a bunch of ships that only he can fly- instead open the game up so that all characters on your account, divided by faction, can use all ships on your account, divided by faction.

But what does that mean?

It means, like, let's take your venerable RA token ship. You get it when you hit RA (or pay dilithium or whatever), and you fly it a while- but eventually you get something else, maybe a C-store ship, maybe a much less expensive lockbox mirror ship, maybe even a lobi or lockbox capstone ship.

Your RA ship gathers dust, and while you occasionally fly it, you don't do it so much that it does anything other than take up space.

But if Cryptic took the separation between characters on an account and partially did away with it, you'd have something interesting.

Let's say that, as it was for me, your RA ship is a galaxy class clunker. visually iconic, but slow, simple, and outclassed by 90% of the ships at that tier. You got it with dilithium or a RA token- so it's a specific ship.

And any fed on your character who is at least RA or higher can fly that specific ship, if no other fed is flying it.

Get rid of the normal 'captains have so many ship slots', and combine them together into sort of ship rotation. Do a cool visual graphic on ESD or your fleet starbase or whatever where your characters can look out and see all your ships.

So like, my new tac captain has just hit RA, and used his token to buy a patrol escort. He takes it around a bit, but he's got crappy gear and really wants to get into that elite space STF action.

So he parks his patrol escort at the starbase and hops into my engineering main's spare MVAM advanced escort, which is loaded with the reman prototype XI space set, plasma weapons, a full set of XI purple plasma energy consoles (and one plasma infuser for the torp), and select C-store consoles either from other ships bought from the C-store, or via the lockbox crossfaction stuff.

He plows through a bunch of elite STFs, and logs off- taking that ship with him to explore strange new worlds.

Meanwhile, I log onto my sci captain. I dock my Artimage, which as a C-store unlock, is always available to each of my captains, even if someone else is already 'flying one'. And then I swap over into my fleet recon to go chart some anomalies.

This system would make some identification between not just 'single ships' versus 'global unlocks', but also between those single ships and 'rare' things like lockbox/lobi capstone ships.

For instance, lets say I have a trill science officer who has been (fluff) developing relations with a small group of tholians. She eventually acquires their assistance fighting enemies of the federation, and acquires an orb weaver. As a ship so fantastically difficult to acquire, and not something that 'everyone' flies, it would be 'character bound' to that character in the ship rotation.

You could dock it at the station and go use another ship, but while your other characters could click on the ship and look at the stats, only you would be able to use it, change its gear, or any of that.

Now, some people are inordinately lucky, blessed, or incredibly wealthy and have every lock box ship released, and all the lobi ships too, all on their account. What for them?

Well that's a good question- and one I think Cryptic would be able to make some money off of. These ships are 'bound' to that specific character and cannot be used by your other captains- but you would be able to purchase, from the C-store, a "Ship Transfer Order", which would let you take one of your character bound ships and transfer it to another character on the account, accepting factional limitations (No, Admiral Yayooz didn't order you to give the Klingons your MVAM advanced escort)

As a necessity to this system, all your space gear would by bound to the account- and the 'ship rotation' would house a sort of account bank where you could put it in. Moreover, this 'ship rotation' would serve as sort of an account hub, letting you freely change your characters from that faction, manage their gear without being logged into that character, and otherwise eliminate a lot of the busywork you usually have to go through to do it, running from one side of the starbase to the other to go to the tailor, or access the bank.

this idea would totally change the paradigm of ships and space gear- and I think would be way too much work and too radical a change for Cryptic to ever consider.

But I'd love them for always if they did it.
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# 2 My Dream Update
10-22-2012, 03:02 AM
Patch Notes

- All bugs in Star Trek Online have been fixed. Absolutely. Every. One. Resistance was futile.
Originally Posted by Lt. Comm. Pion
What should I wish upon the endless universe;
To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

I am V. Adm. Kha Yuung, and I approve of this message.
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# 3
10-22-2012, 04:08 AM
amen to that.
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# 4
10-22-2012, 04:28 AM
Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Patch Notes

- All bugs in Star Trek Online have been fixed. Absolutely. Every. One. Resistance was futile.
This is your first MMO isn't it?
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# 5
10-22-2012, 04:43 AM
My dream update would be to have fully realised ship interiors, and to be able to not only standardise the uniforms to your design but also manually populate the sections with my actual DOFFs. (Popping down to 10 forward to get a drink from Rulian Mazon)

Im def an avid RP in the game (love the DOFF system for that reason) but I find i lose immersion when I go into the ship with:

Non fed bridge designs (The defiant is a start)
Random positioned crew with empty stations (would love to set up first office/tactical/science stations etc..)
Corridors that are too big and make no sense design wise.

I would also like to see the captains quarters / ready room custimizable..with various artifacts and objects given as mission rewards.
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# 6
10-22-2012, 04:58 AM
I have 3 different ideas.

First, coming from Eve Online, the biggest thing I'd like to see is a dynamic territory based pvp conflict system that allows you to fight other players with the goal of expanding your faction's territory and resources. This would also tie in with a full balancing of pvp and ships/equipment in general. Several types of missions could be introduced from raiding convoys or freighters, capturing systems or starbases, planetary and starbase invasion ground combat or even just a simple clash in space or ground. A massive benefit here is that this gives consistent and dynamic content from level 1 to end-game. Individual characters would be able to opt-in as a one time option. Once you've opted in, it's flagged for pvp for how ever long you have the character. You cannot opt in and out repeatedly to avoid pvp whenever you feel like. Once you've opted in, you're bound by the territory control systems and can be attacked in sector space by members of the opposing faction providing they're fast enough to be able to intercept you. This has the upside of giving the driver coil skill some benefit as well. Non-pvp flagged characters could still pvp through the queue, but will not impact territory control or the like(not sure about this, but I'd hate to completely cut off characters/people from what could be a great aspect of the game)

Second option would be a full-on content bash. I'd like to see romulans introduced as a third faction with enough missions to be able to start from level 1 in conjunction with the FE's and access to patrol-like missions. Their missions would take a more subterfuge/espionage/stealth-like feel with different ways to complete the missions. Federation content would be slightly reworked so it emphasized a more peaceful stance from your superiors/mission-givers along with options in the missions themselves to complete them peacefully, though you could still complete them by taking a "shoot first and ask questions later" stance. Lastly, 5 or so missions added to the KDF along with gaining access to patrol-like missions but make them more aggressive/tactical in nature, firstly by making them only appear in non-KDF owned systems and by making them marauding or conquering themed. Admittedly this may be 2 expansions worth of content

Third option for me would be a full revamp of character creation and character skills. I'd personally like to have a distinct and noticeable difference between my tac, eng and science characters. On the ground there is some difference, but that's mostly related to how kits work rather than the actual captain's abilities. In space most characters feel like same. I feel that the command paths should work to amplify their current fields, either by somehow restricting certain boff abilities to certain command paths or by having, say, a science character inherently making science powers more powerful. I would like to see a rework of the character trait system to have more impact on your character along with making racial traits inherent rather than giving up picks for them. The best example by far are the Gorn. Three picks are mandatory and severely restrict your ability to customize your character. Instead, these traits should be automatically applied to your character behind the scenes and you can be allowed to still pick 4 traits. Inherent traits that require activation like bite or neural blast would just put that skill into your tray. This expansion/rebalance would give a free respec token to every character that is currently made due to having just shaken everything up.
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# 7
10-22-2012, 07:17 AM
Patch Notes


UI changes and improvements

- New Overview showing all contacts that you and your team mates have currently detected allowing you to quickly select up to 10 active targets and be able to engage one target and select your ally without DE-aggressing the enemy target and allow you to apply remote heals to your teammates or ally targets while keeping an eye on what everyone else is doing on the field.

overview is fully customizable with various data to display i.e ship distance and whether target has engaged you or not.

also able to create multiple tabs allowing you to create and maintain different overview profiles for different situations i.e a profile just for locking up heavy plasma torpedo's and other targetable ordnance

- Dialog boxes will no longer become the active interaction box when they appear instead moved to a smaller dialog box that will appear in the bottom left of your screen over the chat channel box.

- you will be able to zoom out 5X as far as previously from your ship

- Team status displays have been decreased in size to take up less space and made alot clearer with removal of character portraits and replaced with just the name.

Space Changes

- Space is no longer 2D all ships can now do a loop "Q" and "E" keys now roll your ship on its axis

- All ships will now have top and bottom shields

- collisions with asteroids and other ships now damage your ships, you can also burn up in the atmosphere of planets, people will need to learn how to fly there ships.

- Sensors now work up to 100km and cna be effected by targets moving into a cluster of dense asteroids or varius nebulae that will be effective depending on anomaly type mass and density of the anomaly in question.

- Deflectors will now also be coupled to your sensors and provide boosts to sensor strength for targets going into certain anomaly types and poorer at detecting ships in others.

- Wepaons will now have different ranges depending on weapon type according to damge profile.

ranking from shortest most damaging to longest and least damaging

Dual heavy cannons

Dual Cannons

Dual beam bank's

Beam array's


- Ship impulse speeds will be adjusted according to class of ship Carriers being slowest and Escourts being much faster

-Ship Shield HP will be boosted while while passive regeneration rates slightly decreased with the exception of currant regenerative shields , hopefully giving a more tactical feel to ship to ship combat rather than your standard arcade space shooter.

- Torpedos will now use consumeable projectiles that will be loaded into a seperate ammunition bay on your ship, these bays will be rather large and can be re-stocked for a modest EC cost from your factions main starbases, torpedo re-stocks are free for anyone bellow lvl 10

Starbase 39
Fed Fleet Starbase ( Industrial Fabricator and tier 1 Shipyard must be constructed )

Qo'nos Orbital shipyard
Ganalda Space Station
Klingon Fleet Starbase ( Industrial Fabricator and tier 1 Shipyard must be constructed )

-Torpedos no longer have a shared cooldown timer making torpedo boats a viable practice making certain nebula class pilots jump for joy

Carrier Changes

-Carrier Hangers will become a separate volume based system,

- Fighters will become consumables and not endless angry bee swarms

- New fighter AI and control system implemented, fighters can now be ordered separately and an icon will appear next to the ship that they are attacking in space and on the new overview allowing you to engage a separate target from your fighters without your fighters switching targets to yours.

- Fighter UI window will apear when fighters are launched and will indicate the fighters status including shield and hull strength of all deployed fighters.

- Fighters HP will increase by 50% across the board

- Fighters will become much harder to hit and will remain outside of the targeted ships explosion radius when attacking

Mailing system and Inventory

- Mail system UI has been completely reworked and will now be more compact and clear, mail can now also be arranged into customizable folders

- you will now be able to create your own mailing lists

- members in fleet with associated roles can now create mails that will be automatically sent out when a new member joins allowing for fleets to create introductory mail for there new members

- Fleet mails now automatically get organized into the new fleet folder in the mail system

- items sent to a handler will now be stored in an account wide "pattern buffer" rather than on individual mails that can be retrieved at any time.

Inventory Overhaul

-Inventory as you know it now ceases to exist, no longer will that herbal tea take up as much room as a ships deflector dish , all items will take up varying amounts of space in m3

-all ships will have a cargo hold relevant to the ships size/class and starbases will have UNLIMITED storage space and up to 10 separate and nameable storage sections to allow you to sort your items.

-you may also create stacks of unlimited size only limited by the volume space taken up inside your ship.

-Fleet storage space is available in all starbases including the fleet starbase ( naturally) and permissions to withdraw from the different sections can be issued individually now as well as by entire groups.

-scanned anomaly's now go into there own separate storage space being anomaly readings and samples that dont take up much space at all and will be in a separate tab in your assets window that are transferable between other players and your fleet.

- projectile weapon ordnance receives its own hold that feeds into any projectile launchers spare ordnance may be bought and kept in the cargohold and transferd into the ordnance hold when needed.

General PVE changes

- ground missions have had the enemys HP reduced so you are not spending all day shooting the same targets and should be around the same toughness as your self with the exception of some enemy's like Gorn or other somewhat tougher opponents.

- overall enemy amount has been reduced so you dont feel like future space rambo taking out entire armys by yourself.

- space enemy amount has been reduced in half but resilience enhanced to be around the same toughness of the players taking part for a more star trek and less arcade feel.

- ground and space AI has been enhanced and will now be a lot more aware of the environment and use there ability's at more appropriate times and chain with other skills for greater effect. this includes allys and of course your own bridge officers

- all episodes will now reward fleet marks ( if you are in a fleet)and will add or subtract fleet marks depending on your performance subtracting marks from re spawning and taking an excessive amount of time and adding for helping out and assisting your team mates with extra marks being given out from playing episodes in advanced and elite difficulty.

- All episodes will now also reward dillithium ore for completion

Normal - 25 Advanced - 50 Elite - 75

Other General changes

- Team size has been increased to 20 ( full PvP Match team size)

- missions will now allow up to 10 team members in

- all sector blocks have been merged into one map and instance size increased to 1000 per instance, no longer shall we live in the dark ages

- Dillithium refinement cap has been increased to 20,000 dilithium a day as we at cryptic believed we were penalizing people to much for there hard work.


- klingons everywhere raise a goblet of blood wine as dialog boxes from bridge crew or information boxes referring you to mission objective will no longer decloak you. you will still be decloaked if you are actually interacting with any objects in space or get hit by any AOE attacks

- buffing up while cloaked will no longer play any audio sounds for your enemy's letting everyone in the vicinity that you are about to open a can of klingon style whoop ass on them

- shootable ordnance i.e heavy plasma torpedoes will no longer dissapear in space before they hit

- in "night of the comet" klingons will now be able to chose threaten the orion woman casidy for the part as a klingon would rather than the mighty klingon captain mixing a drink for her.

- team members will no longer revert to there original levels if they have already selected the "match squad leaders level" they will remain that level in all missions until they have chosen other wise in order to prevent poor new players getting pulverized if someone is still working on something on the other side of the map or accidentally gets reverted on there way to the mission.

the list is by no means complete but hey ^_^
"...just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that." - Dan Stahl
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# 8
10-22-2012, 07:21 AM
A FED Gorn captain in command of a Excelsior.

Well, FED's can have a Klingon & Gorn bridge officer, how hard can it be? ( Just worked it out )
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# 9
10-22-2012, 11:50 AM
My dream update...

The option to choose what type of mission I get (land or space) when I explore an unknown system. That's my 'realistic' dream update. Also, to actually encounter some borg when I explore the B'Tran cluster. I only met them once in there, the first time I explored that cluster.

My actual dream update is trully a dream... I never really understood why an vice-admiral is needed for missions better suited for junior crewmen. Did I just find a space station somewhere that needs fixing?! I tell my no.1 to take care of it and he sends a repair crew. Do we find some baddies there? I order my security officer to assemble a strike team and go deal with them. This is one of the reasons why I never liked the land missions. I would like to be able to select one of my officers as the playable character for land missions, depending on my preferences or mission requirements. And let my vice-admiral be just that, not a foot soldier.

...Hmm, just had another idea. Assigning bridge officers to duty officers missions. Sometime junior officers need supervision, don't they?!
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# 10
10-22-2012, 07:34 PM
Patch Notes
  • Space combat's engine has been switched to a modified engine combining STO's original and Star Trek: Bridge Commander
  • Ground combat's engine has been switched to a modified engine combining STO's original and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

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