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10-22-2012, 01:15 PM
I would have to agree with and support the original post fully.
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10-22-2012, 01:21 PM
The dilithium cost is high, and at least on the Fed side, the uniforms really aren't worth it (the KDF Fleet uniform gives you nice boots and gauntlets).

If the cost is too high for you, don't buy it. Getting to the tailor isn't really a good end goal for starbase development; it's a nice bonus along the way for large fleets that are doing every project.

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10-23-2012, 10:39 AM
While I agree that it's absurd that there is an extra cost, I must also point out that 16000 dilithium and 8000 fleet credits are not difficult to get unless you have a low level character.

16000 dlithium is 2 days. 48 hours. Less than most of the Starbase upgrades take to complete and not too much longer than some of the Doff missions. It's the equivalent of running 8 Elite STF's, which if they run smoothly is no more than 4 active hours out of that 48 - and there are quicker and less fun ways to get dilithium out there. And if you've unlocked the tailor on the base, you are probably already a fleet credit millionaire.

Like I say, I agree that there shouldn't be a cost, it is ridiculous for the reasons you say, but I also don't see why it merits a forum complaint as in all honesty, it's not difficult or particularly time consuming. I'm just happy they made it cost in a currency I can actually earn in-game and not Zen. An increase in the dilithium cap to 12k or so would be nice too..
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10-23-2012, 10:56 AM
for me all fleet costs are disliked.

it is one thing to ask for a big amount of fleet credits (I know, it is not that much, but considering that you have to use two currencies), but to ask an even higher amount of much much more valuable other currency? ridiculous.

especially since you have to dump your dilithium into the fleet upgrades too. make things more expensive for fleet credits, and stop asking for dilithium.
I mean in the case of the uniform the dili is not much, it is one days worth (for a F2Per, with two characters shuch as myself - right I should not complain ), but when it comes to fleet weaponry...

make the uniform for example 32000 fleet credits. that would ensure that you contribute to the fleet, and it feels more accessible, because you do not dump a currency for a uniform, that you could spend on many other, more useful things
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10-23-2012, 11:32 AM
I think part of the problem may be the assumption that every person who plays the game has time to play four hours or more in a two-day period. Most people are probably lucky to get to the game four hours in a week. Unless that's all at once on a Saturday or something, the cumulative four hours might come in mostly small bursts that are not enough time to actually grind the dilithium they need in order to get the fleet uniforms or anything else in a single week's worth of play. When we're looking at all these new and interesting things to sink our various currencies into that have been introduced in Season 6 and are coming down the pike in Season 7 and beyond, if you are a new player to the game these days and join an already established fleet, you are understandably put into a position of having too many options and not enough means. And, as has already been stated, paying for something three times over seems a little bit ridiculous. Though the flip side of the argument is that the new player who wasn't around for getting the starbase up to size and opening up the tailor now has to contribute something to be a part of the fleet, rather than just showing up.

I also want to hit back at the notion that anyone who has been playing for long enough is a "fleet millionaire" by this point. I have been playing for nearly a year and have at no point had more than 5 million ECs in my account. It's because there are really only two ways to get ECs in any significant quantity in the game: Tour the Galaxy and the Exchange. I do Tour the Galaxy every chance I get but it only yields 1.4 million ECs in a sitting. I have sold some things on the Exchange too, but on the whole there are only three ways to make a significant amount of ECs there, none of which are particularly interesting to me. (I would rather use my lock box keys than sell them, I would rather do the DOFF assignments to trade up my DOFFs to see if I can get better ones than sell them, and I hate the crafting system so much that I haven't gone back to Memory Alpha since I was a Lieutenant.) I also spend my credits when I have them, mostly on lock box keys and DOFFs, because dilithium is a way more important currency.

I think that one of two things happened when the Devs created the Fleet system. They have said time and time again that they did an extensive study of existing fleets and the sizes and activity levels of those fleets in determining the cost of things within the system. What I think happened though is that they either only looked at how many people are in the average fleet and assumed that they'd all end up contributing to the fleet or they way overestimated the number of people who have actually ended up contributing. I was in a fleet and left it for two big reasons, the primary one being that the founder was rude and dictatorial toward members, and the secondary being that, in a fleet of 150 people, about 30 of us were actively contributing. And of those 30, I was one of only about six or seven that was contributing any appreciable amount of resources. Beyond the fact that if I'm going to be primarily responsible for growing a starbase, I want it to be with people who are respectful of one another, my point is this: the endgame sinks are already huge and they only seem to be getting bigger. Maybe a break for something as simple and purely aesthetic as fleet uniforms could be an acceptable option for the Devs. For my money (and I do mean literally, since I pay to play), I'd rather see the focus of things to sink currency into directed at playable content.
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10-23-2012, 04:02 PM
Again, I agree with you, but I wasn't talking about EC's, I was talking exclusively about Fleet Credits.
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10-23-2012, 04:54 PM
My problem with the fleet stores is the inclusion of dilithium, which is experiencing a parabolic increase in the number of systems that require it.

Fleet Credits are overshadowed by the vital need for dilithium when making purchases. Buying most items comes off as 'This thing costs DILITHIUM! ...Oh and some thing called Fleet Credits, I have a billion of those..'

Dilithium is harder to come by the lower your rank, but fleet bases are supposed to have items available to all ranks, no? If possible, why not eliminate the dilithium requirement but increase the Fleet Credit cost to something considerate? Many of us are swimming in FCr but pinching every dilithium grain we have, soon to be looking with a doctor's triage eye towards reputation, embassies, and fleet starbases as to what starving little bird gets the crumbs next. Why not spare the things we earn from the dilithium we spent to unlock them?

Items that simply cost fleet credits seem, to my layman's eye, to be more likely to promote contribution to fleet projects to make the FCr (since you cannot make dilithium from projects) in order to afford the items that cost it. And that way it gets lower ranks into the pool easier than if they had to first acquire a fat load of refined dil from their limited sources.

This will never happen; I am pessimistic there and assume that Cryptic probably had that mapped out before discarding the idea for their own reasons. But it just seems more honorable of the new currency that is Fleet Credits which is feeling right now only a step up from GPL.

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10-23-2012, 07:12 PM
as a fleet leader i agree with the op %100

it is rediculous that we cant use fleet uniforms.....as a fleet uniform...........

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Originally Posted by redsoniavrel View Post
Again, I agree with you, but I wasn't talking about EC's, I was talking exclusively about Fleet Credits.
Totally cede this to you. I guess I missed it the first go around.
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10-24-2012, 12:00 AM
The only thing I havent been able to figure out is can I join a fleet, buy the uniform and then leave and still have the uniform? And if so is there a fleet willing to let me do this?

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