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Hey all

The Sixth Fleet was formed back when STO was still in beta and ran for over a year. It was disbanded for a while but is now back!

We are therefore recruiting any and all members. Doesn't matter your level, in-game time commitments, timezone or language. All are welcome.

Most importantly we are all about having fun! Want to experience the Starbase projects and fleet resources, but aren't a big STF'er or prefer playing solo? No problem. Want to team up with some friends and grind elite STFs? We do that too! Have odd hours or only can play every so often? There are no restrictive time requirements here.

Please check out our website at for more information and to sign up. Alternatively either reply here, or msg me in-game at Mader@QuantumZephyr for more information.

We hope you'll consider the 6th!

Rear Admiral, OPS Division
6th Fleet Command

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