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# 1 Will star trek DIE?
10-22-2012, 05:55 PM

I have played Fed and tried about 100 differnt variations on the ships i bought from cash shop. To my disappoint they are eighter weak fire power or just weak in defence. Understanding that they want the game somewhat like the movies and series but when players spend cash they espect the best not just another ship. I have decided to stop feeding the game cash til they make a ship that is superior in all ways to the free ships. To be in a ship and get 1 shotted in an Odysee during an elite space mission says the ships they sell dont really equal in my eyes the amount they want. Cryptic really should think outside the box and make ships that players can modify the way they want weather it be 6 for 6 aft weps to 3.0 shield mods. Or even + 50 % wep dmg. The same old setup on my ships has me really debating on weather or not to just quit. End game gear is weak and filled with such crappy stats that it seems as if the game has no long term thought on where it whats to go.
The constant Dc'ing randomly to lack their of any good thing to grind for has me giving a score of 5 outta 10.

Such as the vault mission .

Not much time for error and when one puggs 1/100 are a succes. Elite space ( Borg ) missions too many times i have played them and only fail 50% of the time and total get pawned 33%. For what. With most games their is really a good end game gear and items with star trek its ok well fix this bug but wont actually decide to make real gear to be proud to earn. Is cryptic not going to actually make end game gear desinged for ones Caption science, engineer, or tactical? To see whats avail now as end game theirs nothing to look forward to.

II would hate to have to search for a new game, I hope that all of you who pay to play will add some thing to this To just grind feast for stuff to buy only to vendor for ec is not what i call end game matterial. I dont even bother queing for the ground missions their a joke when 99% of the game is space missions and no real good reason to pursue ground items.

So if you all see me in a LT Commander science ship its because i take the game no longer serious enough to put forth and effort to try to grind elites. Cryptic should give us even if it takes a month to grind for 1 item more better gear.
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10-22-2012, 07:16 PM
Ooooh, I disagree with you big time on this one. I feel that the C-Store ships are slightly more powerful than the normal, run-of-the-mill ships. Further to that, can you imagine all the whining that would result from your idea coming to pass? As it is you get people complaining about pay-to-win, this would just give them ammo.
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10-22-2012, 07:23 PM
The new Rep system gives you Vault XII gear at T5. No more randomness and queue fights.
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10-23-2012, 01:25 AM
Cstore ships are not completely OP. Again, ships are just template. You still have to equip a decent boff layout and have good skills to captain that ship.

The Grind is getting fixed. However, it should be noted that Grinding is part of an MMO. that is as part of a genre as quick heals are to FPS.
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10-23-2012, 01:58 AM
*cries* Cryptic... give me 1 shot 1 kill wonder ship!!!!! *cries*

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10-23-2012, 02:00 AM
OP, all C-store ships are better or at least as good as their free tier counterparts. The T5 ships, often called "+1" ships are usually WAY batter than the free T4 version. Lockbox ships and fleet ships continue the upward power trend. I'm not sure what problems you're encountering but they sound like build and talent related, maybe a little bit of positioning too? Can you elaborate a little more on what you are using? And perhaps more importantly, how you want your play style to be? Favoring offence, defense or CC?
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10-23-2012, 02:03 AM
Well for the most part I can agree, but I think that if you are getting one shoted in an Oddy. . Then you need to learn to properly set up your ship and or Skill setup. Oddy's can be the Bomb if you set them up right; then again I hear the Engineering Oddy is much better over all.

As for the End Game stuff, I do agree, and it's one of the reason's why I never finished the story on either Fed or Klingon sides, the items you receive (Or choose to receive) are just not worth the effort.

Leveling, I seen here some were in the forums that we will be leveling past 50 some time when they get around to puting that system into place. .

As for the Zstore ships. . Personally I love the Dreadnought, but I suppose it's different strokes for different folks. The Zstore ships in many ways are better, but only to a degree. . Now with Fleet Ships you are seeing something better than Zstore ships, but again only to a degree, but not with out the term proper "Balance" of the game. Of course if they enhance one thing they are going to take another away. . All in the name of Balance .

On that note If these ships were anything like the Films or Tv Shows the Dreadnaught would be the ultimate cruiser killer! Riker is seen with this ship firing at least 7 of the Lance beams at a Negh'Var and destroying completely. . If such a thing where to happen in this game all hell would break loose. .

I have been here since the start of F2P, I have seen many changes, and there have been many times; Dare I phrase "If ain't broke don't fix it". The dev's continually come out with things and new ideas for game play including but not limited to nerfs on many occasions. . This new thing with Donatra where she cloaks if her target is within 4Km and all others within 3km of her. . (Which is why many Warn that you should be at least 5km), just isn't right in my mind.

Such things are suppose to help in developing team work. . But the bottom line is it doesn't, either people don't read the Forums or just don't know what has been changed or they just don't care. . . Either or.

I still don't like how we are limited in setting up our ships, IE; Power Settings and Consoles. In many ways we are very limited. Instead you have an Admiral Focused mostly on one area, IE Fire Power, Shield, or maybe a few Sci abilites if you want to afford the Skill points for it, if not you are relying on Consoles. .

Right now I think it's more of a matter of stopping the BS, coming out with new ships every month or new excuses for someone to buy a lifetime membership. . And start working on the real problems, The Bugs!!! after this last patch up everything has gone to sh*t!! Servers not responding, getting dc'ed allot etc. Some magor bugs need to be worked out, and from what I hear since the start of the game! They need to fix the bugs before adding on new content. .

If bug fixing doesn't happen soon, I will be dropping this game like a bad habit.

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10-23-2012, 02:08 AM
Originally Posted by captyoung01 View Post

I still don't like how we are limited in setting up our ships, IE; Power Settings and Consoles. In many ways we are very limited. Instead you have an Admiral Focused mostly on one area, IE Fire Power, Shield, or maybe a few Sci abilites if you want to afford the Skill points for it, if not you are relying on Consoles. .
What?? No, I'm sure you don't really know how to set up ship builds or gear if you really believe that.
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10-23-2012, 02:13 AM
Elite space ( Borg ) missions too many times i have played them and only fail 50% of the time and total get pawned 33%. For what. [/QUOTE]

Sounds more like you are the problem than the ships. Get a propper setup for your ship, boffs and skills.
Or get some friends, fleet, EliteSTF Channel and stop pugging ;-)

C-Store are better than T4. Lobi or Lockboxes ships are even more powerful. And still you don't need any of them to finish any Elite STF with optional.
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10-23-2012, 02:41 AM
i'm sorry lucky62301, but anything you complain about has it's origins with you and the way you play.

Disconnects are a problem only a few people have, and there are solutions on the web. One for instance is to change your proxy server. I live in EU but neither patching nore playing is possible at a satisfing level. When i changed it to the normal US servers (under options in the launcher window) the problem was solved.

the ships aren't weak either, thats purely depending on your skill and setup, which brings me to your next point: PUG fail...1 good player can make a huge difference in a PUG.
and the random gear is going to get changed. (mkXI sets wasn't that random anyway, since you got it with EDC)

while i can understand that you do not take the game anymore serious, plz keep out of group content. Just be polite and do not make our lives harder.
From what i read in your post, the game isn't much for you anyway...you are better off playing some other game in your freetime, and not frustrate yourself and others by playing a game you obviously lost interest.

and the title is absolutely misleading...STO has it's little corner in the f2p MMO market. It will not grow beyond it, but surely is not about to die in the next 2 or 3 years, imho. I think it is actually quiet the cash cow.
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