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Since their beginning, we've had a series of featured projects, adding things like tribbles, tables, and so on. I'm not making a thread about whether or not I agree with their large cost, or how they look, or anything else, this isn't anything to do with that.

What I'm rather wondering, is if we're gonna move on from the SB getting these projects, or if the new Embassy (and by extension, future 'Outposts') will be getting these featured projects now.

Which leads me to some more things:

1. I really hope that if they are for the Outposts, they, as with everything else relating to them, is only half the cost. I think that's fair. If it costs half for anything else, I feel it's fair to have half the cost for these.

2. I also hope that it's only featured projects for the Outposts OR the SB, not both (unless they were staggered). If it is just one or the other, that's perfectly alright as-is. However, it really can't be both at the same time, featured projects for both the SB and Outpost would be far too much, up to 400k every two weeks, or 800k if your fleet has a both a Fed and KDF side.

3. After awhile, the Starbase could really start to seem overcrowded if we keep having them for it. Sure the Ops area is a large, mostly open space, but there's still only so much room. So, again, I hope they are gonna be on the Outposts once we reach that point.

Just a few thoughts about it is all.

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10-24-2012, 12:15 PM
For those who have started their bases a bit more recently, are the earlier upgrades going to be recycled so newly built bases will also get the choice to do the earlier upgrades? That would be nice...
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