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What I'm looking for, is recommendations for the nastiest combination of components and skills you can apply to a Fighter, and the same for application to a Shuttle, particularly the Toron shuttle or the To'Duj fighter.

The idea being, your consoles, weapons quantity, hull and shield multipliers are so tightly constrained, I'm wondering:

How sick can you get with these? How much DPS/Survivability can you manage to squeeze out of such a limited frame? What BOFF power (ensign only, it seems) really can become OP on one of these in the right hands? (fwiw, paystore consoles included.)
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10-23-2012, 06:41 AM
I've put the point defense console on mine, its hiliariously overpowered. In the vault when the 3-4 warbirds decloak on the last phase, you can solo the all in 5-6s
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I had a play with shuttles and fighters a while back, and ended up deciding that the best all-rounders were the Rozhenko/Aeon Timeships. This is due to inherent 'Sensor Analysis' and 2x BOFF slots - one Sci, one Universal (the ability of the Fighters to use DHCs pales in comparison to the extra BOFF slot)

There's some equipment that you can only use on small craft:

+ Tetryon-Plasma Impulse Engines (Fed only)
+ Metaphasic Shield Array (Fed Only)
+ Subatomic Deflector Array (Fed and KDF)

Each of the above grants an extra useful ability. Other than those, equipment slots could be filled with the usual endgame Borg or MkXII STF set equipment.

Weapon loadout should be pretty obvious: a Quantum/Photon Torpedo Launcher and a good Dual Beam Bank.

Science Console #1: Point Defence System Console
Science Console #2: Isometric Charge
Tactical Console #1: Plasmonic Leech? (KDF only) - Vent Theta or Aceton Assimilator, etc. could work too.

BOFFs? HE1 and EPTS1, or HE1 and TT1 would be the obvious choices.

DOFF options could be:
+ Shield Distribution DOFF (Brace For Impact)
+ 2-3 Projectile Weapon DOFFs (for increasing Torp Launcher Rate of Fire)
+ 1-2 Conn Officers (if taking Tac Team)
+ An [Enemytype] Warfare Specialist?
+ Depends what else you want... more EPTS uptime perhaps?

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