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# 1 Ground damage
10-23-2014, 10:29 AM
So I'm working on ground STFs, trying to do some of the harder ones, as a newer player the ceiling for ground play is a lot lower because it's less popular and I'm nowhere near being able to afford the kind of space gear needed to even begin playing those STFs without dragging my teams down.

Anyways I got MK 13 rare pollyalloy weave armor and I got the Dyson reactive personal shield, and that's enough to have my survivability down in elite with smart positioning.

That said I feel like I'm really struggling with the damage front. I have an MK 13 Kobali split beam, and my kit is a bit outdated but is almost entirely offensive buffs+a grenade which in the right situation can hit for over 1,000 damage. My problem is I feel like I'm not putting out my share of damage in STFs. Part of that is because I have trouble remembering to use all my buffs, another part is because it takes so long to pop them all off that I feel like I'm LOSING DPS when I use them since each one actually takes time to use (not physically but the casting CD), in fact unless I pop them before the fights the fights can sometimes be over before I finish popping them. Even then since they're only around 15s each I lose half the buff time of the first one while I sit there popping the others.

Anyways just looking for advice on how to up my DPS in ground STFs, short of upgrading my weapon which I don't think is going to be enough on its own I'm not sure how to increase it. I'm aware ground STFs are unpopular and the ground game is iffy at best in STO but the cost of getting into space STFs is just way too high for me right now, and frankly I need the stuff in ground stfs to be able to buy my way into space, so please no "don't do ground" responses.

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10-23-2014, 07:09 PM
Im playing a lot of groun Elite STF... Trust me, nobody will care about ur DPS. Just run, shoot things and try not to die.
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10-23-2014, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by xlesha911 View Post
Im playing a lot of groun Elite STF... Trust me, nobody will care about ur DPS. Just run, shoot things and try not to die.
I care, I want to improve my game and make sure I can carry myself.
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10-23-2014, 07:40 PM
Edit sorry if some of these are really hitting the basics, it never hurts to be sure /edit

Check your traits and be sure they didn't reset/unselect (its a bug, they're working on it).

Consider tribbles and food that give hour-long buffs. I have a tribble that gives a crit bonus, and some winter food for bonus damage, and some fleet consumables that add a few points or damage to all my hits for boss fights.

Crouch and aim when possible.

Be sure to flank as much as you can

For buffs, just focus on stacking damage buffs and -res. The miscellaneous ones aren't as big a deal.

What powers do you have in your kit?

What duty officers do you have on ground duty?

Also, are you aware of the kill accolades that give permanent damage bonuses vs specific enemies?

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10-23-2014, 08:36 PM
If you are willing to invest in OP stuff:

Ambush DOT DOFFs if you want to improve Energy Weapon damage. Three DOFFs equal to three times the bonus Ambush provides, dealt as a DOT that bypasses shields. Those DOFFs are obscenely powerful and broken. Grenades benefit greatly from them because they don't consume Ambush but they still benefit from the bonus.

Melee critical DOFFs - good with Lunge and Melee Weapons, if you can survive at point blank range. Just as broken as Ambush DOFFs.

I am sure there are more of those OP stuff around. Look for Xindi and Undine Kit Modules and traits.

If you're feeling lazy:

Bind your 1 key (or whichever one you use to shoot) to cast buffs for you. I'd suggest Target Optics, Suppressing Fire (it's a defensive skill though), Battle Strategies. Then as you shoot, those skills will be used as soon as they're available. Just by using Target Optics alone and often that way, your DPS should increase. It's like the poor man's spacebar bind for ground.

If you're feeling tactical:

Take every bit of advantage of your secondary shot.

If it's an exploit shot, try to save it for exposed enemies.

NEVER fire the secondary without Aiming. You're losing 33% extra damage if you forget that bit.

It would be wise to never fire the Primary while not Aiming, too, but sometimes you need to position while shooting, which is the only case where you shouldn't be Aiming while shooting. Otherwise, always Aim! Can't be stressed enough.

Get passives that increase damage while Aiming. There are two currently: a Reputation trait, and a Specialization passive (Headshot).

Depending on your positioning, a simple roll sideways can allow you to hit the flank of an enemy.

Try to use different weapons and understand how they work. Pulsewaves deal the highest damage but only at point blank range. Their secondary can deal thousands of damage to multiple enemies with the right buffs. Because their base damage is so high, they benefit the best from buffs. (Aim is a buff too!) Rapid-fire weapons such as the Omega Autocarbine have the best DPS, but they're not good to use with Ambush, for example. Mix Expose and Exploit weapons, that sort of thing.

I'm tired and not thinking straight, but I hope these give you some pointers.
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# 6
10-23-2014, 10:12 PM
I have Tactical Team Fire Kit MK X, the grenade is pretty weak but the buffs all seem stronger than if I rekit (though I'm sure I'll have to at some point) Ambush III gives a 142% buff so the doffs sound like a good idea, right now I'm using very silly and somewhat doffs. I actually don't aim or crouch at all I didn't know about it so I'll have to start doing that. I got CombatLogReader and found out I'm always top 2 in elite STFs so far so it's not as bad as I thought I just gotta keep mashing the buffs I guess. I know there are some STF guys on the ground that just carry teams hard though, I think that's what made me feel weak.

That said the advice for binding them is a good idea since I use all the abilities you mention with that kit. I'll have to read a guide on the key binding. I've been using ambush with secondary fire exploit on split beam flanking and have been landing some 1000-1700 crits. It seems like split beam secondary with ambush is working really well, I do want to keep a powerful attack for ambush.

Guess it's not as bad as I thought, just gotta keep in mind crouch, aim, do some rebinds and mostly just get a better weapon. Do you think upgrading the split beam to MK XIV is a good idea? All my ground reps are defensive, it's what's keeping me alive.

Anyways I've been farming EC, up to 45m been thinking of also saving up and buying a TR-116 MK XIV for certain ground missions (borg and elachi)

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# 7
10-23-2014, 11:52 PM
Ok as a Tac your job is spike damage. Don't waste your buffs on small target or to knock shields off line. Look for targets of opritunity. If you have sci on your team wait for him to strip shields or debuff the target. Most good science players are using doffs that extend debuff for tric scan or the one that applies debuff to science kit abilities( biochemist). I would build your own kit with the new kit system. Using ambush, rally cry, overwatch, motivation, and any other ability is a good set up. If you like to get up close and personal use a pulse wave and lunge, makes a good combination. Just remember if you are not close to a target don't use a pulse wave, damage drops a lot if the target is outside of five meters. ( I laugh when I see players using a pulse wave at target far off. )

Damage resistance debuffs are you friends. For a tac the two most common are suppressing fire and fire on my mark. Don't use these with a target that has full shields unless you use a Tr116b, lunge, or a sword. These weapons have high or complete bleed through of shields.

Doffs are your friends. Use them. Some of the most powerful are the security does that give 100% damage to target after using ambush, this is a dot. Doffs stack three time.

Shield distribution doff give a 50% chance to grant weapons mal to someone shooting at you while using draw fire. Draw fire give a1000% threat gen and good damage resistance. If you use this combination use rally cry and overwatch also. You will need the heal and the damage resistance afte draw fire expires. (I got many people there infected ground elite optional using these. Had a dedicate healer on me I took the damage and an engineer with mines took out the worker drones.)

Security escort doffs, I find them to be useful but unreliable. They are awesome when you spawn in a complete team, but I don't see it happen enough for a two minute cooldown and three doffs slots.

If you use a plasma grenade use suppression fire and a full auto rifle. Enemies are now running from dot hazards. The full auto rifle secondary will hit up to five targets and suppressing fire will help keep the the plasma fire.

If you use melee weapons thank of using the melee doffs. They are OP and expensive for purples. Blues use to be reasonable.

Running a biochemist also helps, they reduce the cooldown of stims.

Look for the exposed target. Keep your secondary ready and a buff for it. Most Tacs can one shot anything in the game, minus a few bosses, on a properly exposed and debuff end target.
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# 8
10-24-2014, 01:20 AM

All I can say is the current STO player base is beyond help when it comes to ground combat. The mail catastrophe as well as season 7 pretty much forced majority of the good ground players out of the game and myself included being this game has pretty much hit the dead zone.
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# 9
10-24-2014, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post

All I can say is the current STO player base is beyond help when it comes to ground combat. The mail catastrophe as well as season 7 pretty much forced majority of the good ground players out of the game and myself included being this game has pretty much hit the dead zone.
Instead of being condescending, how about helping someone. I do understand where you get your opinion, but it is not helping this player. Please don't take this as a attack on you, it is not my intention. If you are made a Cryptic that is fine, I am also. It does not help the player posting a negative post just to do it. If you disagree with what people are replying with, make your argument.
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10-24-2014, 04:31 AM
As a tac no matter if your unisg a cheap build or not you should be able to layy out some hurt. remember your Security escort and (if you have it) shard of possibilities, adds an entire fireteam at your back for added firepower. Tactical initiave is a good team boost (I mostly save these for rooms with elites. Try to get the dyson ground set, the whole thing adds a good layer of defense for a tac while the borg have a hard time adapting to the proton rifle, If you can afford it get a tr-116b or a shattering harmonics crystaline sword as a secondary. Another good set to get is the adapted maco ground (or honor guard if your a klingon) an argument could even be had for the counter command set as well. any of these as I have used and see work worderfully.

I have two setups for skills that both work wonders as a tac against borg. One is a Melee type kit with lunge and sweeping strikes (really packs a punch to borg.) and the other is a range kit with your standard overpower skills (battle strategies, Ambush, rally cry.). I use a spire experemental kit frame and a romulan kit frame. either is insanely cheap and easy to get from almost any fleet.

Traits: It wouldn't hurt to pick up some of the genetic resequencers on the exchange, their really cheap compared to space and can really help up your game. Otherwise choose a mix that ups your crit severity and resistance to damage.

Devices: as a tactical your options are really open here, I suggest a tribble of borg or at the least one that up's your damage and damage resistance. Shard of possibiliters, Cortazine hypo, and borg stun granade (come on, they drop like hotcakes in stf's.) or a romulan support team (more firepower, easy to get from reputation). There are others that could be usefull if you have them like a polytrinic horta or elachi drones and walkers but those are costly.

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