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11-01-2012, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Aux on TBR is contra-productive, as it does not raise dmg, just pushes the target further - sometimes even outside of your TBR ranger.
Its useful on KA were you can buy time by making the probes go slower, its useful on Infected were you can prevent the Nanos from reaching the Generator and its useful in Cure were you can push away enemies from the Kang.

At no point its counter-productive none of the enemies you want to affect can fire back, with the exception of Cure when you WANT for then to shoot at anything BUT the Kang.

Outside of STFs? I can push Warbirds out of their tractor range, meaning they cannot get a lock and I can even push their heavy Torpedoes back into their faces ... its a useful skill, the bad is that its a AoE and they will aggro but hey, you asked.

GW = well the dmg is pitiful, the hold is gimped because of game engine limitation
Same as above in relation to STFs, at this point you are not really making a case but rather plain dismissing my points since it does not help your case.

Are they weak? yes ... very but when its getting a Optional they became very useful since what are going to do? use EP ... sure its something but you are dismissing everything else that does the same job, also its not "engine limitation" but rather the effect of Cryptic had nerfed science abilities to the point they are now this weak.

VM does not require aux
I was just throwing powers I knew of and in my opinion Science powers are kinda weak now ... this lead to the proliferation of using Science abilities to heal and Science slots to either dump Universal there or Shield Generators.

In fact I find VM a disappointment.

The only upside for the aux dual cannons is, that the person probably wont use aux to bat build
It still does not change the underlying issue that is not the weapon is too good with the Vesta but rather its just too good period, problem comes when you slot it on a Defiant or a Armitage were the Defiant can run on high Aux if its using Cloak and the Armitage Hangar speaks for itself.

Even on the M/VAE there can be trouble since the real point of that ship is its Lt. Cmdr station were its not going to be usual it being run with higher Aux.

I already said that in my opinion this was the wrong solution, way I can see it fixed is going the Quad route were there is a -10 to Weapons since this is were I see the problem, if you are trading high Weapons for High Aux then you are doing the exact same thing, its not as if you magically get more power because you are running all your weapons in High Aux now, it just makes Weapons the 0 power now instead of Aux ... combined with Weapon power is were the problem lies because why the hell would I not lower my weapon power a bit and raise Aux instead? Warp potential gives me a flat energy when the setting are low, meaning even if I keep Aux a bit low I still gain a weapon that is NOT draining my Weapon power.
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I think there may be an issue when it comes to using EPT and the cooldown duty officers.

If you can rotate EPTS and EPTA with engi slot left over on the vesta you have the possibility for something dangerous. No 125+ in any categorys but you can get really close to 100 in weps shields and aux with the maco shield if your drawing fire. You wont make anyone remember your name for scorching DPS but, hats a hell of an impressive DPS for a sci healer.

Thats taking into acount that the cannons will scale off of Aux's levels for their dps boost. If they dont then you are going to very well be able to make a 125+ wep 100+ shield and high 60 - 80 aux. Thats not gonna be a super healer but as its gonna be making almost escort DPS and throwing decent team heals a better choice than 90% of cruisers. Also it would negate any sci thats not a specific purposeful build such as full power heals or a CC build. this is also assuming the pilot is only average, if they are smart and can avoid DPS tunnel vision and swap some weapon into aux for when they need to keep the team alive and them switch back your into nightmare ship territory. But I dont like to balance off of theoretical player skill as that gets into a tangled mess of what ifs.
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11-01-2012, 02:05 PM
Sign me up. F2P,i like Star Trek and this game

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11-02-2012, 08:29 AM
Sign me up...I will give the vesta a thorough thrashing!
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11-02-2012, 10:59 AM
Greetings, I would like to have the opportunity to test the Vesta's many, many new features. Sign me up.
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Does plowing the Vesta into the side of Earth Space Dock count as testing?

I would like to test her out before she is let loose.
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11-02-2012, 12:53 PM
Sign me up for Vesta Testing, I own 2 Lifetime accounts and have been playing the game since Beta. I do plan on buying all 3 ship but would like to test it out first. Thanks.
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how about put it on tribble so everyone can test it out because its not fair you picking out a hand full of people to test the new ship out when others want to as well its so stupid make it fair on the tribble server

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11-02-2012, 12:58 PM
they already have all the people they need as stated in this thread some pages back
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11-02-2012, 05:02 PM
Please sign me up for Vesta Testing haven't been on Tribble long but want to give feedback on this ship too.
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