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Ok I know this has been going on since the very beginning, but you guys must have SOME clue as to whats causing this.

I get on my sci, switch ships, beam out, and surprise....NOTHING is where it's supposed to be. So I think, did I decomission a ship on this character (or any of them recently)?...no, hmm, did I change boffs around and not reset my bars? *checks stations* nope they are as I left them. So why then would my bars be so screwed up?? I suppose the only people who really know the answer to that are you dev type folks, then again DO you really know?? I mean come on, people have been ******** about this forever and nothing has ever been done about it. No, it's not a "game breaking" bug, but it's so god damn annoying. Maybe, just maybe, if one of you were to explain the issue, not some canned "we're looking into it" crap, but a real response like "x database isn't referancing y database properly, and we're not sure exactly where the problem is." Maybe then I, and I'm sure many many others wouldn't be so utterly pissed off every time this happens.

/rant over....for now
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10-25-2012, 01:24 AM
I've had this happen numerous times and not noticed until its too late, like switching toons to join fleet mates in an stf, caught up in chat and not noticing that the power bar was not set up as it used to be

Of course by then you are in "red alert" conditions and cant change the bar.

Its now forever known as the "Power Tray Shuffle".

Yes its far from "game breaking" but its damn well annoying!

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10-25-2012, 02:04 AM
In another words "lock toolbar" option DOESN'T WORK.
The game adds/removes/shuffles skills and useable items on it every time we switch a ship. If I locked it and if the new ship doesn't have the xy ability, okay, don't display it, but I still don't want other things moved elsewhere. And why the damned summon Azura2 appears on the toolbar every time? I don't want to see it there after I removed it in the first place! Loby Store also. Delta Flyer pet, man, who designed that automatic adding of things I use once in a month or never?!

Oh and there is even worse "stupidity" there. If you get a skill by leveling up or something, it's not automatically added anywhere. In that case the "lock" works and you have to add, for example Slipstream or DI, manually to the toolbar. Either devs are lazy fto fix it or are not getting how annoying the whole thing is.

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