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10-24-2012, 01:56 PM
Guys, if Dan says he's listening he's listening.

I'm not excited about exactly what I'm seeing either. We talk about it on this week's Podcast UGC. But usually when they say "we hear you", they do. That doesn't mean they'll chose to act on any of our input, for better or worse, but going "You're a liar you're not listening to us raawwr!" is disingenuous.

Obviously Dan is concerned about our feedback. That is about as much as we can hope for.

He's the EP, it's ultimately his job to decide the direction of the game from there.
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10-24-2012, 01:57 PM
It's like the plot to a bad gangster movie, where a hard working guy with a very special set of skills earns an amount of stuff through perserverance and hard work, hoping one day he'll get lucky and hit that 'big score' - and he's getting close. Or he's even scored that last one, and is out of the game.

The bad guys then come and take what he's earned up 'til now, and blackmail him to earn them an ever-increasing list of stuff, before they give him back what he'd rightfully earned, minus their handling fee, of course.
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After reading the announcement post on the conversion and such for the Omega Reputation System for STFs: http://sto.perfectworld.com/news/?p=726221

I'm curious - are the Adapted MACO, Adapted Klingon Honor Guard and Omega Adapted Borg Technology ground/space sets all going to be NEW sets on top of the current MACO/KHG/OMEGA ground/space sets, or are they CHANGING the existing ones to these new "Adapted" versions? Kind of confused, I would think/hope that these are new sets, but it wasn't 100% clear to me. Thanks for the help!
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10-24-2012, 01:57 PM
nah not for me...

i will wait for season 7, have a look then probably call it a day as far as star trek is concearned i'm affraid.

it's getting to expensive, it's supposed to be a game for gods sake not a cash machine.

and i'm sure many many more will follow me out the door.
i understand that cryptic has bills to pay, but guess what....so do we.

don't mind you charging us but it's getting out of control now, not like it was in the early days.

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10-24-2012, 01:58 PM
Why the new system is better:

New Captain Abilities can be earned at each rank in the Task Force Omega Reputation
The 42 different drop items needed to get the various gear sets is reduced down to 2 items
You no longer need to run specific STFs for specific drops ? all STFs reward the 2 needed items
The number of Elite STF runs needed to get a Mk XII gear set has been reduced by 60 percent
= nobody will feel the need to play IGE or CGE because those are easy to fail?

*not sure if better*
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10-24-2012, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
No you are not.

If you were... we'd have fixes to long-standing bugs. We would have playable content beyond grind maps, we would not have an 8K grind-cap nor would we have yet another grind-sink.

Dstahl, you are many things (Game producer, business man, fairly nice fellow overall)-- but a listener you are not.

We the fans... are telling you OMG THIS SUCKS.

It's no longer just a small cross-section on the forum. People in TTS, Zone, STORP, and other channels are unhappy. People I've talked with in game after PUGs are unhappy.

Dstahl, you are NOT listening to your player base. Our feedback means NOTHING to Cryptic.

I would be more willing to accept the upcoming changes if there were some new story or plot advancements rather than grind-map spoonfuls.

Said my piece now, take it as you will, sir.
I have done hundreds and hundreds of STF's.... do you know how painful it is doing so many, should we be having fun huh?

Most of the STF's are buggy still and badly badly made, you want us to redo them all again hundreds of more times, really?

Then add a dozen new ones at least?
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10-24-2012, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
The content is live on the Tribble Test Server. Players can obtain the numbers on their own. I have already started a thread over the insanity of the new costs for tech. The thread can be found here. You get 60 Omega Marks and 1 Elite Omega Mark per Elite STF run. It will take about 26 days to obtain a full Mk XII set assuming you ran the projects non-stop. Though it is not likely given the dilithium costs.

my worst fears came true Cryptic is trying to kill Sto.

its trying to get rid off all the players.

26 days HOLY HELL

thats like 19 hours a day forced play time.

jesus christ

we need to contact dstahl and get him to rethink this. and rethink it hard.

we cannot allow this.

this is nothing short of total kill for all stfs concerned.

26 frigging days ?
If only they fix Cloaking bugg *new message BOOM decloacked.
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10-24-2012, 02:00 PM
The problem I see with nerfing the borg set is that cryptic should have made all sets 4 pieces to begin with. So now, years afterward, those who have built their ships around the long-standing design now have to change because the set is getting nerfed. What should have happened is that if cryptic built a 4 piece set, all sets that followed should have been 4 piece.
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Please look at the threads in the tribble forums and tell me that.

For the first time EVER from the people that control the content have we heard a sniff of dilithium source increases. And that was AFTER i made my post.

I am STILL upset beyond belief that the silver star medal i am due to earn before this patch goes live means nothing in the new system. I believe that decision hoses a player like me who cant always play for a number of reasons and i believe that I am not the only person who believes this. Five months if you hit all the marks according to one person on this thread. SIX in the cases for someone who plays most days. Probably seven to eight for the casual player.

briga has it exactly right on what this amounts to. I was hoping this wouldnt be the case. I was hoping for a far smoother transition and i was HOPING for better than what we are clearly getting. Season 7: Grind: The Next Generation.

Game takes up five gigs of space. I cant see sticking around if all my previous work is going to be wasted.
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10-24-2012, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
But based on the numbers we have, about 5 months to get to level 5, on one character.
This makes it sound like the reputation projects will give us dilithium. I take it that these are special missions that take marks or something and give dilithium?
Also, I would like to know what happens to the anti-borg weapons we already have from the store. Are we talking damage type changes, just updated visuals, ground and space weapons? What?
The final numbers which are being worked out calculate the average player completing the Omega Fleet Rep system around 2 months, which does require a time investment, but is a much better timeframe than "maybe someday you'll get the gear" which is what it was under the random loot drop system. Now you'll alway see how close you are to getting the gear and it won't take a year (like it has for some players.

There will be Omega projects that generate Dilithium similar to how you could trade items in for Dilithium. I don't have specifics or final numbers on what the inputs/outputs of that project are yet.

All existing gear you've purchased via STFs will remain on your character. The Omega set is not going away at all. There are some slight changes happening to the Borg Space set in that you only will need 3 set pieces to get all 4 of the set bonuses, and a second additional set (2 weapons and a console) is being introduced that uses the console that is being taken out of the original set (but the bonus still remains). So the only change is that the set is getting better. Again - these changes will be available on Tribble soon for those that want to see it in action.

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