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Originally Posted by pogmahone70 View Post
Yes you made changes for the better in the past but with these new changes its taking 3 steps back and its gonna drive away players because of your new found love for the asian grind style.
ya nobody likes CONSTANTLY grind content.
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Bite that hand that feeds you too many times and a certain ship could sink, just remember that.

As someone said, Grind twice as much for something that will have less buying power than it did before, come on Cryptic listen to yourselfs.
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Originally Posted by pointedears View Post
BNP is a political party in the uk that openly flaunts racism
BNP also stands for:

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party
Brain Natriuretic Peptide
Biscayne National Park
Banque Nationale de Paris
Business News Publishing
Buy Now Price
Breeder, Not Parent
Broadband Network Premises

and now it also stands for: Borg Neural Processors

Not everybody who plays the game lives in the UK.
(or particularly cares about a minor political party there, that has questionable membership requirements and right-wing idealogical leanings.)

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
This seems pretty pessimistic considering everything that is in Season 7. Yes, this season is an extension of our end game systems and the introduction of a new max level captain progression system (Reputation).

But there's a lot of stuff to do in Season 7, and more than was in Season 6.

New Romulus Adventure Zone
Our largest and most involved ground zone ever. Plenty of repeatable missions for you and a bridge officer in multiple different areas of the map, including open mission events.

Reputation System
A new personal advancement system for level 50 captains. Select new Captain powers at each tier to help specialize your skills. Unlock new themed reward stores and special sets. Each Reputation will be geared toward a specific theme of content such as Omega Fleet and the Romulans. We plan to add more Reps in future Seasons.

Romulan (Reputation)
Help the Romulans rebuild a homeworld by running missions on New Romulus, new Sector Map, or new Events. As you level up this system you will unlock new cutscenes and new away team repeatable instances that tell the story and help set the stage for future Seasons. This also includes new Captain power, plus new rewards including Romulan gear sets and Romulan officers.

Omega Fleet (Reputation System)
Help fight the Borg and earn new Captain powers as well as the original MACO/Honor Guard/Omega sets along with new variants. Unlock new stores that offer new Borg related gear.

The Vault: Ensnared
Help Obisek defend the Vault from a Tholian attack to earn Rom and Fleet marks

Azure Nebula
Rescue captured Romulan ships from a secret Tholian base within the Azure nebula in this 5-man space event and earn Rom and Fleet marks.

Mine Trap
Save a Romulan colony from a crazed salt vampire attack in this 20-man ground Fleet Action to earn Rom and Fleet marks.

Into the Hive
Face off against the Borg Queen's forces in this space and ground STF to earn Omega and Fleet marks.

Fleet Embassy
This new Fleet Holding supplements the Fleet Starbase and opens up the opportunity to earn favor with the Romulans in order to unlock a foothold on New Romulus as well as a direct line to special Romulan rewards.

Foundry Spotlight
This new feature will put Foundry Spotlight missions front and center in the Mission Journal and allow Cryptic to hook up better rewards for these select missions.

Improved Queue and Ship Selection UI
Now with the ability to set a default small craft so you no longer have to swap back and forth between ship types when queuing or entering maps that require a small craft - it will automatically put you in your "default"

That is a decent amount of new stuff to do and we are just getting started.

We have the winter event coming up, the 3 year anniversary event in February as well as all the awesomeness that is going to be Season 8 (which will be our biggest update thus far) in the first half of 2013.

So Season 7 is more than just a systems update. It is a good addition to end game and a stage setter for the upcoming events and missions that will take us up to Season 8.
That's a lot of stuff...

I guess I'd Better Not Protest too much, about being bored anytime soon after Season 7 hits.

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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Now that all the STFs will reward Omega Marks, we are concerned that players will gravitate towards specific STFs, but we no longer want to require players to play specific STFs over and over just to get a specific reward. The hope is that by making them all equal, players will play them not because they have to, but because they want to. If some of the STFs dry up, then those STFs probably need love to make them more appealing. At least now we'll have an accurate view of which STFs players like most.

We are also making it so that Elite STFs reward more Omega Marks as well as making them the only source of the commodity needed for the Elite Mk XII gear sets - so this way, players must still play Elite STFs in order to get the best gear.
Thanks for the replay, that sounds perfectly reasonable.


It may not be that the one's that are played teh least need some love in days to come, but the ones that are played the most may need to be brought in line with the mission's that aren't, in other words the easier STFs should probably be made a little more difficult, but by adding a little more complexity to the missions, not by simply making the Borg ships or Drones harder to kill, you know.

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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
So while you may feel it necessary to voice your frustration and anger at me personally, this game is being driven by a large group of very talented and very committed designers who are all Trek fans. We want to see this game succeed because we love the game and have spent years of our lives on it.
I doubt the comments are aimed at you personally, but at Cryptic as a whole and the peculiar approach taken to evolving this game seemingly at times in direct spite of many players providing feedback that gets ignored or constantly avoided.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The comments in this thread are what they are, but STO will continue on and will continue to succeed due to the love and dedication of the team and the support of the many many players that absolutely love what we've done with the game.
So ignore the concerns and pleas for action to be taken regarding our feedback, and drink the koolaid? Wow.
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Originally Posted by jam062307 View Post
Stahl I must say I dislike this idea. right now the biggest reason I play STF's is for dilithium, taking that away will make STF's ghost towns. Also, in fleet actions dps is key. So unless you're a tac in an escort you have no chance of earning gold of silver. It severely hinders those of us who play support roles such as tanks and healers. I don't mind the Fleet action changes, but I think that STF dilithium needs to stay where it is.
Understood and we'll evaluate this once all of Season 7 is on TRIBBLE and we have the TRIBBLE stress test weekend and evaluate the final feedback once everyone can play all the systems at once.
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Ok I'm a F2Per, I love this game, even with it's quirks. However I have seen this mantra already, THE NEXT SEASON IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!. We are basically forced to reuse our discard toilet paper.

GG Cryptic GG
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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Just as an addendum to this.

Since you are cutting our acquisition rate in HALF, might we get a 50% reduction on the "cooldown" before being able to run the same STF? Khitomer Accord [Space] is tedious but doable, Cure [Space] is bugged but doable. I tend to play Infected [Space], since it's both fun (for me), and relatively straight-forward. Also, I don't get hit by the "invisible torpedoes" as often as I do when playing Cure.
Don't be silly the idea is to slow your rate of acquisition. That is part of the new Dilithium economy... less supply, more demand, solved with Zen.

If STO is now PW's flagship product and has become so over the past year one can only assume that the reason why the staff has doubled is because of the Lockbox economy as there has been very little other content than that since what February afaik?
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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Ok, just checked with the designers and here is what they've done for Season 7

- Normal STFs now reward 240 Dilithium + Omega Marks
- Elite STFs now reward 480 Dilithium + Omega Marks + Borg Commodity for MKXII Sets
- Fleet Actions now reward 960 Dilithium (1st place Gold gets 2x this = 1920 Dilithium)

In Season 7, Fleet Actions will now become the best source of Dilithium between the two types of Events.

In addition Fleet Actions will now have better rewards in general
Gold = Purple + 1920 Dilithium
Silver = Purple + 960 Dilithium
Bronze = Blue + 960 Dilithium
All others = Green + 960 Dilithium

In addition, at max level in the Omega Fleet a repetable project unlocks that converts Omega Marks to Dilithium at a rate of 50 marks to 500 dilithium or thereabouts.

The new Red Alert daily in the New Romulus Sector also rewards 480 Dilithium in addition to Rom marks.

All of this could change before Season 7 hits, but that is what the current plan is.

So instead of 1440 for elite know and 480 for normal. we get right know. We get half the dilthium.

I guess you realy want me to stop playing STO and move on to play GW2 more and maybe SWTOR. Cause everything about season 7 says. More grind. hard grind. And that my last 10 month of doing stf where a total waste of time.
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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Don't be silly the idea is to slow your rate of acquisition. That is part of the new Dilithium economy... less supply, more demand, solved with Zen.

If STO is now PW's flagship product and has become so over the past year one can only assume that the reason why the staff has doubled is because of the Lockbox economy as there has been very little other content than that since what February afaik?
As a F2P game, players should be given the OPTION to either play entirely 100% for free, or spend money on it. Since the current Season 7 changes are likely to crash the Dilithium->Zen conversion market, players will be forced to add real life cash to purchase Zen directly, or else risk falling behind the rest.
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