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10-24-2012, 07:36 PM
Well it might be true that the increase in dil expenses is mainly an attempt to slow people's progression.

It would certainly explain why doff's have to go up in price and also why there have to be a timer on the reputation system in addition to not allowing people to bring their previous rewards over...

D-stalling or maybe d'stalin

I am actually more optimistic about season 7 after all the bad news for some reason go figure albeit right now I am thinking a ship filled with purple dil miners and 500 doff packs in the cargo bay see you in season 8

The grind I could probably live with if the rewards weren't gear I already had. Romulan reputation system with new armor great let's see what it is like

But having to regrind on stf for all the stuff I already have I just don't see that happening I don't know if I have it in me
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Originally Posted by superherofan View Post
So, this is the plan for STFs:

1) We're going to lock everyone from accessing the STF stores until they grind, grind, grind for months, totally throwing out their progress they have now until they're done grinding to the top.
2) We're going to add dilithium and DOFF sinks that were never there before to STF rewards.
3) We're going to half the dilithium rewards to make the grind even harder.
4) We're going to add even more dilithium and DOFF sinks for other stuff at the same time to drain people's resources even more.
5) We're going to say this is totes awesome.

The Cylons ended up having a better, more thought out plan than this.
Indeed and yet, the Dilithium currency itself was originally conceived as a means on allowing F2P players to access paid for content on the C-Store... so these changes would seemingly fly in the face of the original design purpose of said currency.

Even if the value of Dilithium was to increase due to scarcity it would have little effect as those same F2p would have to make purchase judgements between STF gear, Doffing and the other pre-established Dilithium sinks and putting any Dilithium aside for C-Store purchases.

It does seem to defy the stated intent of usage for the Dilithium currency model.

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10-24-2012, 07:36 PM
Hi Dstahl,

Thank you for your blog post, I can't wait for S7, but I do have some feedback on what has been posted.

1) I think the Dil reward for the STF and Fleet Actions seem to be a bit low for the casual player. I would like to see the STF stay the same on the Dil rewards and thank you for adding them to Fleet Actions.
2) I think you made a mistake of posting this Blog before the posting one detailing the Reputation System. Because this is the "bad news", but I can't compare it to the "good news"
3) I love the idea of the Reputation System, thinking sideways instead of just dumping more level is a good idea.
4) I would have like to have seen you incorporate the Accolade System into the new system, because honestly the Accolade need some love
5) I think making everyone start at ground zero not a great idea, a good idea would have allowed the vet players by pass Tier 1 in some way or fashion, giving us a goal to work toward S7, before launch of S7

I thank you and your team for all your work and dedication to this game. My wife hates you on the other hand, but you can't please everyone.
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10-24-2012, 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The designers had a desire to see more people playing the Fleet Actions by making Fleet Actions the best source of Dilithium. Keep in mind that STFs will reward Dilithium AND Omega Marks - and Omega Marks can then be converted to more Dilithium after you've hit max level in Omega, so it may seem just be a short sighted argument.
On the subject of Dilithium, Mr. Stahl, will there be a way in the near future to increase refining limits on Di? Yes, there are many sources of ORE. But a hard cap of 8k Di is going to make everything take so much longer to get for the arbitrary reason that you want time-based currency. The refining cap, with all the things that now cost Di (and cost a LOT of Di, it takes a week to refine the Di needed for ONE piece of the Aegis set now), is FAR too low.

Also, personally, I think Starfleet Command must me on some good Hypurian Beetle Snuff to think it's a good idea to give their captains UNREFINED Di lithium to power their ships. Could we get at least a few missions that reward REFINED Dilithium?

Also, when Di was first coming out, you mentioned to STOked that there might be a mission at a Di refinery and one of the rewards would be the ability to use their refinery for your ore after the mission. Where's this?
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10-24-2012, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
I agree 100% - fleet missions and STF's are hard enough outside of pre-made groups, I can't even begin to imagine how horrible they would become with everyone fighting for 1st place. STO would lose any sense of acting as a team that it had and the long-term damage could be devastating.
Absolutely, the day that STO fleet missions and other missions turn to top dog wins or gets the biggest reward is the day the game will begin it's death spiral.

All the rest of this dilth stuff and other changes - people will adapt - but turning player against player in a team based missions will mark the beginning of the exodus of collosal amounts of casual players. New players won't have a hope in hell and will also leave the game quickly. I was so relieved that Mr Stahl is planning on ditching this 1st/2nd/3rd place reward system.
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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Also, when Di was first coming out, you mentioned to STOked that there might be a mission at a Di refinery and one of the rewards would be the ability to use their refinery for your ore after the mission. Where's this?
Are you talking about the Veteran Reward that lets you refine an extra 1,000 Refined Dil?
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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Yes, I call them faulty. Why? Because those issues aren't really as big as issues as you're claiming.

From your words I'm not quoting, it is my opinion you're simply using your own brand of logic and nitpicking at everything he says, with an over-bias from past behavior coloring what you're reading.

Thus saying your own logic is flawed, and a bit hypocritical with what you're saying.

In my opinion.

Alright let us go into this,

Over-bias? I am a player, that has played this game for years, of course I am bias to changes made to it, is that really in dispute? or maybe you mean I am bias to my own opinions? really? lol

Here is Baseless Speculation: You are bias, in that every post you make, is in defense of Cryptic. One would suspect you are working for them, and are just signing on an alt account to muddy the waters in an attempt to disregard players concerns for the sake of your own job. There is no base to this speculation, but I can make it nonetheless.

"My own brand of logic, nitpicking what he says?"

In other words, what he says is just an opinion, and not a factual statement, and I must take the whole thing as positive, and not be allowed to take it apart to point out the huge problems within it? and my reaction to his opinion is just an overreaction? and not a response to his statement?

Past behavior? Here is speculation with a base, If you mean the previous company he worked for, with a nearly identical business model, yeah, I think the past is relevant here. Another dev who quit, made a similar comment regarding the company he worked for, and do you think it was just magical coincidence? or the dev secretly pointing the finger at Stahl?

Furthermore, reminding him of the company he worked for, reminds him of how it has utterly crashed into the ground and not to repeat the same mistakes. Afterall, if we do not learn from our past, we will never learn.

My logic is sound, your posts are always the same theme, defend Cryptic, no matter what. I have defended Cryptic in the past, but not lately, so my posts may appear to always be negative, but one must have something positive to look forward too, other than grind, being gouged and lied too.

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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Are you talking about the Veteran Reward that lets you refine an extra 1,000 Refined Dil?
No, he mentioned a mission where you'd defend the refinery, then you'd get to use it after the mission. Also, 1,000 Di isn't that great, especially since I can't find the guy worth crap.
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I will hold off on a major/final judgement of the system until I see it all on Tribble, as you suggest DStahl. What you have said so far is worrying to me. I can see the rationale you (the devs) have for making everyone start from square one. But the problem I see is that by the time we would unlock our conversions, we would already have such vast amounts of those currencies stockpiled from all the grinding, that the additional amount from conversion would be superfluous. I would suggest perhaps giving members who have played many STF's a leg up on reputation points. They would still need to do the upgrade projects. It wouldn't have to be enough to reach T5. They would still have project cooldowns. This way those of us who have played a lot of STF's won't feel like we are starting over at square 1, but we also wouldn't instantly be T5 either (plus we would still need to do some grinding to get materials for the upgrade projects and additional projects past where the points took us).
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Still haven't heard an explanation on why -vif dilithium price hiking isn't tied to Cryptic financial gain as Dan says - why its occuring?

Seriously - someone explain the logic behind the DOFF grinder dilithium charge for 5 commons to 1 RANDOM uncommon going from 10 dil to 500 dil in a manner that makes sense and makes me not want to fire-sale my DOFFs the night before the season 7 push.

If this goes live, it kills fleet progress, rep propgress (if as I am reading rep will require doffs) and totally jacks the doff market on the exchange. For the sake of a change that makes no impact to the companies financial bottomline?



Explain that to me.
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