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10-25-2012, 12:26 AM
Season 7 would be great for new players but for existing players who have already done the grind on 6 toons..then getting told oh for those 7 toons you have to regrind on all of them 60-90 days times 7 holy way is that worth it. Dont get me wrong im gonna play the of right now its decent but unless they change major things which i doubt PWE will do because they dont care about a customer being angry or season 7 launch will be the day i try to sell my account with the 200 and something million EC and numerous other things and go elsewhere. Now PWE you guys are hearing that alot from season 7 so please rethink this so you dont lose the playerbase and lose this game
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10-25-2012, 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Since when is grinding fun, people? If you want to grind, then please take a roll of sandpaper and an iron anvil and sand yourself an iron skillet that you can use to cook in for years to come. That is your reward, but it is going to take you a long time to do it. Then, when you are done, get another anvil and sand yourself a plate to eat the food that you prepared in your iron skillet. Hopefully, you won't starve before you get to that point. This is what Cryptic is doing.
Actually, if you look carefully, you'll see I said 'Though I see grinding as merely 'meh'.

That means I don't like or hate it: it's just there.
Was named Trek17, but still an author.

Been playing STO since Open Beta, and have never regarded anything as worse than 'meh'. I have nothing against the game/devs, nor any particular wish to talk bad about either, or praise most decisions. Still, it's better to be positive than cynical.
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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
It has been widely discussed that the maco shield is the most preferable shield in the game, and that, if a player were to have acess to it and the plasmonic leech they would become nearlt unstopable. While most of these arguments were simply against the federation getting the leech it now seems that klingon players will be able to get the maco shield. So my question is has there been a balance pass over the new sets or are you waiting to see what data turns up? And if there hasn't. Have you considered what would happen should a klingon carrier be equipped with the maco shield, plasmonic leech, siphon drones, and aceton assimilators? While the level of power drain does not go up the level of power generation does increase. Is this a valid concern? Or is it as usual doom sayers making things up because they don't want some one having and advantage?
Learn to paragraph.

It goes both ways though. KHG engine gives efficiency boost to lower powered subsystems. Run that with maco shield and you'll get a good boost on subsystems set under 75. I think more of a boost than what MACO shield alone would give.
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Originally Posted by josephkerr View Post
This is a point I'd like to latch on to. Cryptic seem to have gotten into a habit of dismissing certain types of feedback based on the tone of it or another reason but the reality is theres some form of feedback in almost everything.

A simple emotional outburst to the effect of "I don't like this" is feedback. If this theme is persistant then it's up to them to figure out why a particlar feature is disliked. Fortunately for them, many explanations from several sources detail why such features are disliked so they needn't scratch their heads. Worryingly they seem to dismiss a lot of feedback and treat the detailed explanations as isolated comments not to be heeded.

So I agree, if they can't take feedback in all forms, a fault does indeed lie with them.
Except (and unless you think DStahl is lying about it too); it appears each Season the playerbase (and the STO Dev staff as well) has been growing. The game certainly seems to have a number of players and instances running at all times of the day - and (for example), even though it appears a number of Forum posters are continually outraged about Lockboxes the actual paying and playing playerbase seems to keep buying Master Keys and unlocking them (which is the only reason Cryptic/PWE continue to make new ones); so, it's pretty clear that 'Forum Rage' doesn't always equal 'Paying/Playing Playerbase' rage to the same degree; and even long term players who don't read or participate on the Forums (and they do exist); may not be as outraged, or inclined to quit as some here would like to believe.
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Of course he would lie. He is not gonna post on a public forum hey all we are losing players we need to step it up
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Originally Posted by brigadooom :
So ignore the concerns and pleas for action to be taken regarding our feedback
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
No one is ignoring feedback. Season 7 isn't fully on TRIBBLE yet
Dan , sometimes you don't need the Magic 8 Ball to know some things are coming .

For example , I don't need it to know that many of the Omega Rep suggestions are good for the short term only .

I don't need it to know that there will be a lot less ppl inclined to Learn how to play most STF's on Elite (they will just go w/what's the easiest to slide by , and no amount of "love" (aka dumbing down) will help those STF's that require practice , knowledge and a certain amount of determination to get better .

And I don't need a Magic 8 Ball to know the three reasons ppl are grinding STF's (Dill + Tech/EDC + Proto Tech.
How many of those are going away (without being replaced in an equal fashion) ?
480 Dil for an Elite STF ? Really ?
And I'll get the option to convert OM's to Dil way down the road ?

See , this is why some ppl do not consider Dil to be a time based currency .
Because you are downgrading it's worth (on the sort term at least) w/your current plan .
480 Dil does not equal the current Elite STF award .
Nor has there been any mention of additional awards (blue/green weapons/shields/armor) to be dropping from STF's .

I have the benefit of seeing the reality behind the scenes to know the truth that the game is doing really well.
I hope you are right -- bcause to have a Season of Grind (6) to be followed by ANOTHER Season of Grind (7) is not what I consider to be "what the players really want" .

But since I can't really explain why I like STF's and hate (and or get bored by quickly) Fleet Actions (yes , even the new ones which technically speaking are of a much higher quality) -- I won't try to explain that to you .
All I know is that STF's used to be a culmination of Story and Exiting Team play .
TOTOH Fleet actions were never more then "go kill 5 rats" , thus they were (and are) no more exiting and meaningful than a current Nebula Patrol .
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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
Learn to paragraph.

It goes both ways though. KHG engine gives efficiency boost to lower powered subsystems. Run that with maco shield and you'll get a good boost on subsystems set under 75. I think more of a boost than what MACO shield alone would give.
First I'd have to give a fu#k. As is the amount of wining I had to read through in this thread put me in a less than good mood. Dan I honestly can't say that accounts wouldn't be mysteriously deleted if it were me.

Second. The engine only boosts systems under 50 while maco boosts everything regardless. Normally this would be of no concern but combined with the stacking boost from leech it could get nasty. I only brought it up since the arguments I've seen against the feds getting leech always include its combination with maco shields. I play both sides so it's not like I loose out on anything, just curious if there was merrit to the argument or not.
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Originally Posted by djnooob View Post
Time is money.

And again there is 8k dil refinement cap yet they are adding more things that need refined dil without adding more ways to get refined dil. Ore is great but isn't worth a damn thing until it's refined.

Also my main gripe is the fact that many of us have already done the grind to get access to stf gear and forcing us to do yet another grind, both time and resources, to regain our access to this gear is utter bs.
Technicaly you are grinding up a new system. True some of the rewards you already have, but most of the new one are just that, new. And you do get to keep everythign you already earned so it's not like you loosing out. Its also not like if you started a new character you would have had access to any of that any way, still had to grind it. Where I would be annoyed is most of it isn't accound wide. That would be nice for those of us who have too damn many characters.
Actually reading things before posting will make you look smarter than yelling loudly. Reading comprehension is apparently a lost art.

Not everything you see on the internet is true - Abraham Lincoln
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I dont mean to flame, and i can see the idea behind "lock the old stuff away until Tier 5".

But thats just not like you do it. You cant rob a player of something he has earned in many hours of playing and have him spend many more hours of playing to get it back. Every Kid understands that, and if not, it needs to learn that because otherwise we?ll have a little gangster growing

I hope most of the longtimers with stuff in their Inventory get the message to spend it before its taken away...but there still we be many threads in the future from returning players with "where are my elite requisitions?!"

i think you devs need at least a "caring mum" in you staff who..wll, cares for the player base and sorts out all the rubbish ideas - i dont mean that offensive, that would really help to boost public opinion

but lets take that stupid lock-away decision aside: the new systems seeams much fairer than the old one. definitely a better way to start for new players. and we old ones get the chance to earn some new stuff (cutting beam and torpedos read really nice). and including other events in the reward structures, not just stfs, is also very welcome. i hope terradome will get its remastering in the future

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Cryptic is really seeing what creativity in a vacuum will do. The best thing dstahl EVER did recently is when he put up a poll asking us what WE wanted to see and do in the game for 2013. That was opening the door for 2 way communication and he got many good answers and feedback from that. Note that no one voted for more grinding.

This season 7 was nothing we asked for except for a fair way to obtain the sets that wasn't lottery based, so at least cryptic listened to us with that.. but more grinding for the same thing that some of us have already achieved? We don't like and we hate it-- especially when it is grinding via the same missions, for the same gear (now cross-factioned) and little bitty tweaks and twists here and there.

This is minimal effort on cryptic's part and maximum effort on ours. Does this sound like an equal relationship? Of course we are going to lose trust in cryptic and anything the devs say from here on out. Cryptic is not being a friend to us. They are, in fact, being a user and abuser for what is in our wallets. Keep the game profitable legitimately, of course, but these "tricks" to con us out of our hard earned money need to stop now! I feel like cryptic are borgified ferengi who do not strive to achieve perfection, but try to con us out of what is in our wallets.

I'm talking about minimal tweaks to the defiant and other C-store ships and selling it to us all over again as fleet vessels. Minimal tweaks the the maco/khg gear and making us go through the grind all over again without giving us credit for what we have already accomplished (Believe me, they have record of who has obtained what STF gear already). Killing KDF by taking away anything unique to that faction. Killing PvP softly without a formal declaration.

I am really at the edge here.
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