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10-25-2012, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Second. The engine only boosts systems under 50 while maco boosts everything regardless. Normally this would be of no concern but combined with the stacking boost from leech it could get nasty. I only brought it up since the arguments I've seen against the feds getting leech always include its combination with maco shields. I play both sides so it's not like I loose out on anything, just curious if there was merrit to the argument or not.
True, though it is one of the few remaining perks of being a KDF player.

Something else I was thinking about. Ground sets. Everyone will likely start running around with KHG/MACO 2 and 2 set pieces on. eg For KDF, Adpated KHG armor and gun and regular KHG shield and gun.
Adrenal booster and emergency shield both available at once. Good option for the "tank" ground players.
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10-25-2012, 12:22 AM
wow... my toons will be nerfed and something is telling me I will have to use a lot of dilithium to get back what my toons actually have... The current system is not good, but this new one is a way to juice player's wallet regardless he is LTS, a recurring subscriber or silver member...

Thanks... may be it's time to delete my subscription, better paying only when I really want something.
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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
Has everyone seen "Christmas Vacation"?

Do you remember that scene where Clark Griswold opens his holiday bonus, and he finds out his boss signed him up for the Jelly of the Month Club?

That is exactly how this makes me feel.
I believe a line that followed that was: "Of all the lousy ways to save, (in this case MAKE) a buck."
A bit of trivia, did anyone catch the actress who played Clarke's Boss's wife? The one in the fur coat who showed up at the Griswald's house with the police?
What was HER connection to Star Trek ? hummmmmm?
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Here's my questions, and they have probably already been asked somewhere. If they have, please someone link to specific posts that answer them (I'm too lazy to read all 65 pages that were listed at the time of this post at this hour of the night).

* Why attach Dilithium taxes to the current MACO/OMEGA/Honor Guard sets and "standard issue borg equipment"?
** As it stands you'd end up investing 100k Dilithium to get a complete set of any of these three. Plus a lot extra if you want to set up your ship or away team with anti-borg weapons. And if you're a completion-crazy nut like me ("gotta have 'em all") then you're losing a lot more.
*** The "new" sets (which aren't really anything except stat-traded equipment) I can understand having this cost. But current sets, not so much. We didn't have to pay Dilithium in the current system on Holodeck, we just had to get VERY lucky to get the drop we wanted.
* The blog says we can't do jack with our "converted" goods until T5 and we'll end up waiting months before that happens. Wasn't this the same thing with fleet bases? Spend months to get to a certain tier and spend even more Dilithium and doffs or commods (or both) to get there?
** I hope to heaven we don't have to use purple doffs for any of this. Or rare doffs for that matter. Have you even SEEN the prices for those lately? I know I pinch every EC I get, but I object to paying more than 500k for a doff (many doffs cost 700k to well over 10 million depending on quality, traits and player demand), so this could mean a lot of projects will be cost prohibitive and really hurt.
*** Further, withholding this stuff could be seen as telling a player they can't get their gear NOW but have to wait LONGER before they can get something they already spent months if not a year trying to get (Heck, I've only managed to get ONE character a full Mk XII space set. The others have only 2 out of 3 pieces each and on some characters I'm trying to get OMEGA as well as my faction-specific set). They'll be trying to grind that final drop even as I post so they don't have to bear that frustration of a different kind of months-long grind in the Reputation System.
* No STF doffs outside the Rep System? What the crap? >_> Are we at least going to have more specialized options besides Security Officers and Projectile Weapons Officers? Like maybe Space/Ground Warfare doffs?
* No conversion of Marks/Neural processors into Dilithium like we could with EDCs, Salvage and Tech?
* Current conversion would turn a portion of our collected STF loot into ore. Unfortunately because of the refining limit, we can't use more than 8k (9k with that vet mission. Perhaps up to 24k if they let it auto-refine after several days pass) of it per day. Thus projects for this stuff at T5 are further held up. Impatient people will HATE this (I already do).
** It would be far easier to turn it into refined dilithium straight up. Just leave it in the box until opened. This way we don't have to wait x-days to use the Dilithium for these projects.
*** Also of note is that you tuned this to "average players" that barely make 1000 ore a WEEK. As "very casual" playing of the game. This doesn't say out loud if this means projects will have cheap Dilithium costs or not. Just that its centered around casual players.
**** A further example of this are the stores. In the blog post example (subject to change) it looked like each Mk XI ground gun shown had a cost of 8608 refined Dilithium. The casual player would be waiting about 6 to 8 weeks to get ONE of these. To equip an entire away team? Yup. More waiting and grinding. Casual players may not care.

There are checks and balances here. Some parts of it I will like. But being told I have to wait months to get at stuff I should've had via STF grinding half a year ago? Just to wait longer for those projects? AND pay Dilithium on TOP of all of that? Yeah...not a fan of that. I want to finish my sets now so I should get grinding before this goes live and hope to heck I get the proto tech drops I need. Otherwise I'd have to spend Dilithium I could use to get Zen (In case something actually GOOD shows up in the C-Store, especially for Klingons who lack T5 ships).

Some good, some bad. It should help with the Reman set. But STF gear... I just don't think that grind is worth it. I can't get that mentioned "leg up" and will have to grind from nothing like everyone else because my "time spent" is withheld from me by a conversion crate I can't open until I hit T5 in the new system. In spite of the fact that the locked up crate is so locked so I don't accidentally spend it all on insta-capping my reputation, not that we can do that anyway.
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10-25-2012, 12:59 AM
Hi guys,

I'm really sorry of this question has been asked already and answered but this is already a long thread!

I dont understand this line in Dans blog entry:

"Earn gear with the other faction?s stats that use your faction?s visuals"

Sorry it thats a thick sounding question.

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10-25-2012, 01:14 AM
Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Cryptic provides a service.. a customer pays for that service. if the customer is angry.. the customer has every right to gripe in a manner that is not abusive and cryptic should listen as everything is considered feedback at that point. This isn't a one way street

Cryptic needs to understand that each of their long term players has put in hundreds of hours on each of their toons and we get mad when they rip the carpet out from under us, so to speak.

We also get mad when their creativity is limited to offering the same content, same items, same grinding all with "a new twist" over and over and over to us again.

I mean.. lets take the fleet defiant. Did everyone who has the fleet defiant have to already pay for the ship twice over for a boost to shields, an extra tac slot and extra hull that is marginal at best? one good DHC strike and it is done for...

Yet, we paid for it so that we could remain competitive. All cryptic had to do was change a few numbers in a config file somewhere, make some UI changes to account for the extra console slot and...


..."a brand new variation of the defiant"???? that will cost you x2 to get the same ship Seriously people?? You paid the equivalent of $20 whether by purchasing modules from the exchange or c-store plus fleet credits, for a ship that literally took a few minutes of changes to make.

Into the Hive.. we've all played it (except the new players), but there is going to be a "twist" to it, yet all of the coding for it is already there..

Maco/KHG adaptive gear? Again, all the coding is there. It is a copy/paste operation to make new items with new names, yet we are going to be grinding for what... 2 months.. just so that we can have the other factions' gear? Next thing you know, the federation will get a B'rel.. then you'll see even fewer KDF because that will be the last straw for some.

This is what cryptic is doing... and they wonder why we are getting more angry. The question is.. why do people find it acceptable to allow them to do this?
Exactly, it's the same thing with the 200K dilithium cost for a pile of tribbles, a few potted plants and a few ordinary security NPCs that just stand there, (why at least not the cool new holographic maco one's from that facility mission?!!!).
Then there is the fleet starbase gear like the battle riffles and such that look just like all the other now inferior stuff. Just a few changes in stats for Cryptic, but a grindfest for us to level our starbases, provision them, then grind fleet marks AND dilithium.

The "new" content continues to underwhelm with it's mediocrity whilest the dilithium requirement continues to climb.

They want us to grind our tails off when they can't even put in the effort to reward us with something worthy of our efforts. Visually speaking....
I mean honestly, how much development time would it take to design a cool new fleet riffle that would look like it was a step up from the stuff we'd been using?

Even the new hybrid weapons one pays tons for in the lock boxes looks just about the same as the standard fair.

Come on Cryptic ! Stop taking the lazy way out. Make our rewards visually worth the effort too.

Stop using all your development on lock box items.

This game could be so damned great, but it's a friggin shame when **** keeps getting recycled over and over.
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has he answered the doff dilithium price yet or still skirting around it ?
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Originally Posted by slick97477 View Post
Of course he would lie. He is not gonna post on a public forum hey all we are losing players we need to step it up
He doesn't need to claim they're growing either.

In general, I think it's counterproductive to assume that anyone is lying on the internet. I know that goes against the prevailing thought... but if you don't believe someone, you can't have a conversation with them.
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Originally Posted by nyxadrill View Post
Hi guys,

I'm really sorry of this question has been asked already and answered but this is already a long thread!

I dont understand this line in Dans blog entry:

"Earn gear with the other faction?s stats that use your faction?s visuals"

Sorry it thats a thick sounding question.
Klingons and Fed each have a unique STF gear set.

Klingons can't get MACO gear. Feds can't get Honor Guard gear. The sets have unique stats.

In S7, Feds will be able to get Honor Guard and Klingons will get MACO. But the new versions will look different to reflect faction.
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10-25-2012, 01:25 AM
Is there something between the lines I'm missing here, or are my own items really being taken from me and held hostage until I grind enough of the game to get them back?

Thank God I already have everything that proto-whatevers can get me, but unless someone clarifies exactly what the devs mean by this I'm gonna grind all of 'em into dil and wait for the S7 dil market to crash before cashing out. I don't mind having stuff converted into new marks or whatever in principle but I'm not going to have them taken from me to bully me into grinding the same damn missions I did to get them in the first place.

vids and guides and stuff

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