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10-25-2012, 01:27 AM
I prefer the new system in the long run, and for players starting new it should be much better although the conversion for some players could be painful/annoying. although i wish they would cut out the dilithium costs. there is too many sinks for dilithium now. its going a little overboard.

but at least players get the chance to see what is happening and can use tribble to make a judgement call on how best to proceed.

like most problems, i expect after a month or two of it going live it will have straighten itself out and people will go right back to grinding away their missions as they have been for the past year.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission
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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Klingons and Fed each have a unique STF gear set.

Klingons can't get MACO gear. Feds can't get Honor Guard gear. The sets have unique stats.

In S7, Feds will be able to get Honor Guard and Klingons will get MACO. But the new versions will look different to reflect faction.
Ah! Thank you. Understood now

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Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Cryptic is really seeing what creativity in a vacuum will do. The best thing dstahl EVER did recently is when he put up a poll asking us what WE wanted to see and do in the game for 2013. That was opening the door for 2 way communication and he got many good answers and feedback from that. Note that no one voted for more grinding.
I am really at the edge here.
Why on earth would you want to play an MMO if you don't like grinding?

Maybe we have different definitions of grinding. I define grinding as content you do more than 10 times. And I absolutely don't get why anyone would want Cryptic to design content that only gets played once or twice.

I have substantial disagreement about how the S7 rollout is happening but I think it's pretty absurd for Cryptic to design content that isn't targeted at being played 40-50 times per player, at least... And honestly, I'm frustrated both at the loot tables for FEs (not pushing replay) and at players who say they want to play content once and be done with it.

Again, I may totally be misunderstanding your definition of grind but I see the word as synonymous with heavy repeatable play and I take real issue with the idea of fellow players not wanting to do that. Because when and if you don't do that, Cryptic will stop making that kind of content. As well they should.
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I think we deserve a detailed conversion plan for the Borg tech. I've hundreds of Borg techs on my toons and want to know wether it's better to convert them into dilithium or not. And if so to which extend.

"...using a rate that takes into account how many of these items you have acquired, and not yet spent, on your character."

This means there's probably gonna be an optimum of Borg technology stored in your bank.

"...and employs an improved anti-Borg damage proc that scales based on weapon firing speeds (slow weapons will deliver large bursts of kinetic damage, while fast weapons will deliver smaller hits on each pulse)."

Do I understand this correctly? Turrets, beams, cannons will get a large burst, projectile weapons a small one? Does this mean energy weapons will deal kinetic damage too?
Isn't the existing Borg proc something like this already? Fast weapons have many chances per minute to deal the extra 1000 dmg to Borg ships and structures while a tricobald mine for example has just one chance in 2min?
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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Why on earth would you want to play an MMO if you don't like grinding?
STO wasn't about the absurd amount of grinding prior to PWE purchasing them. Cryptic had more "heart" as a company before PWE came in and stabbed them through that heart, which ultimately bled all over the customers.
my new saying is "cryptic made me do it" in lieu of the the "devil"
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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Technicaly you are grinding up a new system. True some of the rewards you already have, but most of the new one are just that, new. And you do get to keep everythign you already earned so it's not like you loosing out. Its also not like if you started a new character you would have had access to any of that any way, still had to grind it. Where I would be annoyed is most of it isn't accound wide. That would be nice for those of us who have too damn many characters.
Yes I do lose out. Right now if want to go buy some stf gear. guess what. I can. I don't have to grind a damn thing to do it. And its not like I can buy all the stf gear there is and just store it because of the tiny inventory. (that's even after upgrading it)

And you say new stuff? What new stuff? The pathetic pasives? Honestly it almost like they put that in there just so they could use it as an excuse to lock away the access to stf gear. Or are you referring to the seperate borg set? yeah well I've got the borg set I want but they are breaking that set up and forcing people to use that garbage borg shield or switch either maco/omega set where the passives really aren't that great.

and yeah, the fact that we have to do the grind on each character. yeah that pretty much blows big chunks.

In the end the system, for the most part, is fine for new players or those who do not have access to stf gear already. But for those who do and who have done the grinding already it pretty much sucks.

The other main issue is that realistically it doesn't matter how much you play. It will still take you months to just to unlock the ability to get the items even if you have the resources already to fill the projects. Then there is the dill cost, which again is very high, (will take you a minimum of a month and a half of all your dil to get a complete stf set up [weapons + gear], adding strain to already scarce resource. When you add in the other new dil sinks it's just worse.

The whole dil situation is a mess. The devs keep saying "we're adding more ways for you to get dil." The issue is that they are talking about ore, not refined dil which is what you need to fill projects etc. I, as well as many others, have got plenty of ore. There are so many ways to fix this issue.

- increase the refinement cap but put a zen purchase cap so people can't zen farm.
- allow projects to be filled with ore but at a higher price.
- If you subscribe then you should either have no refinement cap or it should be MUCH higher than it is now.

In a nutshell

- If you have unlocked or acquired the gear already you shouldn't have to unlock the ability to get the gear AGAIN
- If you subscribe, you should have some benefit over those who do not pay anything
- There should not be a cap on how quickly you can unlock the store. Meaning if you play more and acquire the resources quicker than others then you shouldn't have to wait. That also means that if you pay for the resources you shouldn't have to wait. In short, take away the time for project completion. If you fill it, it should finish right away. (again it could be a subscriber benefit)
- sort out the dil issue.

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Ok, your going to take all that I have stored in my bank, all those data chips and extra prototypes.

Place them in a box that I WILL NOT GET, until I grind through, AGAIN, your "new system" to reach Tier 5, THEN I get the rewards, AGAIN, that I already HAD to begin with???!!????!!

Your not serious, IF you are serious, I already objected with my wallet and STOPPED paying for this game due to you all not thinking things through, NOW you want to take what I worked my tail of for in what limited time I have, HOLD IT, force me to do it all again and GRIND, AGAIN, through your system JUST to RECOLLECT the same stuff I already was awarded!?!

Explain to me how that is "fairly" compensated. Its oxymoronic to me. Maybe I should just try the uninstall option next and end my frustrations. Good Grief gang, you have a great idea here, and you KILL it with your implementation, AGAIN!
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Got it. The game designers don't want me to play the missions I like (stfs) to get the rewards I want from the missions I like, since I'll need to play a 2-3 fleet actions I don't really like a day to reach my 8k dil daily cap in top of my doffing. Could doff more you know but just wandering in space at warp 14 has its limits.

Why don't I like the current fleet actions? The season 6 ones are boring. A blank empty map with a starbase in the center of it and vawes of mobs you just have to pew-pew endlessly looks like cheap work to me. It's definitely not the kind of game I want to play. Now to get dil with missions I like I'll have to play ground fleet actions and to play dirty to get the purple loot. Yes if you want the purple loot you need to take advantage of your team mates to rush objectives while they deal with the enemy. I know the tricks to get the first place, and I don't like them.

So you want me to switch from a cooperative gameplay (stfs) to a competitive and dirty one (fleet actions). Did any of you guys ever considered that your old fleet actions weren't played because the design was flawed (people not willing to compete with eachother)? And since everyone will rush to get the purple loot, expect a lot of dirty stuff in fleet actions, and a lot of frustration too, since they are just plain and simple "competition".

Oh and by the way, the loot table looks pretty old, we often get a Mk X purple loot when we get 1st place. On very rare occastions you can get a Mk XI one. would be great to update that so that people enjoy more having no ethics in their free time, playing dirty and fooling their team mates in those great fleet actions!

Mine trap and its cooperative gameplay is definitely what I want to play if you want to force fleet actions upon players. At least we should be able to choose if you really don't want to revamp how the reward system is made (different timers for different loot qualities for the whole team would magically turn competition in cooperation you know, and would allow you to keep the 1920 dil reward for the completion of the mission within the limits of the hardest timer).

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Originally Posted by vengefuldjinn View Post
I believe a line that followed that was: "Of all the lousy ways to save, (in this case MAKE) a buck."
A bit of trivia, did anyone catch the actress who played Clarke's Boss's wife? The one in the fur coat who showed up at the Griswald's house with the police?
What was HER connection to Star Trek ? hummmmmm?
You mean Admiral Nechayev ?

Clark's rant near the end of the movie, comes to mind occasionally in regards to Cryptic. Specifically the part about his boss
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Originally Posted by Daniel Stahl-Executive Producer-Star Trek Online View Post
We know it is ?many months? because when we looked at the data, it showed that players were running Elite STFs hundreds of times and still not receiving the drops necessary for this gear. We didn?t really need to look up the data because a handful of players were telling us how frustrated they were that these drops were so rare. This was all marked as ?working as designed? because it was exactly how we set them up. Getting the best gear was meant to be extremely challenging.
Lmao.. Dan, you make me laugh. Are you really serious that 'only a handful' of players were telling you how frustrated they were of not getting drops?? Do you not read the forums or actually play the game?? Or is Branflakes or Gozer not relaying the messages that were left in the forums? Hell, there were hundreds (if thousands) of players extremely frustrated that left posts (even chatting in in-game chat) complaining about the drops not dropping enough. And that was back in March (if not earlier) of this year.

Originally Posted by Daniel Stahl-Executive Producer-Star Trek Online View Post
The problem, however, is that it?s unfair when someone lucks out and gets the very rare item they need after only playing one elite STF while another person is still running the same STFs over and over hoping to get the drop.

We agree it isn?t fair and are about to change the STF reward structure. We now have a better way to keep the hunt for these items challenging while removing the randomness of drops
You agree that it isn't fair the some get some Tech drops faster than others?? Again, when did you come up with this brilliant assessment??
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