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So I sat down today and thought about the STO RP community. The fact is, it's not really out there, in public. One year ago, I was scratching my head, honestly wondering where it was.

It turned out that it is here, under the surface, in fleets and other guilds, thriving away as best it can. I'm here to tell you about 12th Fleet's Medical division.

Medical is a bit misleading a name, Medical is what we call our RP, and there's a bunch of us, all working together, GMing events, running Forum RP, writing really exciting stories about our characters and their lives. Our division is a nice happy place of medium RP, catering to the casual player who doesn't have time to log in every day of every week, nor are we super critical of your character or their biography. We just want you, and everyone in the division to have fun.

So if you're out there, looking for a place to hang your hat and meet a bunch of other folks just like you, wanting to RP look no further. Join 12th Fleet Medical today.

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Recruitment Make sure you make Medical your first choice!
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10-25-2012, 02:03 PM
I had given up on STO, had just made Captain and was not seeing a reason to continue playing. I had avoided wanting to join a Fleet, wanting to solo the game before dedicating myself to a wacky guild that wanted all my time.

Then I was in the middle of a PUG run on a FA, we were getting it handed to us when we got a 12th fleet member. The guy knew the tactics, knew what he was doing.

Needless to say I was impressed. As I was reading the app for the fleet I saw the RP division, I hadn't RP'd in years and was surprised to see a division devoted to it.

Year later I am now working side by side Admiral Amarai as the XO of the division. We have multiple RP's running including the USS Valkyrie RP which I have wrote and run for the past year alongside some of the best RP'ers I have ever known.
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10-25-2012, 09:20 PM
So, I'll tell you a different story. I joined the 12th fleet fresh out of a fleet that was horrifically inactive. As a former Eve online player I knew there was a correlation between a fleet/guild/corp that had it's own website and forums and activity in game. It seems like a good fit for me.

I had never been part of a role playing group before, so given my interest in stories and writing I joined Medical. For about a month I kind lurked, slowly investigating how RP was run, while also slowly learning bits and pieces about how STO worked (needless to say I had a failfit intrepid)

The one day I jumped into one of the in-game RPs known as USS Valkyrie run by loki who just posted. Suddenly, things very abruptly changed. I couldn't get enough RP. Having some prior experience leading a stargate roleplay with a few friend I launched a forum RP called Special Tasking: Romulus. While it didn't last as long as I wanted, it did give me ideas and teach me some vital lessons about RP in 12th's Medical division.

So, wanting to stretch my legs a bit I took a few cracks at GM'ing events/episodes of the Valkyrie and finally decided that I would start my own event and thus, the first Klingon centric RP of the 12th fleet was born. As the events grew there were some growing pains, but I quickly found others who were just as passionate about roleplaying KDF characters. One even made a video that served as the trailer for the 1st 'season.'

KDF RP Season 1 Trailer

However, that's just a brief summary of the RP side of the house. Getting more involved with RP meant that I was more and more active on teamspeak, where I started to interact more with the diverse membership that the 12th fleet has. I've PVP'd with some of the best PVP'ers in the game, learned more about ship fitting than I thought was possible, finished every STF with 2-7 minutes left on the optional clocks. I've created foundry missions.

So even if RP is only a passing curiosity for you, you can find a home in 12th fleet and dabble. You can RP, PVP, and PVE all in one place and all as part of one community. That's pretty powerful. That's why I'm still in the 12th over a year later. That's why I'm sharing here on the forums.\

So if this has piqued your curiosity, hit our forums (linked in the first post) and give us a try.
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10-28-2012, 11:06 PM
Is there any group like MACO, Section 31, general badass ground operatives?
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11-03-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by writelikeaman View Post
Is there any group like MACO, Section 31, general badass ground operatives?
Just because it's the 12th fleet medical division doesn't mean we all roleplay doctors and scientists. We have our fair share of ground pounding badasses, stealthy assassins and the occasional Romulan spy, not to mention our Klingon Roleplay event.
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11-03-2012, 02:23 PM

When I joined 12th Fleet Medical I was pleased because the focus of Medical was healing and support and you had to have a Science ship, now at that time a Science ship was all I was good at so I was happy to join a Division where I can put my talents to good use.

Later as the Game revised every ship whether Escort, or Cruiser could independently heal and support themselves so Medical focus shift to RP, now at that time I was not very good at RP and to be honest I still am not good at lol

I was a little intimidated by it but, Medical have a great number of individuals that will do what they can to help anyone with their RP and make sure they have fun doing it and I must say that intimidation has ceased for me.

Now I am quite proud of what Medical has accomplished when it comes to RP from In-game events to Forum writings it is a joy to sit back and see what will be created next so even if one is not an expert in RP Medical still has a place for that person.

If RP story writing is what you enjoy then Medical in 12th Fleet can use you

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11-03-2012, 07:14 PM
Do the members of other divisions participate in RP with the 12th Medical?

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