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Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
well, transphasic torps do more damage when shields are up than other torps, and chroniton torps have a chance to slow ships down for a while which means less defense and thus a higher chance to hit them for more damage.

those are the main reasons these two torps dont do more damage than say quantum torps.

I use transphasics mostly. though on my mobius destroyer I use Chronitons since i got the 3 piece temporal set.
Plasma. make em rot inside their shiny shields.
If im not using boff skills, my second choice is photons because of their fire rate
trics for when i'm wanting to do something diferent

this works really well with the armitage- 3 plasma torps up front (I usually have a harp in the 4th slot), 2 plasm amines in back and 1 turret.
Boff skills: mine dispersal 3&2, torpedo spread 3 and 2, tac team x2.

other boff skills that i use are mostly defensive; science team 2, eng team1, SIF3, EpS2.

max your shield energy, and then rest into aux, and use a rare peregrines hangar.

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i was a fan of quantum torps but then lesrned transphasic cluster torpedo using 2 mkXI transphasic compressor modules on my avenger class worked wonders for a mahoooosive amount of damage, i then used 3 mk xi transphasic compressors on my Prometheus class and ever since then i wont use anything less
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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Two photon tubes is the best "deal". With the doubled chances to make your projectile officers work, two tubes will trigger maybe 75% of the time making chains of 3 and 4 torpedoes commonplace. Three tubes is an improvement but less of an improvement than going from one to two. You're wandering into specialized build territory. And four is a pure waste: the built-in rate of fire limiter will start getting in your way.
^ bad advice.

If you are using 3 purple projectile doffs, you get the best value from:

1 Photon
2 Quantum

The problem with using 2 photons is that one launcher can get "stuck" on itself, forcing the other to be idle. A quantum setup does not suffer from that inefficiency and benefits further from High Yield and Spread abilities.

If you insist on using 3 or 4 torpedo launchers, then using a 2 photon system to reduce the cooldowns of torpedos 3 and 4 could be worthwhile, but you will have to get into math and parsing to figure that out.

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