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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
The Vesta,

until or if they do not create a KDF equivalent.

(though you are right in that this thread has bit of KDF doom & gloom.
The feds still have thier "Cruisers suck....." series of threads if teh KDF D&G is getting to you.)
Was this in response to my thread? If so the Vesta isn't part of Season 7. Its release happens to coincide with S7. It is simply PWEs newest way of milking the fed players, particularly the under-privilidged science captains, for a huge amount of money.

Its like the latest offering of the bug ship. PWE decided to have a sale of zen in preparation for Season 7 then realised that no one would BUY any because there was nothing worthwhile TO buy. So they offered the one thing that no player could really refuse and tacked it into an already existing item in the store. Not only that but players will end up with a huge number of Doffs from opening the packs and once season 7 hits it will be insanely expensive to upgrade the huge number of white doffs people will now have. Meaning people buy yet more zen and use it to buy the needed-as-never-before dilithium.

The financial mastermind behind all this is really quite genius. Morally reprehensible or just down right evil but you have to admire the forward planning.
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11-01-2012, 06:32 PM
The Vesta still qualifies as its coming " with season 7".
Wether or not the Vesta was designed for S7 is irelevant as its still being released on the same time frame.
Its a piece of fed only content arriving at the release of S7.I
Im sure its a coincidence and has nothing to do with the past leaks it may arrive around the release of S7.

I actually do not care about the Vesta and merely offered it as evidence as something fed related arriving with S7.
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Why can I not wait until S8 is released and see if they offer excuse again?

I have been disapointed plenty and now know its signs. If it shows its ugly visage in S8, I know to give up trying.

Thing is I like STO but hate the pandering versus virtually ignoring other aspects of the game. It spoils ones confidence.
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Ya got me Roach. I certainly know what I want for my faction to have. I posted just about an hour ago that if danny boy really is going to do a KDF season for season 8 then the best thing he could possible do is get his team cranking out strait up, simple KDF mssion content for levels 1-20 so we could get incoming players onto the KDF side, and get the dang KDF REAL tutorial in game (which I have been led to belive is actually allready done and has been for some time) but crank out and ready up just as many KDF mission as humanly possible between now and Season 8's sceduled start and then lay them on us all at once. Oh and only use existing art assets. KISS ya know... Just get the mission content we've been waiting 3 years for done. Fill in some of the KDF back story. Set the art team onto getting KDF off duty uniforms and more uniform pieces, and put the ship artists on cranking out some alternate hulls for the baseline ships so we have a bit more variety in the look of our ship classes.

Get the stuff done that should have been done before the game got released in the first place and fill out our dang faction so we can draw in some players.. and if they got any extra horsepower left spend some effort on adding some new PvP maps/instances/zones.

Ya know they got all these new team members thay added some months back..Stahl said i recall that the dev team had doubled in size..well by now they should all be trained up and know how to use the tools at hand. The word artist lady reported in at least two pod cast interviews that I recall that she had a bunch of KDF missions outlined.
He does that I can promise him one KDF player for sure get off his back about it.. I'll even change my sig. Heck, give us our faction content theres a pretty solid chance he'll get all of us off his back about it. AFter that all he has to do it maintain parity (and remeber the the KDF p.o.v. on a mission shared for both sides is NOT going to be the same.. pretty sure some clued him by now, but you never know.. and there are a great number of Fed one off system patrol missions which with really a small amount of tweaking and a dialog re-write could work just fine for KDF low level content. Oh we'll never have as much mission content as the feds and I can accept that but 30 to 40 one off missions would go a very long way to redressing the imbalance..(and maybe reduce some of the current hype accelrated levelling. Honestly, you really can start a KDF charcter under the current setup and level then to the rank cap in a week without a great deal of difficulty. Much faster then you can do so for a fed character. I find that.. dis-satifying. We had to grind our first KDF toons through FvK pvp and a handfull of fleet encounters And we had to do it with characters starting from level 1 but dangit, we had time to learn what our ships could do. I always wondered how KDF players ended up doing so well in those early mission because the Fed players had it all over us as far as equipping thier ships.. we just didn't have any place to get weapons drops.

You remember when the original diplomacy system (which was fed only) was in and we had Fed players constantly flying through KDF space.. I always recall how that irritated me. And how it irritated me even more when after the introduced the exploration zones to find fed player farming out nodes even though they had three times the number of exploration zones we had...

The fed new comers know nothing about what this game was like at release..
Release 8.5 "STO The Next Generation"

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Originally Posted by Massively
The KDF faction has always needed more love. Can you address this persistent question once more? What can loyal KDF players expect for the fulfillment of their faction?
Originally Posted by Daniel Stahl
What started as a PvP-only faction has slowly been improving over time into a fully fledged PvE faction over the last three years. In 2013, we feel that PvE KDF experience is going to get even better with the addition of new Feature Episodes, new Adventure Zones, and more KDF specific missions. Once we feel that there are enough PvE missions for the KDF to go from level 1-50, we will open up the ability for anyone to create a Klingon as his or her first character. Looking at our development schedule for 2013, I'd say it may come a lot sooner than you'd think.
Getting rather specific here. Full article.
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Well i hope that season 8 really be good for kdf side... i begun in feb/2012... i purchase... 5 ships fed... but i purchased at the moment aprox 12 (maybe more) ships kdf... i hope Klingon side really full develope in the next season
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Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
Yeah. Cryptic has a hard time with story content.
Unless dstahl gives specifics, read it as "we may possibly kind of want to if all the stars align"
But then Mighty Cthulhu shows up, eats us all, end of story.
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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Getting rather specific here. Full article.
Right to be fair he didn't say that season 8 is going to be all about KDF. Gives them enough slack to just do bare minimum (i.e. nothing) and say that it was intended to be KDF focused but blah blah budget blah blah timing blah blah constraints etc they couldn't do it. If they did confirm it was going to be all about KDF then we could easily just add it into here already.

Cryptic can't seem to grasp the concept that having two full factions with unique stories and points of view will actually be a benefit and will see players "move" to the underdog faction as it will actually be in a state that is playable.

Forgot to add it may be worth adding all relevant quotes and information to your original post redricky, just so we can all see for ourselves what is being said. I feel as if we are all jumping the gun.

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<Dev> Oaks@dstahl: RE: KDF exclusive ship - the next one on the schedule I see is for the 3 year anniversary
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Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
People like you are just trying to stir up an argument. Name one piece of "Fed only content" that is coming with Season 7.
The vesta and the steam runner variants both released the day of season 7, making them season 7. Jesus man, where you actually serious? I hope that was a sarcastic troll

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