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# 1 stargate command 02
10-25-2012, 08:43 AM
hello and welcome to stargate command 02,

i would like to take this time to explane what we are all about,we are a fleet that does all pve events and soon pvp matchs.now you are asking yourself why should ijoin stargate command?

the answer is simple we are new yes and have not reached tier one yet for our starbase but it is what we do that should peak your intrest each fleet member in stargate command has a job for example one of our fleet members is the official craftor for the fleet his job is to craft anything a fleet member wants in order for him to do his job he needs data sample and all other crafting matirals thats where the data sample collectors come into play they scoure the univers for all data samples and deposit them into the fleet bank from there the fleet craftor has all he needs to craft you anything u want from memory alpha.

now as sto goes on there will be more jobs to fill by haveing each member of the fleet perform a certon job each time helps to move fleet projects along faster and also makes it so all fleet members have access to the best gear.

there are hundreds of jobs to be filled, we at stargate command 02 want to make this fleet a force to be reckonded with,by working together we can achive alot,

also we welcome all who are new to sto we will take the time to help u learn all there is to know in sto to help you become a better captain,

once you reach level 50 if you choose to want your own fleet then your fellow fleet mates will help you creat a fleet of your own and be givving a starter pack to help u get off to a good start but this is only done for fleet members who have helped an worked hard for the fleet,

if you would like to be a part of stargate command 02 u can find me or one of my trusted officers online anytime jus pm for invite


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