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Time spent doesn't = $. That's the fundamental flaw in your philosophy that will drive people from playing and spending in STO.

I like to spend 35 minutes a day max doing stuff on my character. The truth is this game isn't fun enough to command more of my time. I still have goals to reach. I'd still like to keep playing, and those goals will take a very long time to reach despite my best efforts. I can get all the dilithium and fleet marks I need a day from playing two elite STFs and doing the easy officer reports. I'd like to spend less time since elites have been a disaster lately, taking up to 30 minutes with half the reward because there's nothing to discourage the incompetent from playing elite, but that's a separate issue (one that I implore you to address). The point is despite my minimal time play style I've still spent more money on this game since it went free to play than I ever did when it was pay to play. Playing less hasn't made me stop wanting to reach my goals.

Look at it like this. Grinding annoys the hell out of me and many others. If you make the grind take anymore time than it already does it will no longer be worth playing this game. If you leave or shorten the grind time I'll either be encouraged to do more or at least maintain my current level of activity, and that's important. Pushing us away means the end of your revenue.
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10-26-2012, 12:06 AM
I totally agree with you.

Forcing me to go do content i find either boring or too time consuming in order to acquire the Dilithium devs are removing from STF rewards is not going to work and make me play more.

It will simply make me stop playing at all. Not being rewarded for doing the stuff i like to do in STO is the best way to have me give up on the game.

They got me good with the Lifer sub they sold me but God be my witness, i will NEVER buy Zen again in order to convert it to Dilithium because that's what PWE wants.

I gave too much money to this game already and they reward me by removing all the things i liked to do.

I'm done here.
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10-26-2012, 12:12 AM
The motto for any game company should be

If it isn't Fun they won't play
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10-26-2012, 01:02 AM
I'm pretty much the same way. Season 6 was fun at first, but the sinks did their job and all my currencies pretty much were spent on a Starbase. Now, logging in presents two options: go have some fun, or grind. I do wish that the fun things like storylines or FEs actually gave decent rewards I could use for my Starbase as opposed to doing an STF for the thousandth time because the rewards are simply better.

I did enjoy the DOff system, warping around acquiring new missions, but with no more free DOffs in Season 7, even time-limited ones, that will be ending. Honestly, I'm kind of done with the STFs, and the prospect of grinding through a few more months of that for reputation is not appealing.

I'm casual, have a lifetime, and contribute money regularly to my Zen account when Cryptic actually makes things worth buying (no, not keys or $7 spacesuits), but I guess I'm not the target audience any more.

In before the 'you know how easy it is to make dilithium/flip DOffs/control the economy/I have more Zen than DStahl' crowd.
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10-26-2012, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by zensutra View Post
i'm Pretty Much The Same Way. Season 6 Was Fun At First, But The Sinks Did Their Job And All My Currencies Pretty Much Were Spent On A Starbase. Now, Logging In Presents Two Options: Go Have Some Fun, Or Grind. I Do Wish That The Fun Things Like Storylines Or Fes Actually Gave Decent Rewards I Could Use For My Starbase As Opposed To Doing An Stf For The Thousandth Time Because The Rewards Are Simply Better.

I Did Enjoy The Doff System, Warping Around Acquiring New Missions, But With No More Free Doffs In Season 7, Even Time-limited Ones, That Will Be Ending. Honestly, I'm Kind Of Done With The Stfs, And The Prospect Of Grinding Through A Few More Months Of That For Reputation Is Not Appealing.

I'm Casual, Have A Lifetime, And Contribute Money Regularly To My Zen Account When Cryptic Actually Makes Things Worth Buying (no, Not Keys Or $7 Spacesuits), But I Guess I'm Not The Target Audience Any More.

In Before The 'you Know How Easy It Is To Make Dilithium/flip Doffs/control The Economy/i Have More Zen Than Dstahl' Crowd.
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10-26-2012, 08:40 AM
You forget- YOU belong to THEM, your time and your money are THEIRS as long as you play this game. YOU are an asset to them to be exploited for THEIR profit.
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