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Hi folks!
Got my Tac to the point where just TT1 and HY1 simply aren't enough any more - that Tac Cube in "Assimilation" (IIRC) always kills me, and STF only works on "normal" ... . So now it's time to make some decision, I guess, but one shouldn't do that ill-informed, right?

What I want to do is a Tac using a BoP for the battle cloak; doing hit-and-cloak attacks for the added damage bonus, the possibility of getting a tactical advantage - and some "canon fun", if there's something like that.
Atm. I'm using D(H)Cs in front with 1-2 torps (testing various types), and a turret and chroniton mines aft (and I'll stick with the mines, unless someone can show me something vastly better tactically, not only DPS-wise ..)

I read some guides and threads here on the forum, but some are actually contradicting each other, maybe because some game mechanic alterations in seasons 4-6, dunno?! So here are my questions to the community:

0) How do cannons work?
Some "Star Trek Online Ship Weapons Guide" says cannon(cooldown)s are bugged, and have a global 1s cooldown - but I'm running 2 DHC and 1 DC atm., and I'm pretty sure both the DHC fire at once, and I saw a "2" cooldown on the DC.

1) Which ship should I aim for?
Atm., I'm flying the Hegh'ta. Are the Fleet Hoh'SuS Bird-of-Prey or B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit worth it?

2) Commander skills?
TT, EPTS, RF are obvious - but is there something not so obvious which would fit such a build well?

3) What equipment would be advisable?
Besides the notorious 2x Neutronium, and 3x +DamType consoles ... .
I want to stay away from Borg, Breen, Jemhadar or M.A.C.O. set (pieces) as those seem "wrong" to me - but which alternative is there e.g. to get >Warp 10 speed (I'll be grinding DiploDoMs for quite some time, so that's an important aspect for now)? And it looks like I need a resilient shield, as 10% bleedthrough got me killed too often when I tested those ...

4) Boffs and Doffs
My bridge officers are untrained, and I have a Conn (for EM), but nothing else up to now ...

thanks in advance
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10-16-2012, 07:24 PM
Honestly your best bet is to scour the KDF fleet threads as even tac/Bop builds can vary greatly from player to player.
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10-26-2012, 06:04 AM
The Heg'Ta is huge fun to fly, and the universal boff slots allow for all manner of interesting builds. My build is pretty simple, and works well without the need for expensive Doffs or top end equipment - I've been flying the same layout which started with lowly uncommon items, and been upgrading individual consoles and weapons as I've been able to afford it, and it just keeps getting better.

My KDF Tac flies the Heg'Ta, and I run an all energy build with 4x DHC and 2x turrets (all disruptor), 3x Disruptor coil, 2xNeutronium+RCS in the eng consoles, and Borg console, Field generator, Inertial Dampener in the science slots. I've recently switched to using the full Borg set, which does help surviveability, and you can turn off the "interesting" visuals for it by right clicking the equipment on your ship from the inventory screen.

I use Cmdr&LtCmdr Boff slots for tactical (2x TT1, 2xCRF, 2xApB, ApO), Eng lt(2xEptS), Sci Lt(HE, TSS).

I use the keybind method from the Hilbert guide, and in my rolling buff (row 7) I use 2xTT,2xCRF,2xApB,2xEptS which is suprisingly tanky, but most importantly allows me to concentrate on flying the ship and what is going on around me. ApO is my escape from tractor beams, and HE and TSS are my extra emergency heals.

The important aspect is rotating 2 copies of tactical team and emergency power to shields to greatly enhance survival (I don't claim that my build is the best way to build a BoP, but it works for me - stacking the disruptor proc with attack pattern beta works nicely as a team damage multiplier in STFs)

Hilbert guide can be found here

Decloaking does give a nice boost, but you need to be careful about cycling the cloak if there are enemies in range that are using torps.

One of the things I love about the Heg'ta is that with only four Boff slots, you can have another two Boffs on standby with a different skillset e.g. cannon scatter volley and torpedo spread instead of cannon rapid fire and attack pattern beta and by swapping in a torp launcher and two Boffs, you have a killer spam clearance build, or you could have a layout specifically for PvP to allow continual uptime on attack pattern Omega, or go hogwild with the torpedo and mine skills. You can also train your eng and sci boffs with some very interesting combinations of higher level skills which allows you to run a crowd control build by rotating the seating - gravity well + eject warp plasma(don't think you can do that on many other ships)
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10-26-2012, 12:01 PM


There is more on that channel also. Not that there isn't good advice in this thread already. Just this advice has pictures and music!!

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