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Hello Craptic.
Hello Pay-2-Win Entertainment.

I know you won't listen to complaints from your players, so let's do this differently: I'll tell you why you're shooting yourself in the foot, from a business point of view!

Currently, you're making quite a bit of cash from the Dil-Exchange. While some people have tons to spare, but won't fork over much cash, other players are buying Dil - by buying Zen, especially for that purpose.
As you can see if you look at the exchange, this market is currently already near the limit, at less than 160 Dil per Zen.

Now you want to introduce new Dil sinks.

I'm currently supplying the Dil-market at about a million per month. I'm not 100% certain (you probably have metrics for that, so you CAN be certain), but I really doubt that makes me a small fish in that regard - much more, and the only thing I'd do is china-farm Dil, with no more time to actually play this game. Which I wouldn't do, since that kinda defeats the purpose, as I'm getting Zen for my efforts, not $$$. Well, that's a good thing actually, since if I'd be doing it for $$$, I'd quit - the wage per hour would be abyssmal.
The only reason to actually do it at the moment, is that it can be done by playing fun content (STFs) and as a side product of advancing my Starbase.

If your changes as planned go live, my surplus of Dil would drop from about a million to ... none. Actually, less than none. I'd have to actually BUY Dil, at least half a million per month, just to have SOME progress on my characters. Dil that pretty much NOBODY has in surplus any more, except people actually china-farming it for no personal gain, no personal income, no nothing.
In short: your whole Dil-toZen market will completely collapse.
No more Dil to buy, no more income from people buying Dil!
-> You'll lose out on a ton of $$$.

And if you're dreaming that I'd make up for the lost Zen from lost Dil-income out of my own pocket - you're wrong there, again. I'll simply quit. And I doubt too many people will do it differently - if you cut them out of their main source of Zen, you kill a major reason to actually play or farm, we're in this for our own personal advancement, not for your cash flow. Personal advancement that you'll slow to a crawl, or kill completely.

What your pipe-dreams make out to be new dimensions of income - is actually just the contrary. You'll kill your own business, drive away your players, and, just as a side effect, ruin your reputation even further - so far that you'll probably be better off just firing the team working on Neverwinter, as by the time that'll go into beta you'll be the laughingstock of the gaming industry. Yes, even worse than Sony or EA.

If not, you're really hopeless, and I wish you ... well, not the best of luck, that'd be a lie.

So, will it be "Season 7:Quit in Disgust"? Or do you like $$$ enough to see that the changes you're planning are utterly retarded?
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10-25-2012, 09:12 PM
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When the original post is nothing but rude, disrespectful comments, best not to respond.
Must start remembering that.

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10-25-2012, 09:33 PM

Due to the flaming/trolling nature of the original post; I'm closing this thread down.

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