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10-29-2012, 09:26 AM
I am not going deny my performance was extremely poor with very poor choices that match. But that does not mean my ship setup is poor just because I messed up big time. (Ok its a poor for PvP and is not the best at PvE either but it works ) I massively underestimated the DPS output of both the 1st and 2nd Escort and stupidly did not use speed. Just because I made a mistake and did not do something it does not mean the setup cannot do it. I did not make use of the high turn rate that is my fault, it does not mean the setup is unable to turn.

This is the last time I am explaining this to you about weapons as well. The Rapid Fire and Fleet Transphasic are my secondary torpedoes for spam clearing and being secondary weapons with few weapon slots fitted did little DPS just like they are meant to. 1 Fleet torpedoe is fitted so it should not take up much DPS out of the whole. So please stop telling me my 1 Fleet torpdeo is my main primary weapons. Rapid Fire and Fleet torpedoes are there to clear out fighter spam not as primary weapons. If they where primary weapons I would have fitted more then 1.

My primary torpedoes which take up most of my slots did the lion share of damage in the match. Go check the 3 torpedo types as you say you have the logs. Rapid Fire and Fleet torpedoes are low damage ones but main torpedo type is high damage.

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10-29-2012, 09:39 AM
Dude your torps combined only made up 43 percent of your damage out put.

They did not do the lionshare. The lionshare was your Mines at 57 percent. Look at the figures.

Those totals I gave you were the exact totals from your mines, the rest was all torpedoes.

Do you not know how to add or do percentages?

Maybe that's why you're using all torps on a ship that is either incapable of moving quickly, or you are.

81338 that was your total damage output Period.

Of that, 46528 damage was from your Mines. at 35903 total damage dealt and 10625 (your 2 diff launchers)

Your torpedoes dealt a whopping combined total (this includes your ''secondary'' and primary torpedoes) 34810 damage. Which equals 43 percent of your total damage output.

That = 57 percent of your damage dealt that entire fight from mines.
What part of combining all of your torpedo damage only comes up to 43 percent of your damage dealt is so difficult to fathom?

No wonder you're a pveer. Because your basic reading comprehension skills let alone your Math ability is woefully inadequate for pvp purposes. Which is also why you're still suffering under the delusion that some how a pveer ship will do more dps than a pvp one. I suspect you also don't know how the Accuracy Overflow, shield damage resistance and hull damage resistance systems work either.

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10-29-2012, 10:43 AM
I have poor reading comprehension? You are the one who despite being told lots of times keeps calling my secondary torpedoes primary. You are the one who keeps saying I fly an oddy with low turn rate and only have two torpedo types. When I do not fly an Oddy, have more then 2 torpedo types and high turn rate well over what an Oddy has.

There is no point in arguing with someone who doesn?t understand the difference between secondary and primary weapons and who refuses to acknowledge DPS from my primary weapons. Like I said before Rapid Fire Transphasic and Fleet Transphasic torpedoes are my secondary torpedoes and my primary torpedos out damage those two secondary torpedoes types combined. Rapid Fire Transphasic and Fleet Transphasic barely take up any weapon slots and so should be low DPS secondary weapons. Please stop telling me they are primary weapons. I know which of my torpedo's are secondary and primary and those two are secondary. If they where primary I would have fitted more then 2.

I might fly subpar setups and I sometimes fly poorly but even I do not fly with half my weapon slots empty which you seem to suggest. (EDIT: to clarify 2 types as secondary, the rest of types as primary)

So good bye I am done with this thread after this post.

P.S yes I know about accuracy overflow that's how I know it's not the best for PvE as overflow DPS boost is tiny compared to the best options (for PvE only, the same is not true for PvP)

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10-29-2012, 10:52 AM
So are you saying you didn't have a single primary torpedo on your ship then?

Or that some how all of your torp launchers combined did infact out damage your mines and that the actual combat log is in error?

Or are you saying you only came into combat with 4 weapons total?

2 mine launchers and 2 torp tubes?

If that's the case you're even dumber than I thought possible.

My only regret is I wish I had frapsed the Foster Child Level beating we gave you. So everyone can point and laugh at your shameful ability. And that's a first time I've ever said that about a person.

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