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10-26-2012, 07:20 PM
Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
You can roll it in glitter but you can't polish a turd
Yeah you can. I personally wouldn't though.

Want cheap commodities? Yeah you do. Commodity Cheat Sheet (includes food and data samples)

Want to make the game better? Might I suggest this form
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This Will Hurt All Small Fleets Now ........... I Understand You May Want To Make Us Happy Doing Things Yet There Is So Many Fleet Projects Now Small Fleets Are Having Trouble Completeing And Now One More Large Road Block Ahead Of Us And Its Killing This Game Cryptic You Need To Take The Game Back From P.w. And Put It Back On The Map Please Small Fleets Need Help And Not More Problems Trying To Get Ahead .. And Poor Kdf Players They Have No Chance ... Please Cryptic Take Control
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Just a quick reply from the dev blog - haven't browsed the other posts yet.

I think it seems cool, but I would say that people will probably try maxing out every reputation they can get their hands on. If I might suggest? One can only dedicate oneself so much to various causes; as such, to reach a particular tier in one night mean you can't max out in another? Or that the final tier or two of any one reputation group might go down as you go up the final tiers of another? This way, the passives will be something you have to think about/consider keeping.

In a way, by doing this, one could earn all the equipment one wants from a faction, but the passives? The old faction would sort of look at you and ask, "Well, what have you done for us lately?"

I guess I'm a little worried about power creep, really. If we get 10 factions, and you can max out in all 10 factions, getting all their gear AND their passives? Well, er, that's sort of crazy. And, really, at some point to earn Reputation with one faction really ought cost you faction with another... if you're always helping the Cardassians, that's going to cost you with the Bajorans, no? Or, if you're always doing altruistic stuff, no way the Ferengi will like you. And, if you're a centrist of sorts, you might have everyone's respect to a point, but nobody is going to be whole-heartedly behind you compared to if you had embraced their agenda/cause.

Look at how often Worf and Odo had to choose between loyalties?

Just a thought, and like I said, a quick reply. This might've been addressed already.
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10-27-2012, 01:55 PM
I second this.

Same factions are enemy and they are supposed not to help an enemy ally.

If amongst the future factions which you made allusion to there will be some that are enemies to each other a similar limitation system is needed.

Also, just one word: customization.

I had to choose a faction, a class and categories of ships, kits and sets.

It wouldn't be a bad idea if I also have to choose WHICH faction I am most solidal with... well, which powers I want.

However, I wouldn't made it based on Tier locking. I doubt this was foreseen and possible to implement, and anyway it isn't the best way IMO.

IMO the best way would be a dinamic system in which reputation can be raised to max with all factions in first time, so you can try and see what powers work best for you, then you have to make a choice.

Choices could be undone by delivering more aid to the faction(s) hostile to those you helped and vice versa.

So you can still use all powers, but not at the same time. After a certain time, you'll understand what fits best your playstyle and you can always change it when you get bored.
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10-27-2012, 02:47 PM
I prefer the idea of having the factions as "frenemies". They sometimes antagonize each other, but they sometimes help each other.

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After playing through the season seven content on Tribble, I have come to the conclusion that "Star Trek: Online" has run its course. Unless they do something to make things interesting, the New Romulus and its sector will leave everyone bored.

Some of the new season's flaws include:
~ Reward System: Low reward system for the amount of effort needed to work on missions. Even though you can put in a good ten to fifteen minutes into a mission, the rewards you obtain is not worth the effort. Five marks here, four marks there, ten mark here, etc... After you realize the little rewards you gain, you walk away feeling a lack of fulfillment.

~ Cut Scenes: Cut scenes without pc dialogue options. If they added some dialogue options, the player would feel like they are role-playing. You currently just sit back listening to someone mumble and rant. Your player character is in the cut scenes, but she/he just sits there like a dumb log.

~ Patrolling Systems: Majority of the new planets only have space missions, which require the player to do the same objectives over and over. Kill five of this... Kill five of that... Only a few planets change things up. At this point in the testing, I haven't found any ground missions. Who knows if this will change?

~ New Romulus Embassy: Its a very nicely designed building, which has no overall purpose for being in the game. Imagine your fleetbase and starship on a planet. Although they have some functionality, the only reason why these places exist is for socializing. Its rather sad. If you are going to put a mess of effort into something, you would hope there was some sort of context. How about some fleet exclusive stf missions in these locations?

~ New Romulus Reward System: See 'Reward System' section above. Majority of New Romulus is boring. Out of all the things you can do on the planet, fighting the Tholians was the only thing entertaining. It all comes crashing down when you receive your rewards.

~ Reputation System Countdown: After you fill up your first two projects, (Omega and Romulan), they start a 1 day and 15 hour countdown. Keep in mind that this countdown is for one tier one project; therefore, the overall countdown for completing a single tier will be extremely longer. Also, as you progress through the tiers, the countdown timers will become progressively longer.

Cryptic didn't take into consideration the following:
(1) Amount of time 'an individual is willing' to invest into two out of three projects.
~ Rep, Stations, or Embassy

(2) Amount of resources 'an individual is willing' to gather for two out of three projects.

(3) Exchange prices for items in which you can not buy individually and specifically from game venders.
~ Duty officers specifically

(4) Grinding fatigued caused by gathering staggering amounts of resources.

(5) Context. I cannot express this one enough. If these endgame missions have no context, the whole system will make people bored to death. Unless Cryptic does something to add excitement, the veteran players will see nothing of interest in this new season. People are already suffering from grinding fatigue.

I will add more when I find them...

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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
If these endgame missions have no context, the whole system will make people bored to death.
Context ?
You want context for the re-packaged Deferi ?
HERE is your context .
I hope it's deep and meaningful enough 4 u .
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Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Context ?
You want context for the re-packaged Deferi ?
HERE is your context .
I hope it's deep and meaningful enough 4 u .

Thank you. That was more meaningful than what I just experienced.


Defera is much more entertaining than the New Romulan home world.

Cryptic did a fantastic job on the artwork, but the glue (rewards, context, etc..) that binds everything together is paper thin. Some of us have speculated that the planet's surface may be an environment used in Neverwinter.

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I see a huge problem with the new system
That will be WORSE than the tech drop rate
From the current system


These doff prices are already going higher and
Higher on the exchange righ now as the doff
Profiteers are buying them up

If you need 10 doffs for a project make it 10
White doffs not 10 medics

Putting specific doff types I'n the system is a
Jellico....Engineer ground.....Da'val Romulan space Sci
Saphire.. Science ground......Ko'el Romulan space Tac
Leva........Tactical ground.....Koj Romulan space Eng

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10-27-2012, 06:43 PM
In case you didn't notice, the embassy has several exclusive doff missions.

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MMOs aren't charities. Corporations are supposed to make a profit. It's what they do.

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