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Okay I kinda sorta spoke about this before but after talking to a friend regarding the topic all I have to say is this

So your gutting the Trait System so that you can only have a very limited number of different traits active so as to appease the people who don't have all this power while simultaneously stepping on all the time and effort people put into getting what they had?

This whole notion of "Power Creep" is flawed, plain and simple. So newer and better stuff is made that makes older stuff look weak....THATS THE FREAKEN POINT of having NEWER STRONGER STUFF! Example, and lets use WoW: Cataclysm then the next expansion Mists of Pandaria that came after. Items at lvl 80 or so in Pandaria content is going to out power the highest item level stuff from what Cataclysm could offer, its plain and simple and makes since because its newer areas with newer stronger challenges so you need gear that can get you through it, there is no reason to complain about it and call this power creep and there for no reason to nerf it to the same lvl as the gear that game before it that is now OLD.

Like you could do the final Raid Dungeon of Cataclysm and get an item from there that is Item level 300 (i know thats probably not accurate but it doesnt have to be for this), but when you do the first content in the next expansion you get a simple green quality item from one of the first quests thats item level 320, with better stats and makes that raid purple quality obsolete, its understandable, that Item lvl 300 is now not needed anymore, this is the whole concept of UPGRADE. If people are complaining that their gear is now obsolete because of newer content well they need to stop complaining and do the new content.

Back to Star Trek Online, same deal. This whole change to the Traits System is an attempt at making higher level players seem less powerful, so that we cant I guess "One shot everything." even with a Tactical Captain with all the right gear and the right kind of ship, stuff takes a few seconds to die, there is no one shotting at least not that ive seen. Further more, all this power we currently get from Rep passives and actives, WE EARNED, these rep missions take a long while to do, and what we have, the power we obtained, we earned it, and if people who dont have it are going to complain about it well sucks to be you guys, we earned what we have, and so can you, either do the content and become stronger or stop complaining cause if you dont have something that the rest of us do, then its your fault, not ours, and not the developers.

Btw as a bit of friendly advice to the developers. If you want to give balance to anything, I ask you to revisit a lil 3 piece item Set that has been all but forgotten called Aegis Technologies, that set has been getting absolutely NO love and really needs to be buffed to be on par with todays item sets we, cause it is getting VERY out shined, as far as I understand people dont even really buy it anymore, not to use, its just getting moth balled. So dont fudge the Traits System, seriously it doesnt need it. The rewards from them are very nice and very helpful. I am sorely displeased with this so called change and do not agree with it. AND NO I am not saying this because of how it makes me feel powerful, I am saying this because there is nothing wrong with it and changing it will just make it feel like all the time and effort I put into gaining reputation rewards look meaningless. 4 Space traits, 4 ground traits, its not good enough, its to limited, we cant even CHANGE THOSE mid mission.

Also, I do not like the change made to Sensor Analysis, its been slightly nerfed and made into an ability that has to be manually activated, which means ONE MORE button on the hotbar to have to worry about, ive noticed a few positive changes about it but A) I do not need another button on my hotbar to worry about and B) The nerf part of its change was unnecessary.
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04-21-2014, 06:19 AM
Sensor analysis' nerf is 3% only. Given it ramps up in 18 secs vs the old 60 sec and it debuffs healing if fully stacked, I take it as an improvement. I don't like the graphics tied to it, but devs seems to be on a "dumb down everything" campaign.

Yes the Aegis set needs a boost, but I think devs are waiting to revamp crafting before boosting it.

As for the power creep part. The thing is the content they keep pushing can all be completed without needing the need for all the extra power creep. I'm fine with their changes, it doesn't really impact my PvP build, but I can see how DPS centric builds will loose some of their over-the-top damage.

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