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There seems to be several fleets in the game that have decided the act of recruiting players already in fleets is an acceptable act. These fleets should also be prepared for others to begin doing the same thing against them or cease these actions.

It is one thing if a member is considering on leaving their current fleet and are looking for another fleet which fits their desires better. However, players are beginning to get to the point where it is more than trying to pull members away from other fleets and closer to harrassment. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

My fleet honors the policy that a member in a fleet already is off limits. I do not promote my members into such recruitment acts and do not appreciate it when others actively try to do it to me.

I'm sure that other fleets are eperiencing the same thing. Once again this is not acceptable.
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10-26-2012, 07:34 PM
Shouldn't this go in the fleet area? As a leader of a few fleets, I can say my fleetmates do not resort to this practice.

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