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Why? The Romulan petaQ deserves nothing more than extermination. The KDF should be making a full on military push into Romulan territory to claim it for the empire! We should not be setting up an embassy and working on diplomatic relations, searching for lost civilians, scanning rocks or spraying bugs.

Has the War with the Federation ended? Was there ever a war with the Federation? I'm confused with all of this new STO fluff.

I'm also feeling that this is all just Federation cut & paste content for the KDF

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10-26-2012, 09:41 PM
Yeah, feels pretty much like the usual copy/paste handling from the FE's.

Where is the raining fire and brimstone from the skies upon their heads?

We are at war with the feds? haven't noticed.

Look, if you can't present a faction specific story line, it is high time to think about scrapping the idea of separate factions. Let the KDF subjugate the feds and then go from there. With everyone coming to their senses that we all where manipulated and start working together to rebuild the quadrant and drive off the iconians.
You still can have separate factions of allegiance to determine what uniforms and ships etc you have access to. Plus i t makes it much easier to add new factions in the future.
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That is what I dont understand. The KDF has the Federation War episodes, Fek'lhiri Return and the Romulan Mystery (the last two being less about the war with the feds) then there is the Dominion, Breen and Undine series where Federation and KDF are working together again. Where in this point did the war with the Federation end? Is it a cold war now? Has there been a ceasefire?

It looks like that the Federation War has taken the back seat and has been pushed aside with no conclusion.

Also on another note, I should post this in the reputation system, but I'm too lazy and cbf'd watching multiple threads at the moment.

What is the point in gaining reputation when you can only get good reputation? I want the Romulans to hate me.
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10-27-2012, 12:16 AM
same with the feds. there is the klingon war missions then 1/4 of the romulan missions then the rest of the story the war is more or less forgotten. and then the jem'hedar FE we are talking about a cease fire to help fight off the borg

is this cease fire still going? are we allies again? or just neighbors that some what tolerates the others present when need be

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