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11-08-2012, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by joshl7889 View Post
true, that i understand. but think about it, the ship would be alot more aerodinamic if we could retract the engines. like for instance, if i am in sector space, extend the nacelles like the struts on the intrepid moves when going to warp. extend them out and then jump to warp. and then just allow for the option to retract them. maybe grant a bonus to turn rate and speed when retracted. and a bonus to say weapons and shields when extended.
Aeordynamics don't apply in space, so speed and turn rate bonuses don't really work well.
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11-08-2012, 11:57 AM
i believe the extending/ retracing nacelles is to give it some compactness when docked with a oddy and when deployed acts as a regular ship. I really need to get one and try them out once my fleet unlocks em.

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