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Originally Posted by thehatch View Post
To be clear: Our small fleet was built around STFs. We figured we would be able to reasonably maintain a starbase, even if it would seriously drain our resources. With Dilithium requirements (and less rewards for our content of choice) like that presented in S7 as of now, our style of play becomes too hard to maintain, we will have to rethink everything. Let's just hope no one leaves.
I'm sure Cryptic is taking your inevitable loss as a player seriously and are working on ways to make up for their loss of your monetary input.
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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
There isn't even an illusion of consistency.
Of course not.

The Reputation system should have worked as the Commendation system, you gained XP and at points you gained "stuff" were the currency should been Omega Marks only ... nothing else, no locked store no nothing.

I am sure they are going to come out with another booster pack for Reputation, of course its not really going to sell but they can shove it on a Lockbox and their marketing depart (as well as their legal one) can go about the "value" of Lockboxes.

Question is how long Cryptic undying love for systems will make then turn away from the Fleet system to a new one, just like they did from the Commendation system?

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