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From sometime now, with one of my character, I don't see the messages I post on the team channel and I supposed the team don't see them neither. I see messages from other peoples. With my second character I see them, no problem. Recently I begin to make STF with a 3th character, same problem as the first one. Search the setting, didn't found any for that. It was not always like that, I don't know what triggered it, only on some characters and not on others. Tried to log a ticket, but has often, never received an answer. So is there some of you with an idea how to fix it? I'm the kind of guy that usually will help people that do something for the first time. But lately, I quit a few STF because peoples were doing the wrong thing and I could not tell them. Usually, I would try to explain it to them, see if they adjust and if not after quite some time, I'm patient, I quit. So anyone can help? Thanks!
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10-28-2012, 01:32 PM
If I understand the question correctly all you have to do is in the select channel thing select team again everytime it dosen't work.

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10-30-2012, 03:41 PM
From what I see, the reason for this is that there's not just a "Team" channel. The actual channel name is "Team_(long unique ID)". Say I enter an STF and chat in Team. That sends messages to, for example "Team_DEADBEEF". Now the STF ends and we all leave (thus kicking us all out of team, thus destroying Team_DEADBEEF) and run something else in another team, we get a new team channel; say Team_F001601D. If you don't change to another channel, then back to team, you'll still be trying to chat in the non-existent Team_DEADBEEF.

So in short, we wish the devs would simply set the "Team" entry to follow whatever team channel we're currently in.

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