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# 1 Crafting Revamp
10-29-2012, 05:25 AM
Ok I have an idea for a Crafting Revamp it is a mix of the "Fleet System" and the "Doff System" I will try to explain it as best I can and try not to be too long winded.

First a few notes, Cryptic will not let all the crafters make the best gear super cheap and super-fast. There needs to be a high cost or low chance to get awesome gear. My idea has High cost OR low chance.

Ok Now for the system.

Frist there are 5 tiers

Tier 0/start = total unlocks - 1 construction project, 1 modifier project, can craft Mk I and Mk II
Tier 1/5,000xp = total unlocks - 2 construction project, 2 modifier project, can craft Mk I thru Mk IV
Tier 2/10,000xp need = total unlock - 3 construction project, 3 modifier project, can craft Mk I thru Mk VI
Tier 3/20,000xp need = total unlock - 4 construction project, 4 modifier project, can craft Mk I thru Mk VIII
Tier 4/40,000xp = total unlock - 5 construction project, 5 modifier project, can craft Mk I thru Mk X
Tier 5/80,000xp= total unlock - 5 construction project, 5 modifier project, can craft Mk I thru Mk XII

Second XP

You will get xp based on what rarity you get when you finish a project. Common is 100xp, Uncommon is 250xp, Rare is 500xp, Very Rare is 1000xp. Now with higher tiers you can do more than one projects (projects take 20 hours to complete) so here is how many days it takes to max the system. All uncommon 96 days, all Rare 48 days and all Very Rare 24 days. (I did not put common because that is a failed project and will not happen often if at all)

Third Construction Projects (this is the hard one to explain)

So a construction projects is the crafting part. There are up to 7 inputs with a minimum of 2.
Input 1 (required) the common version of what you want to upgrade. Like a MK XII weapon

Input 2, 3, 4 (only 2 required) are modifiers. I will explain them later how to get modifiers. The first modifier has a 80% chance of being added to the item, two has a 40% chance and three has a 20% chance. You get a penalty for having the same modifier -20% to all for two of the same and -40% to all for three of the same.

Input 5, 6, 7 are doffs that get consumed. There is a doff slot for each modifier slot. The doff will add to the chance of adding the modifier, Common + 5%, Uncommon +10%, Rare +20%, and Very Rare +30%.

So for an example you have a Mk XII common Phaser turret then you add three ACC modifiers. The chance of them being added is 40%, 0%, and -20% which is not good lol. Then you add 3 Very Rare doffs (they will be lost) you end we 70%, 30%, and 10% so you can make it but don?t have a high chance. However the modifiers come with different rarity?s, common +0%, uncommon +5%, rare +10%, and Very rare +25%. So if you had three very rare modifiers which add to all the chances so you end up with +75% to all chances which looks like 145%, 105%, 85%. This would for sure give you a ACC x 2 weapons with a 85% chance at a ACC x 3.

Forth Modifier projects

Some of you are saying what about data samples and Crpytic is saying what about dilithium. Modifier projects are 30 minute projects to make modifier inputs for construction projects. You start with common unlocked and unlock uncommon at tier 3 and rare at tier 5. Yes no very rare. A common project would take something like 20 data samples, 100 dilithium. Uncommon 50 data samples, a few rare traces, x dilithium. Etc. the cost must be low because you can at tier 5 you will need up to 15 a day. These are fully tradable and never bound.

A person could craft without dilithium this way by buying modifiers off the exchange and the people with lots of dilithium can make modifiers and sell them. The modifier projects give a small amount of xp 5 for common, 10 for uncommon, 20 for rare maybe.

Very rare modifiers can be from drops, doff missions, rep system.

So this system would allow high chance with high cost or low chance with low cost. It would also let the crafters make whatever they wanted.

Just a note console don?t have modifiers now so they would just need to make a +1 rarity modifiers to use on consoles.

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