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# 1 Aegis Set
10-29-2012, 02:09 AM
With all the focus on the Maco / Omega and Borg Retro sets... I think it would be nice to see a bump for the aegis set.

I think current aegis is fine as it is...

I would love to see a Aegis MK XII set though.

Perhaps we could have a Rare Crafting Piece added to the stf store... cost can be = to the cost of the other stf sets.... Then a R&D option can be added for Aegis MK XII, they would require everything the aegis set requires now to craft + the new rare omega piece.

This would give us one more set.

Later Upgraded versions of PvE sets could be done in a similer way... allowing us to craft mk XII versions of Breen and Jem sets, as well.

Seems to me something like this would give us more set options... with minimal Dev time.
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# 2
10-29-2012, 02:17 AM
Yes please, Mk XII aegis. Maybe add the reactive shielding to the shield itself, and give some other 3 pieces bonus.
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# 3
10-29-2012, 02:29 AM
The devs have said somewhere that they'll never update Aegis/Breen/Jem because they only intended for them to be stopgaps until STF gear (as though that's even necessary lol). Never mind that this implies they intended to completely permanuke plasma energy as a viable weapons type.

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# 4
10-29-2012, 02:32 AM
Well, if the personal grind..I mean reputation is sucessful, there might be more factions like Starfleet Engineering Corps. And on T5 there could be mk XII Aegis.
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# 5
10-29-2012, 02:54 AM
Ya I know they have said Aegis was not an end game set bla bla bla... its still better then the STF sets anyway its an underrated set.

I was just trying to point out a way they could make money off it... with no work... lol it seems to be there style.

Crafted set with a earned piece like I suggest.... would cost what an STF set costs in terms of D... + what an aegis set costs thanks to the fantastic Unrep BS... Bottom line it would be the highest COST set in the game if they went ahead and created a MK XII version as I suggest.

Honestly if they want to be real money grubbing pricks... they make the set Bind On Create... forcing everyone that hasn't leveled a crafter and wants a set to level there crafter thus having to shell out for more unrep bs. Would be a huge win for them in terms of $$$ with minimal $$$ spent to create it. (the other reason I suggested they could take the breen and jem and do the same... Zero work required outside of adding a couple entries into the crafting table... really if it took more then 10 min of dev time to do that and bump the stats on the sets to mk xii I would be shocked. lol)

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# 6
10-29-2012, 03:54 AM
The Aegis set IS mk xii. This is because it actually scales to your level. If you are max level it is the equivilent of MK XII.

The reason it still seems to suck compared to the MACO gear is that the Aegis shield follows the old system of "purple quality equals 3 bonuses" while the STF gear does not.

If i'm remembering correctly the Aegis is a Covarient [Cap]x2 [Reg] with a little bit extra.

The MACO shield is Resilient [Cap]x3 [Reg]x2 [Pla] with a LOT extra.

In summary, Aegis doesn't need a mk xii version (cos it is already) but I feel it does need a buff to bring it closer to the STF gear, given how much work crafting is it should be better than it is. I'm not saying equal to STF gear, just closer than it is now.

IMO should be:

Breen Set
Jem'Hadar Set
Romulan Reputation Sets
Aegis Set
STF Sets

(Best at the bottom of the list obviously)
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# 7
10-29-2012, 04:37 AM
I had a crazy idea the other day for a new Aegis set - the idea being that whilst the set would have its own stats and set bonuses, each piece (Deflector/Shield/Engine) could be used as a substitute for another set piece (say KHG) but still contribute towards that sets bonus.

So, currently 3 piece Omega gets you the Gravitic Anchor

2 piece Omega with any other piece does not.

2 piece Omega with 1 x Aegis would get you the Gravitic anchor and the third (Aegis) piece would behave according to its stats.

It'd make a nice stopgap whilst you're trying to complete your sets and give the set a little more purpose - the fact that it's a crafting set is perfect because it means anyone can get hold of it.

*Edit* and if the shield is better/different to the Borg one that'd make a lot of people happier about the Borg set nerf - of course, it shouldn't be MACO-quality but perhaps a decent resilient shield?
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# 8
10-29-2012, 06:01 AM
Actually pulled some of my AEGIS set out of mothballs, mostly as a pre-season seven experiment.

Removed the Borg three-piece from my Wells class. Replaced the Impluse engine and deflector with the AEGIS ones and retained the MACO shield. Also placed a Shield Emitter Amplifier (already have a field generator) in the slot that the Borg console had been in.

It didn't do too badly - wouldn't say it's as good as the current Borg 3-piece + MACO shield, but I tried it in a Fleet Alert and it wasn't bad at all - with the use of heals I managed to avoid being killed, and the Thoron Distortion Field (AEGIS two-piece bonus) was actually quite useful, especially when there were multiple ships firing at you.

Subsequently tried it in ISE - wasn't quite as good there, and wished that I had the full AEGIS set on due to the usual Borg plasma-fire spam (which I assume the reactive shielding from having all three AEGIS pieces would help against?)
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# 9
10-29-2012, 08:36 AM
AFAIK reactive only effects hul resistances, which is kind of the issue .

IMHo we probably will see al these sets updated as and when new rep systems roll round.
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# 10
10-29-2012, 11:20 AM
Aegis set has always been my favorite set, the STF and Borg ones are kinda meh in their presentation, the MACO one is the only one that I like. I like the idea of it being something we've created by researching other ship technology and modified it to our useage. Personally though, I tend to run resilient shields, positron deflector, and combat impulse engines, which no set thus far uses.

From what I've heard, Aegis reaches MK X only, not XII. I'd assume that this is because MK X was basically top of the line when it was introduced (before RA Upper and Vice Admiral were added) and it has been left in the dust. The main reason STF gear is all plasma oriented is because the Borg use plasma weaponry (and because everyone uses STF stuff, Plasma is thus nullified). I don't believe that they originally intended the Borg to be the only STF baddie available, otherwise this is a poor design choice. Variety is the spice of life, and if people had other STFs to do and other gear to acquire, then plasma would be more of an option.

In short though, I support a new or revised Aegis design (we have since dealt with more advanced foes from its initial development, I think it needs an upgraded version, or a "mark II"). If the Breen and Jem sets aren't meant to be end-game sets, then we need more end-game sets for variety (Is the Romulan set even considered "end-game"?). To me, all sets are "end-game", seeing as there are none "start-game" or "mid-game" anymore.

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