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Gentle reminder... No "Forum PvP", guys...

Use good sense, a sense of humor, and when in doubt re-read the forum rules.

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[quote=hevach;6311711]MMO communities are a special kind of fanrage that's matched only by comic books. STO's up there, but not even the worst one, we generally avoid the "not invented here therefore bad" rage that keeps a lot of the old lingering MMOs from doing anything new, but we do have a lot of can't win/can't break even/can't quit playing going on (No change is bad, any change is bad, and change people actually asked for is worst of all).[/QUOTEbad

You think the complaining is bad here check out the Need for speed world forums.
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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
This community is no worse than any of the other MMO communities. Read any Guild Wars 2, Rift, LOTRO, WoW etc, forum and you'll find the same stuff. SWTOR forums actually seem worse.

It's an entirely predictable pattern.
Person A whines about change X or feature Y--->Person B defends said change or feature--->Person C attacks Person B for being a "fanboi"--->Person B attacks Person C and Person A for being "haters"--->Person D complains about nasty community--->Person D attacked for "whining about whining."

Did I miss anything?
The big difference here is that we used to have more interaction with devs than typical MMOs and still do per capita.

Point to a dozen features and 3-4 of them were heavily shaped or inspired by forum posters.
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Originally Posted by purplegamer View Post
Whining about the community whining is probably not a good way to introduce yourself to the community, OP.
Am I crazy for thinking that this is becoming a very tired response to people "whining about other people whining"?

Seriously, every time I read a post and the op mentions how much the community whines, right at that second I think "Oh god, here comes the 'well you're whining about other people whining!" post and I literally wait for it, and it never fails there is always at least one person who says this.

He actually provided a lot more feedback than this and he does hold a point, just because he pointed out how much we complain on these forums doesn't necessarily make him a whiner.

OP: Anyways, I'm not sure if it has already been said but I personally think that what it is is that a lot of us have been playing this game for so long, waiting for so many awesome things to happen but it hasn't happened yet. The game really isn't THAT bad, I think we're just a bunch of cranky old guys (not literally old, but old for how long we've been playing this).

I'm guilty of complaining about this game myself, but I think the reason why I complain is because I actually love it. There's been a lot of disappointments but there's been a lot of awesome things that has happened. I used to get a lot more excited about upcoming seasons (when featured episodes were first introduced, starship interiors, ground combat, new klingon missions) but now it just seems like they keep adding more grindy stuff and I think that's the most frustrating part for the older players.

When we got seasons in the past, they were game changing updates. Now we just get the same grind every season even though there's a ton of important things we expected to get but haven't yet. That's frustrating and very disappointing to me because there was a point in time where they would add these things we wanted, that everybody felt was needed for the game and we were actually getting them - Slowly, but surely. I felt like the game was going somewhere, but now everything added doesn't really add to the game and evolved around the game's currency.

I personally don't think we've had a decent season since the ground combat revamp. Yes, a lot of people hated that season but I personally loved it because it was something highly desired and we finally got it. F2P came along and now its lock box this and dilithium that.

Even these upcoming romulan missions that sounds interesting seem to be over shadows by the reputation system which is just another method of grinding. Grinding isn't so bad to me, it's expected in an MMO, but when there's so many other important things that can be worked on I just begin to stop caring.

To me, the STO team is like a child and the community will get really hard, even harsh, on it to succeed. Even when we say really ruthless, blunt things, we're doing it because we love it. If we didn't, we wouldn't say anything and just leave - that's why I don't like the whole "well if you don't like it don't play it!' response to people who criticizes the game on the forums.
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PW/Cryptic must be sitting laughing their's backsides off when these type of threads appear......the commuinty ripping into itself while the true quintessential devils in these matters stand on the sideline and watch with complete immunity.

Amazing. lol

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