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Everything costs dilithium it's crazy lol. Fleet gear, fleet projects, crafting, a store specificly for dilithium, duty officer store, and maybe my favorite the zen store( I like getting zen store stuff there is a lot of neat ships and things to be had there so I really apreciate the zen dilithium exchange! thanks sooo much for the feature! )

However I think S7 would be even better if there was double dilithium awarded from the current events that offer their normal reward, and even in addition have the older events like gorn minefield and crystaline catastrophe offer dilithium, I like to keep my space battles varried so they don't become repetitive. Repition and my dislike for it is also why I like increased dilithium rewards, it doesn't feel like so many circles to get new things, and trust me I love playing with all the new things in Star Trek Online LOL it's such a great game.

So please, Mr. Stahl, other cryptic developers, anyone else who has a say, and anyone who agrees ofcoarse please help make season 7 the most anticipated season ever because of new and increased dilithium rewards, less repetitive circles to run in to get, and enjoy new stuff!!

BTW thanks for the great game, great advancements since launch(been here that long!! lol), and ofcoarse the effort put into Season 7 itself.
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10-29-2012, 06:41 PM
As much as I'd love that, it'll never happen because it would crash the Dilithium economy and undermine their whole money-making strategy.
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10-29-2012, 08:55 PM
Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
As much as I'd love that, it'll never happen because it would crash the Dilithium economy and undermine their whole money-making strategy.
I don't think it would undermine any money making strategy? Your exact words "I'd love that". How can a feature we all would love to be added to S7 udermine making money off the game? Keeping the players happy IS making money. If a game made to entertain me did something to make me enjoy it more I would be like "Thats who I want to spend my money on!" because they know what we want.

As far as "crashing" the dilithium market, logically doubleing dilithium rewards would suggest it would only reduce it too "half" but claiming it would crash and make dil worthless is silly. Too many things cost dilithium for the market on dilithium to ever crash! LOL
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10-29-2012, 09:40 PM
We sowy you no happy. Buy zen and you happy. You buy zen no problem!
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10-29-2012, 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by anomalousx View Post
I don't think it would undermine any money making strategy? Your exact words "I'd love that". How can a feature we all would love to be added to S7 udermine making money off the game? Keeping the players happy IS making money. If a game made to entertain me did something to make me enjoy it more I would be like "Thats who I want to spend my money on!" because they know what we want.
'Keeping the player happy' does not translate to money. Most doe-eyed college freshmen think it does, that happy players who are just given more of what they want will eagerly spend to buy more, but it does not in a Free-to-Play model game. Demand and necessity drives the purchases.

The short end of it is, Cryptic does not make a profit when people simply play the game any more. 'Profit' may be a dirty word that conjures up greedy Ferengi trying to bilk you out of everything and anything, but it is also a necessity for the game's very existence. This is a business. It needs sales and microtransactions to thrive. Therefore, understanding this, Cryptic will be very skittish towards taking steps that could have profound impacts on their business model towards transactions.

How would more dilithium impact their model? Simple when you think about it. If they hand us more of the in-game currency to earn, thus making it easier to earn what we want by playing the game and not relying on microtransactions, then we have less stressors to take shortcuts and just buy things we want. Why buy zen to exchange for dilithium when I can earn tons of it in 30 minutes or whatever? Why buy lockbox keys in the C-Store if I can make tons of money in an instant and buy them on the Exchange? Ease of acquisition means you don't have much impetus to take a shortcut purchase, which means giving less money to Cryptic. Which means less profit for Cryptic.

A person much better versed in the nature of the Free-to-Play model than me is worth listening to here:

Originally Posted by hfuffzehn View Post
It seems to me that a lot of the people on this forum come from the time of the subscription model and havent understood how free2play works.

I've spend most of my gaming time over the last year playing a successfull f2p tank game (don't know if i'm allowed to name names here), so let me tell you about what i learned there.

A subscription based game model is very easy to understand:
The user pays a fee to the developer, therefore the developer provides content as good and satifying as possible to the user, therefore the user pays a fee to the developer again and so on till all eternity.

A free2play game works completly different.
First the developer provides content to the player, then the player has to enjoy the content so he keeps playing. At some point then the player has to start paying the developer. Usually this is encouraged by the developer by frustrating the player in some way. Wouldn't it be nice to have this? Wouldn't it be easier not to have to do this? From now on the developer has to balance frustrating the player enough so he pays and satisfying him enough so he keeps playing.

I came to STO, because the developers of the other game fustrated me too much and i decided to look for a less frustrating way to spend my time.
I actually liked a lot of what i saw here.

What i do realize now is, that most of the stuff i like here still comes from the subscription times. Now it seems to me that the developers try to more and more push the f2p model, and that seems to come as quite a shock to the old time players.
For players f2p means that they have to be aware of the motives of the developers, and not trust them to have the players best interest in mind.
The starbase system is a great example for how f2p works, as its just a lot less frustrating if you are willing to pay money.
To summarize, he is pointing out that as a Free-to-Play model game provider, Cryptic's job for their financial well-being is to put enough obstacles in our path during play where we will be more agreeable towards paying microtransactions, for zen to convert to dilithium, for DOff packs, etcetra. The tricky balance of course is, how much do you frustrate your players until they just stop playing and go elsewhere. Cryptic has a plan for their dilithium and how much they want circulating in the game and it is highly unlikely that they will risk cutting into their model by making a vital resource more readily available.

That is my opinion on the matter at least.

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10-29-2012, 10:29 PM
If your wise and careful with your Dilithium, then everything balances out. Sure not everyone can afford Zen, but you can earn Dilithium to get it.

Take a few days to think over a expense new item.
Ask around while your doing this to get the low down on it to see if it's what you really want or think it is.
Check the Exchange, might get what you want with EC.
Do DOFF missions even if your maxed out the levels.
Do the daily's. Doesn't take that long.
Or play the Dilithium Market.
And the STF's. It's still paying out, right?

Every Dilithium Crystal you earn adds up.

Earning Dilithium in Season 7 will be like earning it in the real world. You have to budget and think ahead.

Good luck out there.

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10-30-2012, 03:10 AM
Someone is disillusion if they think Cryptic is going to reward us with extra dilithium.

Cryptic (come season 7) are adding more currencies, more grinding requirements, and more things to buy on the C-Store (Vesta is one such item). They want our money, all of it if they could. They're hardly about to extend Dilithium thus making Zen easier obtained.
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10-30-2012, 12:54 PM
I liked Nikyvix response a lot! I wanted to quote the whole thing to respond too it but there is just too much! lol

I understand all of this, and I like profit. I don't think of greedy ferengi LOL, more like a properly functioning market.

However I think keeping a strong happy player base is important too. Another thing that was brought up is the concept of this being "easy" or "instant" dilithium. This is not what I want at all, there still needs to be a gap so there is an expereince of earning involved.

Your post also touched on people who want to jump the gap with Zen store purchases, I don't expect it would make much difference, people who want to spend money on short cuts still will, and others who stick it out and put in the time will continue to do that.

However the people who stick it out play more often, and having a regular player sit around grumpy at the game is not good because they behave that way, and it rubs off onto the rest of the gaming community which sours people who would buy short cuts.

As far as people behaving as if this is still a subscription game it is! Some of us pay for that, infact at the time of this post Cryptic is offering a lifetime 'subscription' sale, and we do this because we beleive in the game and enjoy it. I think 10 years from now we will be on Season 18! And I look forward too it

One last thing above all else, I am trying to convey that keeping rewards fresh and attainable by the average player is essential to healthy game play. I have a strong objection to games that require obsessive levels of play to achieve goals. Life was not ment to be spent infront of a videogame. At most videogames should only require 2 hours a day to achieve the maximum level of reward for that day. Anything else I feel is a contribution and encouragement to delinquent behavior that causes neglect in people's personal lives amongst their family, friends, career, education, and even health, amongst the things I salute about Star Trek Online is that they keep goals with in this time frame on most occassions, but I tend to spend all day trying to fill my quota of dilithium and afterwerds it makes me feel kind of ill for playing so much. So I was hoping that if I asked politely and maybe some other people asked politely we could get a bump up on our dilithium rewards, maybe not as severe as DOUBLE but a good amount please?
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10-30-2012, 02:14 PM
Some of us don't have real money to spend on tons and tons of items. Zen is a good way for the company to make money, but making it to where everything costs insane amounts of dilithium is kinda lame. Everyone talks about saving dilthium, ok so what happens if your apart of a fleet and your helping it? Double dilithium and refinement would be nice, but like most game companies, it just falls on deaf ears....
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10-30-2012, 02:19 PM
They won't from the starbases and now the Rep Points, it's all about this slow as heck grind.

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