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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
No, not "enter the regent" -- lower the cannon skills! All cruisers are capable of mounting single cannons, since BEFORE any cruiser had a lt CDR boff slot.

The cannon skills are mutually exclusive of cruisers, which is sad. The 180 degree arc with worse damage falloff at range but slightly higher dps at close range makes them a versatile tradeoff from beam arrays, but you cant ever use them because the boff skills are all screwed up for cruisers.
Cool, the ability to run two copies of Cannon Rapid Fire 3 and Viral Matrix 3 on my BoP.

Ooh, or Tyken's Rift 3 w/ DOff and Energy Siphon 3. Maybe a Plasmonic Leech....

Make this happen, Cryptic!

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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Is that the old version where they supposedly fight against an entire Borg fleet and basically oneshot each with Quantum Torpeodes?
Yes. The original opening scene seemed intended to outdo the Battle of Wolf 359 by Starfleet taking on 40 Borg cubes before one breaks off and heads to Earth for that little time-travel mission.


A QUANTUM TORPEDO BLASTS out of the launcher and heads toward the Borg cube. This torpedo is completely different than the traditional photon torpedo. It oscillates and changes shape and color as it streaks toward the Borg ship.


as the quantum torpedo HITS IT. But instead of exploding on the surface, the torpedo PIERCES the ship like an armor-piercing shell and momentarily VANISHES from view. The ship then EXPLODES like a star going supernova -- bright light and shock waves.

The description seems more akin to the transphasic torpedoes that future Janeway brought with her to use against the Borg. Although the transphasics didn't inspire as dramatic a detonation.

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I always liked First Contact, but that opening battle did seem a bit...abbreviated.

And the idea of a "broadside battleship" version of the Enterprise-E kind of sounds like a vision for which someone eventually found a different outlet in a different series....

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