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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the thirty-first Literary Challenge: Into the Hive, Part I
The location of a Borg Unimatrix has been discovered and readings indicate that the Queen's vessel is in the area. You've been asked by Task Force Omega to lead a strike force that will infiltrate deep into the complex to upload a fractal virus to the collective that will disrupt the Queen's communication with the rest of the Collective, and if possible, defeat the Queen herself.

For Part I, write a Captain's Log entry that details your preparations for the attack on the Unimatrix and the Queen. Part II will call for a log entry that provides a report of what took place and the outcome.

Feel free to use this Dev Blog as reference.
This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
  • A few other important reminders:
    • Please heed the rest of the forum's rules when submitting your entry! All of them apply to these posts.
    • Each poster can have one entry. Feel free to edit your post to fix typos or add/ remove content as you see fit during the next two weeks.
    • After two weeks time, the thread will be locked and unstickied, as we move on to the next challenge.
    • We'll have two threads: One to post the entries in and one to discuss the entries. **Cross-linking between these two threads is acceptable for these challenges ONLY!!**
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10-30-2012, 01:53 PM
Captain's Log
Stardate 23576.3
USS Carslile, Vice Admiral Dylan M. Lambert commanding

I have completed my report to Starfleet Tactical regarding the reports of a Borg Unamatrix being discovered in Federation space. My recommendations were as follows:

"With the recent discovery of the location of the Borg Queen in a nearby unimatrix complex and recon by the USS Carlisle, I can conclude that any operation must be highly coordinated, and should be composed of a task force of no less than 20 (twenty) large vessels supported by either runabouts or Peregrine class fighters. The task group should contain the following assets;
-2 (two) Galaxy class Dreadnought Cruisers
-1 (one) Venture class Dreadnought Cruiser
-9 (nine) Excelsior class cruisers
-10 (ten) Armitage class Heavy Escort Carriers and associated fighter groups
-1 (one) Flagship of a class to be allocated at the discretion of Starfleet Command

The fleet will be divided among support (Excelsior class), escort (Armitage) and crusiers (Flagship and Dreadnought cruisers). While the cruisers and escort vessels will be carrying standard weaponry, the Excelsior class vessels should be modified accordingly;
-4 (four) Antiproton turrets of the Mk XII variety
-1 (one) Quantum mine launcher of the Mk XII variety
-1 (one) Photon mine launcher of the Mk XII variety
-1 (one) foward-mounted Photon Torpedo launcher if the Mk XII variety
-2 (two) foward-mounted Quantum Torpedo launchers of the Mk XII variety

Each dreadnought will form its own battlegroup composed of three Excelsior class vessels One vessel will shadow the dreadnought, while the other two will match the speed of the dreadnought off the port and starboard sides. The turrets will enable full coverage of the dreadnoughts from every angle by the Excelsior class vessels, and any disadvantages presented by weapons power should be eliminated by the 360 degree firing arc of the turrets, and further bolstered by the mine and torpedo launchers. Four of the Armitage class vessels will operate alongside the flagship, but the remaining six will be split between the battlegroups of each dreadnought, with fighters providing further cover for the dreadnoughts where the Excelsior cruisers cannot. The main goal should be for the dreadnoughts and Excelsior class vessels should be to engage the Borg Queen's vessel. All the carriers and fighters should engage any Borg vessel that threatens the dreadnoughts and their escorts, and are allowed to break formation if necessary. The Excelsior class vessels are not to break formation under any circumstance lest the dreadnoughts be left vulnerable. To provide easy escape, I recommend that the cloaking device used on the dreadnoughts be modified so the device can be applied to the other vessels not only to ease getting past the Borg defensive grid, but to provide another means of escape while avoiding detection by the Borg defenses.

To upload the fractal virus reccomended by Task Force Omega, I propose that a probe be modified to carry the virus and it be given automatic integration protocols. This will eliminate the need to risk ground forces in this operation."

While I believe the Klingons may prove helpful when dealing with the borg, I fear that any of their vessels or soldiers may turn on us the moment the fleet clears the Unamatrix. As a result, it is best to assure that the Klingons have no knowledge of this operation. While I wish to recommend that the Enterprise be used in the assault, such an operation only months after she was hurridly pressed into service would be foolhardy, leaving the USS Victory as my primary recomendation for flagship duty.

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10-30-2012, 03:47 PM
Captain's Log, supplemental;

The engineers have finished stripping down the runabout in the hangar and are hard at work perfecting the false negative device. It will be risky, but if it works, the strike team will be able to slip in totally unnoticed.

The operation will be simple enough. My ship, the Wild Hunt, will be part of a substantial attack force to be sent against the Borg Queen's Diamond. During the battle, we will launch the stripped-down runabout right at the Diamond. It will have no warp core, barely enough deuterium for impulse power, no weapons, and apparently no life signs. A complete non-threat. At least, if the false negative device does its job.

Inside the runabout in actuality will be a team of five MACOs and two members of the KDF Honor Guard. The false negative device is really just a jamming device tuned specifically to adapt to Borg scanners. It was something that was cooked up by the old anti-Borg task force for this very type of missions, taken out of mothballs. It will only be able to keep up with Borg sensor modulations for a short time, but it should last long enough for the team to get inside and inject the fractal virus. Each team member has a copy on a small driver, but in an additional and macabre precaution suggested by the Honor Guard, each of their bodies contains a small device that also contain the virus. Should any one of them be assimilated and all their drivers somehow destroyed, the payload will still be delivered. The Honor Guard also have a sort of suicide trigger in theirs that will kill them as soon as the device finishes its primary objective.

On a personal note... though I do not condone any type of suicide for any reason, I would by lying if I said I didn't understand why they would do such a thing. I know far more about the assimilation process than I would like to... They'll be saving themselves a great deal of pain.

Back to business. The assault force will be mostly members of the Strategic Command, the fleet stationed closest to the region the Queen is suspected to be. Admiral Rimmer and the Red Dwarf will be leading the attack. Vice Admiral Ohnx and the Raleigh will be acting as his second-in-command. Captains Jexsam and Zhenya of the V'nashir and Uriel Septim VII respectively will be acting primarily as my ship's bodyguards, to ensure we are not destroyed before launching the payload. In all, thirty-five ships will be taking part, including three new Chimera-class destroyers still fresh out of Utopia Planetia.


I've just finished a lengthy discussion with the shipyard's quartermaster. The new hull plating has been fully installed, and we're being allowed back on board. I'll miss the old white plating, but this new outfitting is much more resistant to cutting beams. We're one of the last ships off the line for this new outfitting. In less than forty-eight hours we'll be joining the task force.

May whatever god or gods are listening have mercy on our souls.

~Captain Endraea "Ender" Rene Pritchard, U.S.S. Wild Hunt, Armitage-class
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10-30-2012, 07:23 PM
Captain's Log, Stardate 83832.21.

Working together with Starfleet, the Omega Force has indentified the location of an Borg Unimartrix, and readings indicate the Borg Queen's ship is in the area. We have been assigned to a strike force for inflitration, our primary objective to infect the collective with a fractual virus. If we are able to though, we are to kill the newest Queen's vessel, and I welcome the challenge. In fact, the crew are priming our disruptor arrays and torpedoes as we speak.

Our strike force will be twenty ships strong, half of them Klingon, and half of them Federation. The I.K.S Vengeance and I will lead the Klingon group, while the U.S.S Odyssey will lead the others.

Preparations for the attack go well, though both our groups are wary of each other, as well as they should be. The Odyssey's captain in particular is not of the typical trusting mold of the Federation, and I personally respect him for that.

Discussions for how we will attack finished hours ago: Both groups will separate at Battle Group Omega, and the Federation will warp in for a head-on attack, distracting the Borg ships while we go in cloaked. The Federation has proven beyond measure that they are the most resilent creatures in the galaxy, and we expect them to hold out.

With most of the Borg ships engaging the Federation group, we will go in virtually unopposed, and will deliver the virus into the Unimartrix. Once this is accomplished, we will decloak and demolish the structure, and any Borg ships that remain. It will be a glorious fight, though the crew initially grumbled that we would not fight immediately.

These are the Borg though: fighting them head-on with no strategy is a coward's way to battle.
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"...So, Captain, I will leave you to your preparations, and look forward to seeing you at Corvus IV."
"Very well, Admiral. The Nightingale will be there. Jinx out." Jinx finishes her conversation with Admiral D'Vak of Omega Force, and at the press of a button the screen goes dark. "Great, this is all we need." She reaches up and taps her combadge.

"All senior staff report to the ready room in one hour. Mat, I'd like to see you now please."

A few minutes later, Jinx's First Officer steps into the room.

"Mat, we have a problem. An Omega scout vessel has detected what is believed to be a Unimatrix. And D'Vak wants us to lead the spearhead to take it out."

From Mat's helmet there is the strange warbling sound made by all Breen when they talk.

"We don't know what other ships we'll have. All we have is a rendezvous location and instructions to go there and take command in five days. I'm hoping we'll have a list of ships at our disposal before we get there."

More warbling from Mat.

"Stealth attack? Perhaps that might work. Sneak in and board it, disable it from the inside. That has potential, but if it is going to work, we'll need help. First, I reckon that the Borg sensors can penetrate cloaks if we get too close - ours is fairly old after all, and we will have to get close to board it. And next, this is a warship. We don't have the knowledge to be able to disable a Unimatrix ship from the inside." Jinx sighed. "Unless... I have an idea. Mat, return to the bridge, and I will see you with the others in the ready room in 45 minutes."

Mat warbles a little more, then turns and walks out. Sitting at her desk, Jinx keys a few commands into the terminal. After a few minutes, a Klingon face appears in front of her. He looks shocked for a moment to see a Federation Admiral looking at him, then recovers enough to start insulting Jinx.

"PetaQ! Federation scum! What do you want?"

Not phased in the slightest, Jinx leans forward and says "Your head on a plate, Qa'Hom, but for now I'll settle with talking to Phantom." The klingon looks taken aback that this Federation officer knows the name of his Captain, and therefore might have more influence than he thought when he first saw her. Jinx looks a little irritated that the klingon hasn't moved yet. "Well? MOVE!" She yells down the comms.

After a few more minutes of waiting, a new face appears on the screen. Like Jinx, she is Trill, spots running down the side of her face and neck. As she sees Jinx, a smile breaks out on her face.
"Jinx, good to see you my friend. How are you?"
"Wonderful, joyous, thrilled." Phantom bursts out laughing at Jinx's sarcastic tones.
"So I'm guessing this isn't a social call then?"
"I'm afraid not. You'll probably hear about this sooner or later, since you're an Omega too." At this Phantom perks up, now paying close attention to what Jinx is saying. "D'Vak just contacted me. One of our scouts found a Unimatrix, and he wants me and the Nightingale to go in and take it out. I just wondered if you fancied coming along?"
"A Borg Unimatrix, eh?" Phantom sits back in her seat, now looking very interested. "Is it a simple kill mission, or do we get to poke around?" Jinx smiles, knowing full well that her friend would be on the lookout for more parts to continue modifying her carrier, the Warlord.
"Final choice is mine, but the amount of firepower we'd need to make sure we took it down in a space battle is... ludicrous. So, I'm thinking a small stealth strike team beaming in and taking it out from the inside."
"I'm in." Jinx felt kind of guilty for using her friend's love of new and unusual technology to drag her into this, but as had been mentioned, both Captains were Omega Force, and may well have ended up working together on this. This way, Phantom was in from the early planning, and Jinx knew she was reliable and a certified genius when it came to mechanics and electronics.
"Great. The rendezvous is at Corvus IV in 5 days. We should be there in 4. See you there, and I'll look forward to hearing your ideas about how to destroy this thing."
"See you there, Phantom out." She says with a smile before turning off her comms.

Little over half an hour later, Jinx and her command staff are sitting around a table in the recently emptied mess hall, or the 'ready room' as Jinx jokingly called it. When she has explained the situation to her officers, Jinx looks around, asking for everyone's thoughts. Her latest addition to her crew, a Borg she liberated from the collective and named Two, looks up, about to speak, then stops and turns to look at her other Borg crew member, One. After a moment, One speaks up.
"Captain, if this is a Unimatrix, we must face the possibility that it is not just a ship. As Two pointed out to me, the Borg Queen has been replicating her body numerous times in recent years. It is possible that any team entering the Unimatrix might face the Borg Queen herself."
"Thank you One. Two, if you have something to say, say it. No need to go to One first." Jinx says with a smile at her newest Borg crew member. Two just nods and says "Yes Captain."
There is a warbling from Mat, closely followed by a harsh laugh and a few grunts from Trosk. Trosk is an unusual officer for any Federation starship to have, being Gorn, and technically a member of the KDF. Mat warbles something in reply, which sets Trosk off laughing even harder. Jinx shakes her head slightly, but then admits Trosk has a point. Ensuring everyone had backup melee weapons could go a long way towards defeating the Borg. They didn't adapt to having parts chopped off.
"Alright then," Jinx says, standing up. "We will leave this there for now. Return to your duties, and we will meet again once we have a better idea of what we ae doing. If anyone has any other ideas, just let me know." She watches as her senior staff wander off back to their duties.

Three days later, the Nightingale drops out of warp. Hanging in the background is a giant blue star, four planets orbiting it. There is fairly heavy space traffic around the fourth planet in the Corvus system which becomes clearer as the Nightingale draws closer. From the sensors officer on the bridge, Jinx hears a string of names, both Starfleet and KDF, as the ships of her task force are identified. One of the names pulls her up short.

"The Omega is here?" She asks.
"Yes Captain. Putting her onscreen now."

The viewscreen zooms in on one of the ships, a reconditioned Jupiter-class dreadnought, marked with almost no Starfleet insignias, but instead sporting the Omega Force logo.

"Hail her."
"Aye Captain."
"This is Vice Admiral Jinx of the U.S.S. Nightingale, hailing the Omega. Admiral D'Vak, we are reporting for duty." A few seconds later, D'Vak appears on the Nightingale's viewscreen."
"Captain. You made good time. Your taskforce is nearly assembled apart from a few stragglers who should be here before you are ready to leave. Unfortunately, we couldn't get you many ships designed to hold the Borg's attention, so you have the Omega here as front line support. Unfortunately, I will not be here. My duties require me on Deep Space Nine, and I will be leaving in the morning. I expect my ship back without a scratch Admiral. Understood?"
"Yes, Sir." Jinx has to refrain from smiling. She knows D'Vak is extremely fond of that flagship of his. "Admiral, I hope you don't mind, but I've also brought in someone myself. Phantom, LG in the KDF and equal rank to me in Omega Force. I felt her expertise could be beneficial."
"That's fine Jinx. Now, get your crew settled and we'll speak again soon."

The following morning, after Jinx had had a chance to be introduced to the rest of the Captains under her command, her sensors operator reports a heavily modified Kar'Fi Carrier has entered the system and is heading towards the Nightingale. Jinx thanks the officer, checks her chrono, and smiles. Phantom must have been tweaking the engines again. They made excellent time getting here.

Within an hour, Jinx is holding a briefing of the Captains on board the Omega. D'Vak has already left for DS9, leaving Jinx in charge.
"Good morning Captains. I am Admiral Jinx, and will be commanding this mission. This is Phantom, my second-in-command." Each Captain here was part of Omega Force, so the thought of receiving orders from a KDF officer wasn't as unusual to them as it would have been for any other member of Starfleet. Pressing a button on the console in front of her, Jinx brings up the scout's sensor data. "Our objective is this Borg vessel, believed to be a Unimatrix. Priority is disabling the vessel so we can get at it's secrets, but failing that, we destroy it. We understand that it will be difficult to get past it's defences, even if we don't take into account the other Borg vessels protecting it, so, what we plan to do is send a small team to infiltrate the vessel and see about shutting it down from the inside. The fleet will engage the Borg vessels protecting the Unimatrix and draw them away, allowing us to slip a single ship through, under a cloak, to infiltrate the Unimatrix. I will lead the Nightingale for that part of the assignment. Phantom will lead the fleet attack from her carrier, the Warlord. Now, I believe you had some further insights, correct Phantom?"
"Thank you Admiral, I do. First of all, I believe we can make some adjustments to the Nightingale's cloak to make it less likely to be spotted by the Borg. I'll talk to you about that later though." Phantom looks around at the rest of the room. "Ok, could all Captains who have Borg crew members please step to the left of the room, and all those without please step to the right." Most of the Captains ended up on the left of the room. Omega Force had been working against the Borg for months now, and there had been quite a few liberated from the Collective.
"Ok, I count 5 Captains with no Borg on board their ship. Would any of our other captains have multiple Borg on board their ships, and be willing to 'loan' a crewman to one of these fine Captains?" It was fairly quickly arranged so each ship had at least one Borg on board. Jinx gives Phantom a rather puzzled look. Phantom just winks back. "Excellent. Now ladies and gentlemen, what our next step is is to create the Omega Collective. This will be a neural link between our Borg to prevent the Borg Queen if she is present from trying to exert control over our Borg, and also to give us an instantaneous communication system that does not rely on our normal communications systems. Somehow I doubt the Borg would cut themselves off from the collective to shut ours down. We will get this underway after this briefing. And finally..." Phantom holds up a tiny computer chip, then turns and hands it to Jinx. "This is a fractal virus I put together on my way here. Installing it into the Unimatrix should disrupt the Queen's control over the Collective. Our Omega Collective can then try to override these newly severed Borg. This will give us a massive advantage both in space, and on board the Unimatrix. Jinx?"
"Thank you Phantom. Once the virus has taken effect, our strike team will try to verify the existance of the Borg Queen, and if there is one present, take her down. Following success of the mission, scientists and engineers from Omega Force will decommission the Unimatrix and take it away for further study. Our attack will take place in 3 days. Until then, you will be provided with training scenarios and you will be tested. The best people tested will be part of the strike team. Dismissed."

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10-31-2012, 04:26 PM
Aboard his modified Defiant class starship, the U.S.S. Gespenst, Captain Amuro Ray finds himself in deep contemplation yet again.

It's quiet on the bridge, despite its small size. All that can be heard is the hum from the myriad of the control equipment power conduits. That is, until a loud sigh breaks the silence, as Amuro had broken his own.


"I need some time alone to think on things. Zazhid, you have the conn. Anything happens you know where I'll be." I said.

"Aye." Responded Zazhid, nodding her head as she turns to take the chair.

I headed down to the drop bay, where Cagalli's wedding gifts to me and Zazhid were stored. The Alteisen and Weissritter, two unusual pieces of equipment to find on such a small ship. The drop bay ran through the entire core of the ship, from deck 1 through deck 6, and almost as wide.

I opened the hatch of the Alteisen, thinking back to the first time I had used it on Terra Nova.

After hours of silent meditation, I hear the familiar chirp of a comm coming through the mech's comm system. It was coming from the Weissritter, so it had to be Zazhid.

"Hey... HQ sent a databurst, eyes only. I'm routing it to your display." Zazhid smiled.

As I opened the package, my display immediately went black, displaying a foreboding omega symbol.

"Can't be omega particles... The ship systems haven't thrown this up, what are the brass up to?" I thought to myself.

Before I could begin hypothesizing, an audio message echoed through the cramped cockpit

"Ray, Pegasus is hereby ordered to report to ESD for highly classified operation, consider this a subversion of omega protocol. This is top level clearance, eyes only."

The displays returned to showing the interior of the drop bay for a brief time while I pondered what could have the top brass recalling us so deep into home space.

I opened the hatch whilst tapping my combadge "Set course for home, maximum warp. Send message to Cagalli and Char ordering same. Engage!" I said.

I heard incoherent buzzing in response, which I could only assume was Tek, who had helm duty on this watch. I like him, he doesn't mess around with chit chat or excuses, just gets things done.

I secured the hatch of the Alt and headed over to the Weissritter's hatch, which opened as I approached. Zazhid had that look in her eye that said 'Tell me what's wrong'

"We've got a big mission ahead, serious enough to have me sworn to secrecy... This is one thing even you can't reassure me over. At least, not yet..." I muttered, feeling glum. "I'll be in the armoury, checking the rifles."

I left the drop bay, not turning back to see that Zazhid had shed a tear...

2 hours later, orbiting Sol 3...

"It's about damn time you showed up, guys!" I beamed to Cagalli and Char, who had just returned from charting systems around Deep space 11 in the Antoneidan galaxy.

"I blew out a few warp coils testing a new gizmo... you know me, ha ha!" Cagalli burst out laughing, before snapping back to a steely calm.

"Sorry boss, got held up dropping off the reports to Admiral Murrrphy, he just wouldn't stop talking..." Char purred, while absent-mindedly facepalming.

"S'alright, let's get to this briefing." I said plainly.

We beamed down to <REDACTED> to meet with <REDACTED> to find out why we had been brought home.

We were brought to a small room, only four chairs around a table, seemed unusual for something so high profile as to require invocation of omega protocol.

Admiral <REDACTED> was already seated at the table, and motioned for us to take the remaining seats, which we promptly did.

<REDACTED> prattled on for what seemed like hours before arriving at the crux of the matter...

"We believe we have located the Borg Queen, and <REDACTED>. We want you to mount an attack." <REDACTED> concluded the briefing, if you could call it that.

"So what is the strategy? How many ships?" I asked, almost dreading the answer.

"Strategy is for you to decide. Your 3 vessels are all that are available for this, all other task force omega certified vessels have been assigned to the other assault fronts."

"Okay... ARE YOU ******* INSANE?!!! That's suicide" I screamed at <REDACTED>

"According to your record, this type of mission is the speciality of your unit. That is why you have been tasked with this."

"Damn... If this works, I'm claiming a mass r&r for all of us" I sneered with absolute contempt for the machinations of <REDACTED>.

"If this works, every serving body on your ships will be awarded the highest honours we can bestow, that is my solemn vow. Now I believe you have preparations to make. Please refrain from using recorded communications for this, if you'll excuse me..." <REDACTED> said while leaving the room.

"We need an ace in the hole" I said. "Is Double G ready?"

"Unit 2 is good to go, but I'm having trouble with the motion tracking system on unit 1." Cagalli said.

"If you can't get it working, could you interface the control system into a positronic brain? If so, how long would it take to jury rig a shunt?" I asked.

Cagalli looked stunned "I could, it would take a matter of minutes to prepare the shunt. But where will we get a positronic brain?" Cagalli asked.

I laughed as she had lost sight of the obvious, "Fat Ram Dos. He'll be coming with us. So here is the plan:<REDACTED>"

Char nodded and asked a simple question "What is the name of this op?"

"Well, for too long we have been the shield of Aegis, so I suppose this operation would be the Scythe of Harpe" I blurted out without thinking.

"Sounds good." Cagalli nodded "I'll have Double G ready by 0600, unit 2 will be transported to the Ra Cailum as agreed, Gespenst Mk.II and unit 1 will deploy 0700"

"Alt and Weiss will deploy 0700 also, Fat Ram Dos will transport to Alteisen Riese ASAP for calibration. Char, you will deploy in unit 2 0700." I droned.

"Aye" Char said.

"That should give us time for meditation before op start at 0900, Let's move!" I cheered, tapping the combadge.

"Three to beam up, set course for Battle group Omega."
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11-04-2012, 12:52 AM
Captain's Log Stardate [Late 2409] VADM Frederick Holtz, CO of Task Force 23 Alpha:

Yesterday, my flagship, [U.S.S. Superior], had a change of command ceremony for CAPT Alexander Bergren. We have served together for many years on the Superior and I didn't have the heart to tell him I was transferring my flag to the recently refitted Duluth at that moment, however the Superior will still be the flagship of Squadron 23.2 and Bergren will get a temporary promotion to Commodore.

I was surprised to see that rank was still on the books and to my knowledge it hasn't been used in nearly fifty years. Yet the computer didn't give me any grief about it when I replicated the rank pips for him. He figured it out when I handed him the pips after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I met with General B'Vala, the MACO CO on the U.S.S. Tripoli about the upcoming mission to Unimatrix One. We have two designated strike teams, members from the 106th MACO Regiment based out of Starbase 415, code-named Alpha, and members from the newly organized 10th Omega Regiment based out of Starbase 176, code-named Bravo. Two modified Yellowstone-class runabouts, the Tongariro and the Vanoise, will serve as their support and insertion craft.

The Duluth will lead Squadron 23.1 in the opening battle and create a gap for the Yellowstones. The Superior will lead Squadron 23.2 with Armitage and Venture battle groups as a support team. The U.S.S. Otranto, a brand-new Chimera-class, will lead Squadron 23.3 with an attached KDF Honor Guard company, who will land on the installation, to open up an additional front.

GEN K'Cholok, the KDF CO, will command a large KDF fleet against the main Borg defense fleet guarding the system. The General, a veteran of the KDF's disastrous participation in the Romulan Civil War of the early part of the century and the commander who inflicted serious damage to our 10th Fleet around at Archer IV, told me that despite our conflict, we need to put aside our feelings and band together to ensure the survival of our respective civilizations against this Borg threat, and possibly we could show that we are still the same allies that defeated the Dominion.

I was at a loss of words to hear this intiuitiveness from a Klingon foe even after the large barroom brawl that occurred this past week. Oh, remind me that I need to have more JAG officers be brought in to help sort out the event.

I have the sent the Gladius-class, Durandal, to scout out the probe's wreckage near One. The Klingons sent the I.K.S. Fargar, a bird of prey to do the same. As of 1810hrs, the Durandal, has not returned and the Fargar sent out a data burst that the Klingons are still deciphering.

The Task Force will launched at 0530hrs and I have ordered the entire fleet to prepare to receive my address at 2000hrs. It is 1935hrs and like many other times prior to a battle, I have yet found words that will comfort me at the thought of sending thousand of men and women to their graves. I have decided that I will be leading a group to the installation as soon as we open that gap. Computer, prepare Holtz Package with the same parameters. Holtz out.
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Personal Log: Crewman Wraith: Stardate 88841.3

I'm nervous. I've never really been nervous before, at least not like this. I've been nervous before, like when I first started interacting with the crew but this is different. It's been almost two weeks since the transmission from Admiral Aviess and Captain Donovan is still pacing. It took a day or two for him to call me to his ready room but when he did, he had Dr. E'Saul with him. They sat me down and told me that the one thing he tried to keep from doing was the exact thing he was now asking me to do. It seems the Admiral asked specifically for me knowing full well that it was against the Captain's wishes, not to mention technically amoral. I was to be used by Starfleet as the weapon I was made to be.

It was something they weren't prepared for, but once the Admiral explained the situation how could Captain Donovan refuse? Recent intel suggests that the Borg are moving a lot of forces to a single Unimatrix and most recently one of those ships might have the Queen herself and this might be the only chance Starfleet has to strike. They would be sending in five ships, each of which would be sending in a single officer as a team to upload a Fractal virus to the Collective and if possible, neutralize the Queen herself. No one would be able to tell for certain what to expect as few had really seen the Queen and lived to tell. The Federation never expected the Borg to make a move like this but the involvement of the Queen fit too well into the future Q showed The Captain.

As a genetically engineered soldier I was the obvious choice, but possibly the biggest risk as well. With all the work put into making me, there had to be a few drawbacks, one of which was I don't have the mental abilities a normal Vulcan has, the biggest is that I don't have is an immune system. To counter this Borg nanoprobes were used, which is ironic since they suppress the immune system. That's how I ended up on what Commander Keating calls ?Section 31's leash?, the ability to reprogram and re-purpose Borg nanoprobes is a closely guarded secret to the Federation which means a serious security issue. With most cases of liberation the former drone can still hear the Collective and I?m no exception though anytime the crew came up against the Borg, I could hear them, almost feel them, but the probes never returned to their original purpose. Dr. E'Saul says if I can hear them I'm still a risk and if they could ever get control, who knows what they could do.

First began the scans, the tests, and the simulations to test just how high of a risk I was. Once Section 31 was satisfied I was an acceptable risk training began. The Senior Staff was given the task of training and educating me in everything Borg. From Wolf 359 to briefing by Ambassador Picard, and the records of a ship called Voyager. Funny enough The Captain is the only one with access to all the Borg records, but he refused to be in the ready room during the logs from Admiral Janeway. I was removed from assisting Chief Engineer Fine and ended up spending most of my time in the holodeck running scenarios, the only holodeck on board.... As if the crew didn't like me enough. Some sessions ran hours, a few even ran for over a full day. I don't need to sleep or eat much being mostly Vulcan but with the safety off I did need a lot of time in sickbay, so much so that I just began sleeping there while the Doctor did her tests and repairs. I can tell neither she nor the Captain like pushing me this hard, but at the same time, if we can stop the Borg Queen, I'll keep pushing myself.

It's obvious I?m not as smart as the crew, so technical training was kept to a minimum. When I do train to handle the systems, it was aggravating. I help out in engineering as an assistant, but I don't have the training to really be effective in that way. I was trained on mostly attack and defend patterns, my enhanced strength made hand to hand surprisingly effective so it was agreed that I would be bringing a sword with me, a collapsible one based on a Naussican design. The Captain even had me running a few times with something he called the TR-116, though it was deemed impractical as it was dead weight once it ran out of ammunition. It would be my job to protect the team as the other members were disabling systems and uploading the virus. While I'm not cleared to know who else is on the team (Captain Donovan says more likely they're not cleared to know about me) all of our training is recorded and added to the holodeck program to get us use to working as a team and get a general idea of how we'll do.

Dr. E'Saul says we have a high statistical probability of success, but Captain Donovan still has his worries. All I can do is prepare and hope I make him proud. As part of her tests, E'Saul is also running emotional and psychological profiles as well as judging stress levels. I'm used to hearing odd comments or jokes about me, but two days ago I overheard a few in the mess hall and ended up putting my fist through the console outside. While the Doctor suggested lightening my schedule, the Captain agreed with me to keep the current pace, but suggested I start taking my meals in sickbay until she can determine if it's due to stress or deeper aggression from what I am. I don't have many friends aboard, but I feel isolated stuck here, I even missed Devon's.... Chief Fine's Birthday party, I wasn't even in the holodeck training, it just slipped my mind with how busy I?ve been.

In fact the longer I train, the more isolated I feel. This prompted the Doctor to start trying to teach me to control my emotions. I doubt I'd like being in control, at least not like the rest of ?my people? as Ensign 'Ricky' teases. A shame the rest of ?my people? on board don't see it that way, although Commander T'Pal does try to include me in some of the Vulcan holidays on board. If I get the team back out, maybe I?ll take her up on it the next time, maybe the crew will think of me a little differently if we pull this off. A lot of the crew have mixed feelings about having an ?Augie? on board let alone one with Borg nanoprobes running through him. I'll be getting a few days before we meet the rest of the fleet assigned to rest up and recover so I?m at a hundred percent, but until then I?ll be in sickbay and the holodeck eating what they give me. I know the situation, but it's way too close to when I was first brought on board. Too much distrust for Section 31 as well as too much potential to use me as a weapon. I can see it on the Captain's face as well as the Doctor's, it's a look of worry and mistrust. This is exactly the kind of thing they feared would happen with Section 31, but the question what would they come up with next to get their hands on a brand new weapon? I'm proud of the work I do on the ship, but when will the Admiral find another reason to use me?

I'm not really sure what will happen when we get to the Unimatrix, but if it will save as many people as I'm told, than all of this will be well worth it. Who knows, maybe after all of this is over, I might be able to make some new friends on board the Morbius. I doubt it though. Everyone on board is preparing to take on the Borg. Since the U.S.S. Geist is still being repaired we're going to be taking the Morbius into the fight. The Borg already have time travel, so Starfleet isn't really worried if they scan the ship, but still, the modifications aboard should give the crew a good fighting chance if things go bad while I?m aboard the Queen's ship. The Doctor is in her office running a few tests based of my last few runs in the holodeck. She's asked me to record my thoughts and I have. I'm nervous as hell, but more than willing to endure if it will save lives, but for now I think I?m going to dim the lights and try to sleep while I can.

Computer, end log please.
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Captains Log, Stardate 85647.5

Alright, let's take it from the start. About a week ago, Admiral Thompson sent me a text-only sub-space message, saying he needed to speak with me face to face. I returned to Earth, after shore leave on Vulcan and met with him. It turns out, he wanted me to do a particularly dangerous mission. Considering the fact that I am Vulcan, I may have been the logical choice. But taking into account that I, unlike any other Vulcans, experience emotions, maybe rather illogical. He told me that I was going to lead a task force. Not just any taskforce. I am going to lead a team that is gonna infiltrate a Borg Unimatrix. Possibly even where the queen herself is located. Now, that's not gonna be any problem. The problem is that I only am going to have my two ships available, and a handful of M.A.C.O's.
Luckily, my Tactical Escort, and my Dreadnought class Cruiser are equipped with cloaking devices.

Here's how we're gonna do it:
The U.S.S. Night Hawk (Escort), and the U.S.S. Avon (Dreadnought) are gonna divert the Spheres and Cubes, and whatever Borg vessel might be in the vicinity. Meanwhile, we are gonna launch two shuttles from the Avon. One with my First officer & Chief Engineer, Twelve who was a former Borg, leading the away team desginated "Away team Beta" consisting of My Chief Engineer, The ships Doctor, Azroi, Bren my Helmsman. However, since he is a Breen he's gonna be pretty handy. And Kamman'Agar, my security officer. Another useful person, as he is Jem'Hadar. The other with me and 5 M.A.C.Os, desginated "Away team Alpha". Now, I expect heavy resistance as soon as we leave the shuttle bay. That's why my Engineers are in the process of upgrading the armors & shield systems on the two shuttles. I am confident at least one of the shuttles will make it. Hopefully both.

When we land, we will blow up the shuttles so they can't assimilate the technology, and to keep them occupied with something else.

Once inside the Unimatrix, both ships will cloak and warp out. Inside, we will have to reach the central plexus and upload a fractal virus that will disrupt the Queens control over the Borg in the Alpha Quadrant. All within 4 hours.

Now, I'm sure the mission will be a sucess with minimal cassualties, I'm more worried about the crew. Ever since I told them of the mission, they've been a little... On edge.

Honestly... I don't have a very good feeling about this either. I'm sure my plan is gonna work. But with my luck, I'll probably end up assimilated...
All jokes aside, I just have this weird feeling that something is gonna go wrong.

But as long as we get that fractal virus in place, nothing else matters. Let's just hope we all get out alive...

Computer, end log.

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Part II is coming up! I'm looking forward to seeing the continuation of your stories. If you have not posted to Part I yet, feel free to do so


Brandon =/\=

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