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Hello all,

I am an amateur novelist and I felt inspired by STO to write a novel. I am currently some 20 A4 pages in (approx 30-35 book pages), and it's getting out pretty well... IMHO, of course.

The problem is: my native language is Italian, and I don't really feel like writing directly into English. I don't think I posses the level of mastery required to write a literary piece directly in the English language; nor I'd want to try.

So, I am searching for a STO fan that can read Italian and would be willing to translate it into English.

OTOH, I am also an amateur translator INTO Italian, and currently working on some untranslated text. In case the person wishing to try this out hasn't any translation expertise, I'd be glad to share my knowledge on the topic with him/her.

An high proficiency in Italian is not strictly necessary: I can clear any doubt or provide a rough base for the most complex passages. What matters is a literary inclination and a high proficiency in English.

Thanks for reading.

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