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# 1 Polaris Xindi Science Ship....
10-31-2012, 06:03 AM
Faction: Federation
Species: Xindi (Combined)
Rank: Vice Admiral
Type: Interstellar Science Carrier
Name/s: Polaris and Hipparcos

Two Science Ships designed by the Xindi for use an Interstellar Survey and Comms Shps, they have undergone changes for combat against the Borg threat...and most recently the Tholians, the new changes have equipped 2 hangar bays to each, also available from the Lobi Store are the newly aquired Xindi Prime Module, an Avian Energy Capacitor and a Siesmic Resonance Bank. Aswell as the most up to date Medical and Science Facilities.

the Polaris Ship comes equipped with:

Fo'qu Fighters - 1x Quasimetric Beam array (Shuttle variant) and a boost to subsystems targeting and the Avian Quasimetric Beam Array.

the Hipparcos comes Equipped with:

Medical Network Probes - the MNP's phase through FF Hull and heal crew over time nullifying raiding party effect (%) and a Vist'aGr Torpedo (the warhead is similar to transphasic but causes the En. sheilds to act like a crushing mechanism or like a pressure cooker bucklingh and damaging the hull aswell as causing significant damage to the shields).

Wpn Slots:
Fore: 3
Aft: 3
Device Slots: 3
Sci: 4
Eng: 2
Tac: 3
Hangar Bays: 2 (1x Xindi Fo'qu Fighter and 1x Medical Network Probes [MNP])

Boff layout:
Cmdr. Sci
Lt. Eng
Lt. Sci
Ens. Tac
Lt.Cmdr. Uni

Hull: 34500
shields: 7,431 (Mk X)
Shield Modifier: 1.3
Crew: 1,500
Turn Rate: 5.8
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia Rating: 24
Bonus Powers:
Polaris: +10 to Shields systems, +10 to Weapons Power, 5% crew recovery rate boost
Hipparcos: +10 to Shields Systems, +10 to system anyalsis/subsystem targeting, 5% crew recovery rate

The Polaris comes with a 3 Piece Set (could be a Lobi Store set) (Avian Memorial Set)

1: Xindi Prime Module (Tac) - All energy weapons recieve a critical hit rate boost and the beam overload ability is applied on top of the fire at will effects.

2: Avian Energy Capacitor (Sci) - switches on the auxillary warp core to give an increase in shield output and boost to inertia and speed stats. the shields start to oscillate frequencies stopping a % of weapons from damaging shields.

3: Seismic Resonance Bank (Device Slot) - when used a wavering blue beam fires at target siphoning energy from shields at first, if no shields left takes energy from engines, a Seismic Shockwave then appears at the point of impact causing further Damage, 18 secs long, 1 min cooldown

2 Piece Power: Quasimetric Beam Enhancer - Gives all beams the quesimetric (where a single beam was, four tightly situated beams now fire, so if you have dual beam banks, two beams of four now fire.) effect which adds a 3rd of the DPS on top of normal.

3 piece Power: Avian Sillhouette Shielding - the ship gains an anti targeting layer as the shield recedes to hug the hull and gives off the effect that the ship is not in that moment in space, energy weapons cannot target this ship when in this state but torpedoes still hit, only effects like Tyken's Rift and Gravity well can stop this effect. lasts 20 secs and has 1min cooldown.

3 Piece Power + Fo'qu Fighter + MNP: Feint Swarm - when activated a large group of 7 Fo'qu fighters instead of 2 or 3 swarm the closest targets taking aggro whilst MNP's Heal you significantly.

i do not have any skecthes or ideas for the look of the ship but some of John Eaves design are pretty good

Maybe have the Avian Quasimetric Beam Array and the Vist'aGr Torpedo as Xindi ship weapons availabe from the C-Store (oops sorry Zen) or Lobi Store

this is just another idea that i thought id put forward

Last edited by spartanofborg; 10-31-2012 at 06:55 AM. Reason: thanks for the heads up starkaos wasnt really paying attention to how OP it sounded then realised ive input wat you said
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10-31-2012, 06:19 AM
Need to remove a few unique bonuses. Having two unique hangar pets and two unique weapons are more than any other ship has. Also, the set would have to be a Lobi store purchase or they could do the same thing as the Odyssey ship with different variants.
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10-31-2012, 06:27 AM
Sounds cool, I'd buy it

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