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Originally Posted by tlamstrike View Post
Captain Picard (a Frenchman), is so obviously English throughout the run of Startrek TNG. He speaks with an English accent and spends his time drinking tea.
I'm having a senior moment, didn't think of that one, D'Oh
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I can not have that type of behavior going on in my turbo lifts. To distracting for the crew.
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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
Thanks to this link, using the related videoes, I somehow ended up watching "Overly attached Girlfreind"...

Once again, her eyes will follow me...

Her eyes...

Her eyes...

Her eyes...
Yeah, well this is what I ended up seeing...

HOW IS THAT RELATED TO ANYTHING?! And now I'm going to bed. Because I don't know what else to do after having seen... whatever the hell I just saw.
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Originally Posted by piatto View Post
This mean.. Oh wait....never mind.
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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
There's also several times in TNG when French is referred to as an archaic language. Picard was fluent, but even he gave himself away as a nonnative speaker despite actually growing up in France. It doesn't appear to be because humans have chosen a unified language, either, since several characters like Chekov have vocal quirks that give them away as nonnative English speakers, so at least some non-English languages are still in use.

Whatever happened to France, it was fairly recent, very late 23rd Century or first half of the 24th. It was still a contemporary language in Enterprise, and there was a French-speaking colony in TOS.

I remember a scene in the german version of one the first episodes of Enterprise Captain Archer tells some alien that humanity actually speaks german. There you have it.

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