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So, been working heavily on a few projects and I've been noticing a lot more different assets and things sneaking their way into the foundry. They may not be announcing it in the patch notes but we are getting more and more assets added. Sure it may not be some things that people are craving, (such as Jupiter uniforms in the costume creator and what not) but it's still stuff.

I've personally been laughing my head off reading the new different flavor text for the Gorn skins for the last 30 minutes; "Considers small animals a viable source of protein" and "While other Gorn were practicing unarmed combat, he was practicing calculus" are my favorites.

Not everyone is seeing this, but, at least I am. So thanks for giving us updates. Keep working on it so we can eventually get everything we want asset wise! I may only be one person but at least know your work is getting noticed, at least by one of us.
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10-31-2012, 05:42 PM
I think that some bugs, such as the incorrect scaling of Foundry mobs has been fixed. It used to be that at high levels, Gorn and other enemies would just rip through you, doing absolutely insane amounts of damage. Now they seem to be properly balanced for the game.

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10-31-2012, 05:48 PM
I noticed those special descriptions too. Nearly all of the ground NPCs have them. My personal favorite is probably "He's in therapy, trying to get over his infatuation with his Vorta overseer" for a Jem'Hadar.

I hope they add more assets in those "unannounced additions". Those missing C-store ships, for starters.

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