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11-01-2012, 10:39 AM
I'll second the Sheliak, but have no idea how to make them playable since they're more obscure than the Tholian. IF I had to choose a playable species I could live with Xindi reptilian.
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11-01-2012, 11:00 AM
I disagree with using the Xindi, only on the basis that I don't think the sub-races should be split across factions without some kind of active storyline to explain it.

I could live with the Talarians... their culture is probably more like the Klingons than any of the other KDF races. Only, I'm not sure how they would be distinct from Klingons in terms of traits. If they're basically just more human-looking "Klingons", then it's only cosmetic and not strictly necessary.

I found a couple of other races that looked promising --


The Corvallens were a humanoid species of mercenaries who often engaged in interstellar commerce. They were known to operate near the Romulan Star Empire and at least one Corvallen freighter visited Deep Space 9 in the 2370s.
So basically, they're a race of mercenary traders and smugglers that would fit in quite well with the Orions, Nausicaans, and Letheans. On top of that, if they got the same kinds of vendor discounts that Starfleet Ferengi do, then the KDF could have parity in that.


They were known for a criminal organization, the notorious Markalian smuggling operation.

Many Markalians worked in the freight business and, apart from the smuggling operation, some were employed by various other criminal individuals.
Again, they'd fit right in with some of the other KDF races. Either they or the Corvallens could get the same vendor discounts that Ferengi do. Or, alternatively, maybe they could sell items to vendors at a higher profit to reflect their propensity toward shady deals.
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Originally Posted by kalecto View Post

Now I'm not saying there definitely will be a new playable species available to the KDF by season 8,

False premise. There won't be a new playable species. You are beating a dead horse.
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Would rather the KDF receive content to go from Level 0 to 50... save the fluff... make them a full faction.
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11-01-2012, 11:15 AM
Antican and Talarian, I have no third vote..
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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I disagree with using the Xindi, only on the basis that I don't think the sub-races should be split across factions without some kind of active storyline to explain it.
LOL, you mean create content ??
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11-01-2012, 11:41 AM
I don't play KDF but Xindi Insectoid would be kinda cool
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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Which makes perfect sense since 2367 are the events of "In the Mind's Eye".
And "Perfect Mate" makes no refence to Klingon space.
There is exactly one reference to Klingons in that episode:

"I'm afraid my premature emergence from stasis has left me a little... vulnerable to the desires I sense from men. Nevertheless, this is who I am, Captain. You might as well ask a Vulcan to forgo logic... or a Klingon to be nonviolent. I cannot change, and I don't want to until it's time for me to bond with my permanent mate."

What other reference is there?

It also makes no sense to me that those two should be the same species, because how could an conquered world under Klingon control be at war with another world?
I may have been mistaken. Regardless of that, there is the question of the actual chronological order of the two episodes. Mind's Eye doesn't have a stardate. Despite the broadcast order Perfect Mate could have preceded it. However it doesn't matter. The backstory of the Kriosians and Valtese has it that they used to be a powerful insterstellar empire until they were nearly destroyed by civil war. The Kriosian planet mentioned in Mind's Eye could simply be a colony world of the former Kriosian empire. It's not referred to by a proper name. And based on the description of the former state of the Kriosian Empire, we would expect them to have had at one time dozens of worlds. Valt and Krios Prime were the two most powerful of them.

Hirogen: are allies of Sela, a Romulan...

PVP: Will never be properly balanced as long as they keep adding new stuff. The only way for PVP to be properly balanced requires the game to become boring and stagnant.

Sheliak: I sooo want to see them. The issue is that they're a non-humanoid race. They'd be loads of fun to play with though.

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Romulans ... oh, and Ferasan Starships!
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I'd like to see:

Sheliak: Obviously opposed to the Federation. I could see them aligned with the KDF to expand their colonial efforts unhindered by the UFP's rules & regulations. It would also be nice to see a non-humanoid race to add to the "bestial" vibe that other KDF races share. They are only briefly mentioned & partially seen in canon, so the Devs could really go to town on this one.

Selay: Similar to the ideas above. There is a lot of room for creative interpretation here. The Selay and Anticans obviously were way off from Federation admission & the Devs could come up with an excellent backstory. It would be nice to have another somewhat non-humanoid race in there as well.

Gorn: It would be AWESOME to see the other two races/castes of the Gorn that are mentioned in STO's own softcanon novel. Perhaps you could add a version similar to the Original TOS look & then one that looks smaller & more raptor-like as seen in Enterprise for the other two Gorn Races. Some parts could be swapped in-between models perhaps?

I think it would really benefit faction parity if we could get female models for Gorn, Nausicaan, & Letheans. I've seen perpetuals concept art for Nausicaan females & it looks great. Perhaps just different color variations & horns for the Gorn to show Gender (like the difference between Catians & Ferasans). I'm not sure what you could do with Letheans... maybe hair?

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