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11-13-2012, 06:55 AM
I purchased the MU Vor'cha on the Exchange and I like it enough I purchased one on the Exchange and gave it to one of my friends. I fly it almost exclusively. Another of my friends purchased a MU Qin Raptor and gifted me with it. I began playing with this one yesterday. It is a very enjoyable ship to use so far. It will take a bit to fully explore all of its capabilities and drawbacks, but so far it has worked as advertised on the tin.

If someone is expecting the MU vessels to be GodShips which will solve all their problems with the touch of a button or a special console, they will be disappointed, I think. A lot people look for an edge in the hardware to make up for expertise or experience they currently do not have. Sometimes, this can lead to a 'flavor of the week' feeling to STO. Over Qo'noS, I used to see a lot of Carriers. Next it was Retrofit B'Rels. Then it became Vor'chas for a while. The current flavor is Temporal Destroyers and Qins, but these things cycle around. The thing which makes a ship effective isn't the hardware or the color of said hardware. It is you, Captain.

If you want the MU ship, then get it. But get it because you want it, not because someone posted somewhere in here, "OMG! OMG! Dis is Teh Awsum! Ebil Dooers Beewear!" Stay with it awhile. Learn what it can and cannot do. Only way to be truly effective with one ship is to use it. As often as possible for as long as possible. I have five KDF ships and I spend nearly all my time flying my MU Vor'cha. Because I liked it enough the first time to spend the time learning to use it well.
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There are two main reasons why I think people buy mirror ships.

1) If you are not happy with your RA free ship choice, the mirror ships represent good alternatives, and are cheaper than spending the dil in the shipyard. Since there are no fed mirror tacs, I think everyone should choose a tac at 40 regardless of career. If you prefer a cruiser or science you can just use the mirrors.

2) The mirror skin and ISS prefix really make your ship stand out.
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Originally Posted by rustiswordz View Post
You want to see a cool skin on a ship. The Assault Mirror Cruiser is compatible with the Regent class. The two things are made for eachother. The Regent looks totally bada## in mirror livery.!

Yeah, I mentioned this in an earlier post. Drawbacks:You don't get to use Riker's universal exploding fart gas console that comes with the Regant variant when using the Regant design on an MU cruiser. You do get the ISS prefix and skin. The reverse is the case when using an MU skinned Regant class. You can't get the ISS prefix, but do get the paint job and console. And of course on NO MU ship do we get the Terran Empire symbol of a dagger through the Earth. Minor things that deserve a fix at some point.

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