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Everybody needs a place to get their feet wet in star trek RP. Come grab me @juroden

We can talk and see if we are a good fit for you
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We need to find some Klang to fight against
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The latest news from the 26th Fleet

Daisemi'in rhhaensuriuu meillunsiateve rh'e Mnhei'sahe yie ahr'en: Mnahe afw'ein qiuu; rh'e hweithnaef mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu.
(Of the chief Parts of the Ruling Passion, only this can be truly said: Hate has a reason for everything. But love is unreasonable.)

- V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe (of Romulus II)

Jolan'tru and greetings, 26th Fleet!

As you all know by now, Star Trek Online is about receive its first ever expansion: Legacy of Romulus. For those who haven't been able to check it out on Tribble just yet, be assured that the quality and scope of the expansion is beyond anything we've seen in STO to date--this is Cryptic's best work by far. May 21st can't come soon enough!

After some internal discussion, we've managed to put together what we think will be a great new addition to the fleet: Joint Task Force Theirr (Guardian).

The basic premise is that after formally declaring the alliance, the Federation and Romulan Republic agreed to establish a special task force of Republic vessels attached to the 26th Fleet as part of their operations in Tau Dewa. Headquartered at the Federation embassy on New Romulus, the joint task force's mission is to alleviate Starfleet's strained presence in the region, establish a cooperative venture between allies, and continue the Federation's peace-keeping mission and the Republic's security mission in Tau Dewa.

Interestingly, however, the joint task force is commanded by a pair of rotating officers from Starfleet and the Republic Navy; each month, the two commanders take turns leading the task force. This unique arrangement is meant to foster cooperation and understanding between the Starfleet and Republic elements. Of course there is also likely to be some tension...

Our goal for JTF Theirr is to create an opportunity for Romulan fans to roleplay without sacrificing their membership in the 26th. By organizing things in this way, we don't lose any communication between members, don't require any undue grinding burden by starting new fleet holdings, and give members a distinct and independent environment to roleplay their Romulan characters.

To that end, here are some of the specifics:



The Romulans have two unique organizational structures that operate alongside each other, but independently report back to D'Tan's republic. However, the diplomatic arm is intended to have final authority regarding Romulan operations--an interesting new development given the Romulans' historical prevalence for military authority. The philosophy here is to ensure that Theirr's operations are carried out with respect to the diplomatic agreements between the Federation and Republic. It also ensure that even when a Starfleet officer has command of the JTF, they're still adhering to the Romulan Ambassador's wishes.

In the end, it's less a chain of command and more of a list of positions available to be filled by Romulan characters.


The Romulan Ambassador is the civilian chief administrative official of the mission, whose sole responsibility is to maintain the diplomatic relationship between the Romulan Republic and United Federation of Planets. They are hand-picked to be a representative of the Republic and speak on behalf of D'Tan's government. To that end, they report directly to the Republic, but are subject to the agreements framed by the alliance. This means they work in tandem with the Federation Ambassador stationed at the mission on mol'Rihan.

[Position by appointment...]

Military Attache
A commissioned officer in the Republic military, the military attache is responsible for acting as an liaison between the military arm and diplomatic arm of the Romulan Join Task Force. Though they ultimately report to the Romulan Ambassador, they are also expected to function as an advisor to the Joint Task Force Commander--be they Starfleet or Republic.

[Position available...]

Embassy Staff
The staff at the Romulan embassy is likely to be made up of any number of government officials, scientists, architects and builders, security details, aides and attendants, and their families. While they do not report to anyone in particular, they are subject to the laws of the Romulan Republic and the diplomatic agreement with the Federation.

[Various positions available...]


This is an interesting position filled by a rotating pair of commanders from both the Federation Starfleet and Romulan Republic Star Navy as per the arrangement agreed to by both parties. They are chiefly responsible for carrying out the orders of the diplomatic mission as commanded by the Republic or Federation (filtered by the ambassadors). This unique command structure ensure cooperation between the two factions, but can sometimes lead to animosity and mistrust depending on who, exactly, fills the position at any given time. Regardless, ships and their crews assigned to the JTF report to the Commander no matter who is in charge.

Romulan Commander: Commander Khaiell i-Mhiessan tr'Lhaihtrha (@playfuldreamer)
Starfleet Commander: [Position by appointment...]

Assigned Ships

[Various positions available...]





Note that this chain of command is different from the one found in-game (lack of flag rank). Civilian is the assumed rank of diplomatic officials and members of the mission staff (excluding the attache), but exists outside the chain of command since we don't imagine the ambassador or other political officials would be considered subservient to the military structure in D'Tan's new republic. Also, removing flag rank from the equation will ensure we have plenty of rank-and-file officers with field duty assignments.



Uniforms for commission officers in the Republic Navy will be chosen before launch, but have not yet been decided on.



All Romulan characters part of JTF Theirr will be required to command Romulan vessels. There will be no exceptions made to this decision as we are adamant about creating a unique Romulan feel for the JTF.



Current Members
Since the goal of JTF Theirr is to give members an opportunity to roleplay as Romulans within the 26th Fleet, joining Theirr is handled the same way we take care of alts. That is to say, members of the 26th Fleet can join JTF Theirr by creating a biography for their Romulan as they would any other alt character. This is true even if your main character will become your Romulan. Just indicate as such somewhere in your biography. However, Romulan players will be required to maintain at least one Starfleet character in addition to any Romulan alts or mains.

New Members
New applications to the 26th Fleet will first be required to establish a Starfleet character before they will be permitted to add a Romulan character. Tthe 26th is primarily a Starfleet guild and will continue to be so.
We are very excited about Legacy of Romulus and what it means for the 26th Fleet. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to express interest in a Romulan character, please message PD either on the forum (Cabis Caz) or in-game (@playfuldreamer).

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The other big news for the 26th is this:

Star Trek: Preatorian
Season Three: The Corridor

We have just started the prologue to the up coming story Arc but it promises to be our best yet by far.

Here is a little tease of the begining.

The Hartford drifted lazily between the Fourth and fifth planet of the Alpha Tetriani 354 system. The ancient ships impulse engines roaring and echoing thru out the saucer of the ship. The familiar noise rattled around inside Rhys's head as he watched the view screen idly. A crewman turns from her chair at the science station and chimes up to the Captain. "Sir, I'm getting strange readings from the fifth planet." The welshman cocks an eyebrow and smiles. He loved exploration, it was his passion in Starfleet. Exploring the great unknown with nothing but your wits to help you. "Aye? What we got then?" The officer taps a few buttons on her console and the viewscreen changed to a great blue rock in space. Rhys could see that the planet was tidally locked. An Arctic hell on one side, An airless baked rock on the other. "Looks a touch dead Ensign, While I love a good stellar beauty I dun' think thes' es quite tha' Interestin'"

The Ensign rolls her eyes at the Captain as she types in a few more commands. "If you would let me finish sir. The Hartford is reading a huge amount of Advanced Technology down there." Rhys runs his fingers thru his hair and nods. "My apologies then. Bit more interestin' then I thought. Any life signs?" The crewman shook her head. "Negativ--" All voices and noises aboard the Hartford go dead. The Familar roar of the Impulse engines fades out of hearing. "Status Report!" Rhys shouts. A dozen different voices start shouting reports and questions. A single red light on the Navigation console begins to flash. In the darkness the whole bridge crew of the Hartford begins to sway and shift. "Sir! The Ship is taking up an Exit vector!" Rhys tries to type in his command code into the Chair. "What?! Who es doin' et? Where we going?"

The Communitcations officer takes the Microphone out of her ear. "Sir! Starfleet is informing me that we are being Redirected back to Praetorian!"
Come and join us for Iconian gates! Klingon War Machines!
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The Current Op Order for OPERATION: KEYHOOK




TO: RADL G. Treysik
CC: CAPT C. Sprint
FROM: R. Llywarch

After going over my own scans of the planet and what might be down there and who it is related to I have decided to name the planet Cyhyraeth after the Spirit of Death in Welsh Myth. Beside my horrid name this what we know about the planet. It is a tidal locked planet. That means one side is forever getting baked in the rays of the sun. The Other is a frozen wasteland. After going over the data with my Science officer she tells me that this was not a natural occurance, This planet was artificially stopped from rotating. She also informed me from our brief scan that the gravity field keeping the planet from rotating is also Unnatural. Without this field the planet should or would be a lush Class M. I have attached an Image below of Cyhyraeth.

***Planet Cyhyraeth Taken at 18:34***

If Captain Sprint can get us clearance from Starfleet Intelligence I plan to take Myself, the USS Starclaw and the USS Sisko into the system. I will have the two other ships do a full sweep of the system before we begin to approach the planet again. When I have recived the all clear from the two ships we will approach the planet from the frozen side and take up a apsis orbit making sure to stay clear of the hot side. Then myself and an Away team will beam down and find an appropriate area to set up a Forward Operating base. Two ships will always be in orbit of the planet while the third pulls guard around the system. The Alpha Tetriani 354 system is rather small and at Warp 3 it should only take a ship twenty minutes to get from one end of the solar gravity well to the other. The two ships will remain in orbit to support and render assistance to the science/archaeology team below. With the Level of Technology we are dealing with and the value to the War effort I see no need not to double up on security.

As with all plans all things are subject to change upon meeting a Hostile Enity or basic field issues. Say the Word Commadore and I can have Operation KEYHOOK underway in twelve standard hours.

CAPT Rhys S. Llywarch.
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More Intro into Season Three of Star Trek: Preatorian

The hour was late, and the overhead light fixtures had finally managed to begin sucking the juices from his eyeballs; or so it felt, staring at the LCARs interface for the last ten hours. For the last nine months, Captain Corris Sprint had been imprisoned aboard one of the most state of the art Starbases in Federation space.

Poised on the edge of Klingon and Romulan space, Praetorian was the last bastion of Federation influence that most of the spacers coming and going to the two rival super powers might see for quite some time- A last port of call, before venturing into unfriendly territory.
Imprisoned, yes, that was the right word. Nine months prior, Captain Sprint had been involved with the capture of a human augment, bent on establishing a totalitarian government on Earth. Sprint, blas? suggested finishing the augment at the scene. He had after all proven capable of extricating himself from imprisonment in the past.

Upon return to Admiral Hunter at Praetorian however, his suggestion was taken with less enthusiasm. Since the dissolution of the Khitomer Accords in 2399, Starfleet officers had begun to fall into two general categories. One side favored the return to peaceful exploration and diplomacy which had served both the Federation and United Earth before it. The other, favored a more militaristic and pragmatic approach to enemies of Federation security. Both sides wanted the same goal, an end to the Klingon War.

Corris saw his posting to Praetorian following the fiery exchange as a punishment, intended to keep him off of the front lines. Even if, in moments such as this as he head pounded, that he had grown substantially over the last nine months. Starbase command had been good for him, on multiple levels. Still, he was ready for the day to be over, retire to his quarters and shut out the world. He had enough of the cargo manifests, criminal activity reports and casualty lists.

The most recent figures from the costly Klingon War sat on his desk, stark orange lettering against the black backdrop of the screen burning brightly as though a tiny inconsequential funeral pyre. There were four thousand names on the list this week, dead, injured or missing in action. He would post them in the wardroom later, but for now, he was done. He pushed back from his desk just as the comm. Chirped, and blared the voice of the young yeoman assigned to him by Commander Mackenzie. ?Captain, I have that conference call you were expecting.?
Corris threw a dirty look to the hatch leading out into Ops. ?Very well, I?ll take it in here.? He said, fighting the fatigue that was no doubt putting a harsher shade to his tone of voice.

The comm. Screen rose slowly from the obsidian desk top before him, bearing the insignia of the United Federation of Planets. As the screen blinked from standby mode, Corris quirked a brow; he had apparently been included in an on-going meeting. Around the mahogany conference table sat mostly older men and women, many of whom were unknown to him. There was however one figured he knew all too well. James Kurland.

??.do we have contingencies for this sort of thing?? someone asked off screen, to which Kurland seemed to blanche. Sprint took a small amount of satisfaction from his predicament and allowed a smirk to touch his lips. ?Captain Sprint, thank you for joining us.? Quin said at the head of the table. Corris offered the CiC of Starfleet a polite yet curt nod. ?My pleasure, sir. How can I be of assistance?? He said, fighting to keep the fatigue from his tone.

Quin?s weathered face appeared grim over the monitor. ?We?ve become aware that the Hartford stumbled upon something out in the Alpha Tetriani system. Protocol twenty four was enabled, Is this correct??

Corris leaned back in his chair, straitening the front of his black, red and white uniform. ?Yessir, Captain Llywarch briefed me on the matter when he returned to port. He also informed me tha?? Sprint never had a chance to complete the thought, before Quin interrupted him. ?Captain, listen very carefully. What I?m about to tell you could shift the balance of power in this quadrant, and cost us the war.?
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The Loss of one of our Caitan members ship.

*Three hours before the destruction of the Atrox class Carrier U.S.S. Ark Royal.*

Captain Douglas sat forward in the command chair of the Ark Royal, contemplating the information the communications officer had just given him, a weak distress signal had been received from the Khitomer System, from close proximity to its M-class planet. Although the current mission of the Ark Royal was to search for any signs of survivors from the party of Caitian Scientists recently ambushed by Ferasans as a show of good will to the Caitian Government, the Captain could not help but doubt anyone would be found. The distress signal, not even close to the last reported position of the scientists, troubled him deeply. A thick hand, hewn from as he'd say, hard work and good drinking, stroked through his mustache as he contemplated.

"Its definitely a distress signal?" He asked of the communications officer, the Captains voice carrying a hint of a Glasgow accent but it was barely noticeable under the layer of utmost authority in his voice.

"Absolutely sir." Came the reply, brisk and eager, the young Lieutenant as always cheery and eager to do his work, the Captain approved of his attitude, it brought a bright feeling to the Bridge that tended to be hectic and stressful at times, not that the Captain in his stoic nature, ever showed strain.

The Captain frowned, it didn't take a Vulcan to tell him that it'd be illogical to assume it was the scientists but regardless, a distress signal is a distress signal and it warrants investigation, even if the planet is in Klingon space.

"Maximum transwarp to the planet." The Captain knew it'd take around two hours to get there, another ten minutes to launch the Stalkers, his C.A.G would probably insist on taking a Stalker much as he disapproved of it but very much like an actual cat, there was never any telling a Caitian what to do and she was a capable pilot. His mind was not on this though but a deep feeling in his gut that something was very wrong with the entire situation.

*Fifty two minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

"We are to be here for no more then one hour, if we can't find whoever is in trouble before then, we leave." The Captain addressed to the Bridge Crew, before giving a faintly amused glance to the C.A.G.

"M'Kera before you ask, yes you can, don't go too far from the ship I don't want to lose a bridge officer to a klink in cloak in the right place at the right time." He spoke, the feel of amusement and slight worry in his voice, before he gets back to being his stern self.

"Tanner? You take over from M'Kera while she's off ship." He commanded, as M'Kera left her post and headed to the turbolifts, a gleeful look on her face.

*Fourty-nine minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

M'Kera could leap for joy, she didn't get to fly a Stalker as much as she liked, she'd trade in her entire coffee supply just for more flight time in one, being told to not stray far from the other Stalkers or the Ark Royal but still being allowed to fly suited her perfectly. As she got to the port hanger bay she got some amused looks from the other Stalker Pilots, she was practically one of them the amount of time she spent trying to get into the cockpit and in the hanger bay. There was no time to chat this time though, she just got to the Stalker she usually opted to take and got herself sat in the pilots chair, joined by two other crew whom were used to having M'Kera piloting.

"Alright then, lets get started..."

*Twenty-five minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

M'Kera gave a little yawn as she scanned the area once more, her weapons officer gazing boredly into the viewports while the systems operator hummed a tune to herself before stopping abruptly.

"... M'Kera, tell the captain we might have a problem."

*Twenty-three minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

"Your sure?" Asked the Captain to M'Kera, who's face in shiny hi-definition filled the main screen.

"Tammy is positive and she's never faulted, there's one, maybe more ships cloaked close by."

"Red Alert!" Snapped the Captain, M'Kera's face vanishing from the screen, swapped by a view of the hull and surrounding space in front of the bridge, the lights took a red tint and a klaxon came on through the ship, just in time for the first Bird of Prey to decloak.

The Klingons wasted no time, three coming in at once, disruptor cannons and turrets blazing at the ship and torpedos being flung towards the Ark Royal, the Stalkers barely having time to begin their own attempts to defend the carrier.

"Brace for impact!" The Captain roared. "Fire at will! Hold fire on the cluster torpedo! Tanner, have the Stalkers focus on one ship at a time!" The Captains voice was t hen interrupted as the ship shook with the first torpedo impacts, some officers stumbling as the Captain barely seemed to register that the ship had just been hit.

"Rear shields at seventy percent and falling fast!"
*Twenty minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

M'Kera swore as she saw the three Klingon vessels decloak, before Tanner's face appeared in one of the consoles.

"All fighters, engage the lead bird of prey simultaneously, quickly now!" M'Kera took a moment to identify the lead ship, before maneuvering the ship around, the weapons officer aiming and firing the Tetryon turret as M'Kera piloted the Stalker around the rear of the Bird of Prey, keeping out of the firing arcs of the devastating dual heavy cannons the ships were armed with. At first little effect was had, then space seemed to light up as twenty Stalkers, including M'Keras, fired at once, the Klingons never had a chance as the rear shield was torn to pieces and the hull bombarded with Quantum Torpedos, the entire vessel seeming to disintegrate.

"One down, two more!"

*Seventeen minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

"Rear and starboard shields have failed, hull down to eighty percent of total integrity." The Captain listened to the report grimly, as another wave of explosions rocked the ship.

"Seventy percent integrity!"

"Second Bird of Prey suffering heavy damage!"

*Fifteen minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

M'Kera gritted her teeth as the second vessel finally showed signs of taking serious damage, its Captain, realizing the threat posed not only by the Ark Royals own weapons but the surrounding Stalkers, was taking as many evasive maneouvers as possible, even dropping into cloak once, narrowly avoiding a set of torpedos as it did. However despite the quick wits of the Captain on board, its death knell was finally about to be signed, as its shields failed completely, the Stalkers broke off as the Ark Royal brought its torpedo tubs to bare, launching a transphasic cluster torpedo at the ship. As it impacted there was a brief pause as the mines scattered, the vessel desperately trying to get away from them, before they all converged in a maelstrom of death upon the Bird of Prey, utterly annihilating it.

"One more, just one more..." M'Kera muttered, bringing her ship to bare on the last Bird of Prey as the Ark Royals own beam arrays and turrets opened up on the last Klingon.

*Eleven minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

"Hull at fifty percent integrity!" The Captain scowled, three Birds of Prey could usually not cripple an Atrox to this extent, nor last out as long as they did, yet they were, evidently they were not the usual stock of glory-hound captains in antiquated vessels with shoddy equipment, they were equipped much more finely then the usual chattel the Ark came up against, the last however couldn't hope to-

"Its coming at us at full impulse!" The Captain stared as he saw the crippled Bird of Prey baring down on the Ark Royal, cannons blazing and a full spread of torpedos being flung at the naked hull of the ship.

"BRACE!" He roared, the ship shuddering as the Torpedos ripped apart the front armour, just in time for the Bird of Prey to collide, onboard self-destruct charges going off on impact, the shock caused almost spilling the Captain from his seat and causing the licks to flicker off, only to be replaced with emergency lighting.

"Damage report!"

"Hull down to twenty-three percent integrity, hull breaches on multiple decks, crew causalities being reported as well as multiple fatalities!"

"Sir! Engineering reports that the Warp Core is going critical, we have no more then ten minutes before it goes." The Captain swore, letting his stoicism falter, before standing firm, he could order it to be ejected but it'd leave a crippled Ark Royal ripe for capture in Klingon space, no, better to let the ship go down when the warp core explodes and evacuate while still possible.

"Abandon ship! All crew to the escape pods, any crew well enough to walk are to aid the evacuation of any nearby wounded, security teams are to evacuate as many wounded to escape pods before themselves evacuating. Have any remaining stalkers taken out of the hanger bays, even if you have to use rookie pilots, they are to cover our escape in case more of them are about, Jenkins, send out a distress call to Starfleet, tell them we are abandoning ship and aiming to get to the surface of Khitomer!"

The Captain stood there as the bridge crew got to the escape pods, before heading for a turbolift, intending to head down to one of the damaged decks and aid the evacuation of the injured, he would be damned if he fled his vessel without bringing a wounded crew member out with him.

*Five minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

M'Kera looked on aghast as more escape pods left the stricken Ark Royal, although she paid careful heed to the positions of the escape pods, a shepards gaze going out into space, as if to seek out the wolves among the stars.

"... I can't believe it." She muttered after a while, of all the ships in Starfleet, the Ark Royal seemed to be the sturdiest, the hardiest, the least likely to fail... and now she was forced to watch as it was abandoned, close to its impending destruction.

*Two minutes until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

The Captain grunted as he moved to the last escape pod with an ensign hoisted over his back, the ensign had a leg broken from falling rubble and couldn't leave on his own, next to the captain, a security officer helped a comrade of his towards the shuttle, as the escape pod was approached the Captain barked out.

"Computer! Scan for humanoid lifeforms on the Ark Royal!"

"Four lifeforms on the ship at this time, Captain."

The Captain breathed a sigh of upmost relief, before getting into the pod, even with the ship going down he could live with having done everything possible to evacuate the vessel.

*Thirty seconds until the destruction of the Ark Royal.*

M'Kera watched with horrified fascination as the last escape pod got to a safe distance, she knew it was a matter of time now but still prayed that perhaps the ship could still be saved... it was not to be so. A titanic explosion ripped the ship into pieces, casting fragments in every direction, a pair of Stalkers blasting pieces that headed towards the escape pods as they headed towards Khitomer.

"... thats it then." She muttered, before pulling away to cover the pods...
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(Associated Federation Press- AFP) Stardate 90934 - Tau Dewa Sector

Starfleet Command is reporting the loss of the carrier Ark Royal in the Khitomer system. Search and rescue efforts launched from Starbase 381 and other elements of the 26th Fleet resulted in over 2500 personnel being recovered from the Khitomer system.

The attack itself is prompting for calls of retaliation from several areas of the Federation government, and is being roundly condemned by the government of Mol'Rihan. The neutrality of the Tau Dewa sector is being called into question, and many political observers are wondering just when the powder keg of ambition for Tau Dewa will explode.

"This attack by the KDF in neutral space is a slap in the face to the sovereignty of the people of New Romulus." Admiral Jennifer Hunter stated in a press release from her headquarters at Starbase 381. "The Klingon High Council has either tipped its hand, indicating their true intentions for Tau Dewa, or equally as damning, they are indicating that they have once again lost control of their member houses and are a government in name only. In either case, my office has been directed to seek a 30 day injuncture from the Mol'Rihan government, barring any access to Tau Dewa for KDF aligned vessels. This sanction cannot replace the lives lost by this senseless and lawless attack, but it should serve to remind the KDF that animalistic ambition and violence can never be tolerated in the realm of galactic relations."
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05-01-2013, 11:22 AM
(Associated Federation Press- AFP) Stardate 90954 - Tau Dewa Sector

File image

Coming hours after the report made by this office, Klingon Chancellor J'mpok issued a strongly worded statement with regards to the Federation and the Tau Dewa sector block, the loss of the USS Ark Royal which was on loan from the Caitian government.

"The Klingon Empire will not allow the Federation to spread it's qa'meH quv corruption to our noble allies in the Romulan Republic. For too long the Federation has preached peaceful cooperation, all the while building it's Starfleet for war and conquest not for their own glory, but for the ends of the shapeshifters! Their duplicity and manipulation of galactic events is just one trait found in qa'meH quv infiltrators which the Empire uncovered in the Gorn Hegemony. The destruction of the Federation starship was done to protect the inhabitants of New Romulus, and the Klingon Empire!

Joined with our allies, the Klingon Empire will burn the plight of qa'meH quv from the Alpha and Beta quadrants, just as Chancellor Gowron was prepared to do before the Dominion War! The peoples of the Federation will be liberated from their puppet government to thrive under the stalwart protection of the Klingon Empire!
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05-01-2013, 03:29 PM
(Associated Federation Press - AFP) Stardate 90936.7 - Starbase 381


The following statement has been released by Admiral Jennifer Hunter, 26th Fleet:

"I have been authorized by Starfleet Command and the Federation Council to issue the following response to the recent statements made by the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

"USS Ark Royal was performing a security patrol in response to the recent murders of Caitain scientists... civilians... by Ferasan terrorists. During the course of their mission, they were attacked by a squadron of cloaked Klingon vessels who possibly lured Ark Royal to the Khitomer system using the beacon signal from the same science team.

"Moving beyond the destruction of Ark Royal, the search and rescue operation to Khitomer was jeopardized by an ongoing Klingon attack against the survivors... many of whom were disabled, and unable to defend themselves. Starfleet has already shared log evidence of these claims with Mol'Rihan, and we will leave it to their government to determine where the acts of cowardly deception occurred.

"Many are asking if a red line has been crossed in respect to the neutrality agreements in place in the Tau Dewa sector. At this time, the Starfleet position is that we are assessing all our options and remain in consultation with our allies about a full range of responses. The Federation Council has convened an emergency session to consider the political consequences of the KDF's rash actions.

"The Klingon Chancellor has made the same, tired points as at every previous juncture. He seeks to steal the glory of past warriors for himself with his allusions to Gowron and the Dominion infiltrations of that past war. Undine infiltrations are a fact and every government in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants is actively working to counter them. Rather than move on, J'mpok seems concerned about validating a a war to cling to power, and in doing so, he does more than any other being in this half of the galaxy to ensure Undine success.

"Despite everything that has happened, the Federation remains willing to go to the table to normalize relations with all parties who seek an end to this wide ranging conflict. J'mpok was too tired to remind us of how the Dominion war was ended - the end came about because warriors from all our worlds banded together. Whether the current regime on Q'onos or a more honourable alliance of houses seeks to take this path with us, we would welcome it."

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