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# 1 FE rerun feedback
05-27-2014, 03:26 PM
I appreciate the fact that we were given a chance to rerun the featured episodes so we can get the special items and bridge officers. I'm disappointed because after logging in every day to do missions and level my character, I was unable to acquire all of the special items and bridge officers.

In the future, would it be possible to allow players the ability to rerun the featured episodes at any level? In the given timeframe that we were allowed to rerun these episodes, I was simply unable to level my character to 50. Because of this I missed out on the shard of possibilities and the breen officer.

This would help to prevent a joyful event from turning into a depressing event, as is in my case.

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# 2
05-27-2014, 03:37 PM
Don't worry too much about it; the rerun is reran a few times a year.  1417572837

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