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# 111 Nice work. Best effort yet.
11-04-2012, 10:52 AM
Excellent 10 out of 10. Nice work. Much better than Season 6. That felt like hundreds of hours of time invested to get a few other people something (I never got a single thing from Season 6 ... except for the test tribble. . . and most of the time I couldn't use that tribble so I was back to nothing . . . not even a tribble.) And that ment I didn't spend money on modules in the C-Store. After all why buy things you can never use? Sadly that would mean less revenue for the company.

My only comment is about the time delay on the reputation. It seems like a carry over from season 6 ... which as I mentioned ... I'm not much of a fan. Once completed the wait (and some extra wait after finishing a tier) is rather like going into a store and they naver have what you want. But they'll order it for you. Then you have to wait for it to come in. Seems like the lower tiers should have a very fast turn around. More like, let me get one of those out of the back room for you. Especially for passive abilites and not objects/hardware. Seems like the same tool/idea is available in hundreds of iPad games, but once you earn the reward, you get it. No waiting. Much more fun.

Let me ask you. If you were a customer of a store tht never had what you wanted and they always have to order it (resulting in a wait for you). How would you feel? Whould you keep comming back? Or would you start looking for other stores? Me personally, I'd change the lower tier waits ... that would be my only suggestion for improvement (maybe it can be more like trading in your Duty Officers? Much faster turn around there.)
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# 112 Bugs after testing
11-04-2012, 11:00 AM
Duty Officers
Current Map -> Science -> Develop countermeasures to Devidian Attacks
I have a selectable assignment which opens to the next screen, and for the first duty officer that I need to select I do not have any as it is away on a reputation mission (looks like it does not exclude officers away on "Reputation Missions"

I still have the old Borg items in my inventory and character bank, was this supposed to be converted? (this was a change that was being discussed, not sure if it was implemented or dropped)

http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=435231 (thread found)

On load/show it always jumps to the last item (Toron Shuttle Pet) in the first tab (Personnel)


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# 113
11-04-2012, 11:04 AM

Atrox. Advanced Stalker Fighters.

Space Infected Elite.

Not tested on any other space map yet

Launching Fighters will temporarily boost all of my power levels to 110/XX
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# 114
11-04-2012, 11:17 AM
Just tried to do a Embassy Officer of the Watch Daily mission - it's not working.

The mission was to scan area around New Romulus for radiation, which I did. Says I didn't complete the mission...
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# 115 Tribble season 7
11-04-2012, 11:18 AM
Hello, I played the new season on tribble for quite awhile and the only 2 bugs I noticed were...

1. The vulcan science vessel's support craft would fly away from most fights and disappear until I commanded it to dock again.

2. Much like happens on holodeck with donating to starbase projects...Sometimes when I tried to donate to the new reputations or a starbase, even though I had the required items the donate tab would be greyed out and it wouldn't let me contribute.

Overall though I had quite a bit of fun.
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# 116 Excellent Job
11-04-2012, 12:06 PM
I tried all 3 of the Romulan missions, and no bugs found...
Some better descriptions of what to do might be helpful on the salt sucking alien ground mission. Took me a while to work out what was happening where, but in the end it came together. Going to try the new STF later.

Only issue I had was that on logging into tribble, all my EDCs etc from old STF did not convert !
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Echoing <<http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=6404011&postcount=114>>

Embassy Officer of the Watch mission "Scan Area around New Romulus for Radiation" properly displays scan areas in orbit (areas do not register on ship [V] scanners) but automatically displays message that scan is complete upon ship arrival and does not register progress toward the mission count. Ignoring this and attempting to turn in the mission anyway has the Officer of the Watch confirming the mission as incomplete.
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# 118
11-04-2012, 12:38 PM
The first thing I've noticed is that the cursor that highlights missions in the Duty Officer system always returns to the top when you're acknowledging results. I hope that's just a glitch as it's annoying.

For the Tau Dewa space patrol missions, there is no highlight of where the patrol missions are, or that you have to queue.

New Romulus. Love the Aurora style field enveloping the planet, very TOS. But it doesn't always completely surround the planet when looking at it from all angles.

The percentage completion system is a little weird. It actually makes me a little less sure how far along I am, but it makes sense since we're not doing a single action to finish the helping hand missions.

I haven't started on Eppohs, but they look cute enough. And since they can be traded for marks they're superior to tribbles in my book.

The Romulan two man teams in the Vastam Peaks are rather tough, though I appreciate that they don't have monster shields like some of the teams in Exploration Clusters.

At first I thought it was weird to move the Arucanis Arm and Hromi clusters like that...but it's actually closer to Canon like that.

While looking at a Vivver Cat I got jumped by a Hirogen. Not feedback, just funny.

I'm curious why there is both a Botanist and a Plant Analyst in the Paehhos Crater camp.

I've also noticed that while on Mol'Rihan sometimes when I run I take a step back, like I was pulled back for a brief second.

Considering the growing number of times I've been helped out by others players, there should be a quick button just to say thanks for the assist.

If I have to choose a favorite, my favorite part of New Romulus is the information on all the little life forms. Makes me want to sing Data's song. Please add more. In fact if you want to do this to Earth and Qo'nos (albeit with different things, we know all the animals on Earth) it would be welcome. Great work on this.

The UI on the Reputation system seems slow to fill, when you're adding in resources.

I'm liking this new area though.
Yes I support This

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# 119
11-04-2012, 12:51 PM
Romulan Sector Patrol: While the combat that occured was enjoyable, I particularly liked the fact that some of the systems I visited had issues that involved other things to do besides combat. I would definitely like to see more trade circle type activities.

New Romulus: Wow, you guys went all out with the new planet! The setting is both large and attractive, with plenty of things to do. This is the kind of attention to detail that Andoria, or more particularly Risa, should have gotten but never did (hint, hint ). The radiation minigame is interesting. And while I haven't gotten one yet, I'm hoping to be able to get one of those new pets once that mission is over.

The Embassy: Very nice, even though it seems to be a bit soon on the heels of the Starbases. On the other hand, it will be nice to have both, and Sector 31 ANTKB can definitely handle building both despite some of our nay sayers being frustrated that our resources will be diverted in multiple directions while both are still being built.

Reputation: This is something we probably should have had sooner, but i'll take it now. Hoping to see more factions to gain rep with in the future, along with additional awards for doing so.


  • New costume options for KDF side, including "civilian" varients.
  • Orion ship interior options - given their stylized hulls, this suggests that their ships' interiors should be more ellegant and posh, reflecting their artistic flair.
  • Gorn ship interior options - the insides should be just as sleek and efficient as the outsides.
  • Starship interior shuttlebays - whatever happened to this idea? I was looking forward to it, and it never came about...
  • Customization options for the Captain's Quarters. Being able to change the look of the furnishings and wall decorations, perhaps with purchasable or earnable options
  • A ship's Armory - it looks so cool in the current Federation opening mission, I would love to see this included on our deck plans even if all it does is look pretty!
  • In the same vein - more ship interior rooms made available while not on missions involving them, such as the Diplomatic Suite and Ready Room...
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# 120
11-04-2012, 12:51 PM
I am impressed with what I have seen in tribble server today. I have spent a couple hours today on the tribble server where i was on new romulus and did a couple of the STFs. The Hive on Slaught STF on normal I actually believe should be broughten a tad bit easier than what it currently is as it seems to be more demanding than just the elite levels of Infected and Cure Space elite. As for new romulis planet it is very nice and being able to help the romulans is interesting. So far i am liking it.

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