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# 71 good job
11-03-2012, 07:50 PM
OK this is good so far al but no dil on the stf and they could be a little harded.
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# 72 #72
11-04-2012, 12:18 AM
i really like the change in look you guys made, and i'm really enjoying the new season 7 mission.
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Only played ground quests so far but after more than an hour doing them I have enjoyed them. I like the variety of quests. Took me a little while to understand that I have to quest until the percentage reaches 100, as apposed to doing a certain number of things, but that is just me. I did not experience any bugs.
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# 74
11-04-2012, 01:36 AM
(reposted from wrong thread)

While I like that we can now see the quality level of our bridge officers, having the commbadges tinted bothers me. Fedside, I liked the contrast and consistency of basic black arrowhead plus department color. Now my mild nerdly OCD is pinging and some of the color combos (Tac BO of Green quality) are not pleasing to my eye.

Would coloring only the category on the paperdoll screen (e.g. "Starfleet Engineering Bridge Officer"), as it is now, suffice? You can even color their informal name on the side tabs (though I wish you wouldn't, personally). Just don't color the commbadges, please.
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# 75
11-04-2012, 02:48 AM
If not mentioned yet, please note: The notification when something is sold via exchange does not display the "amount" in the chat window. On holodeck it does.
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# 76
11-04-2012, 03:06 AM
While I like many of the changes for season 7, I hate how they've nerfed the borg set. Some of us lifers worked hard to get it and use it effectively and now to change it because SOME feel it gives an unfair advantage is just plain wrong. If you want to add new sets to change the game up, GREAT! But dont take away features we actually like...
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# 77
11-04-2012, 03:18 AM
Can't customize the Odyssey Tac. Will only bring up the Small Craft that's been readied. (checked and it will allow the other ships I have including the regular Odyssey that I then discarding in the hopes that the Tac would then be customizable) Also, unless I just missed it working while having the 'small' craft 'active' how are you supposed to customize them when the ship 'tailor' DOES recognize your big ship as being there?

After doing a Tau patrol (defeating ships that are attacking 3 warbirds) I went to look at the station looking thing in the instance, and heard 'looks like you could use some help' from Shran a 2nd time. When I arrived at DS9 to look around for a converter for my borg chips and salvage...I kept hearing Shran repeat 'looks like you could use some help' over again about every couple of minutes.

Romulan Reptuation system costs officers. This makes no sense. You can't assign officers to work for other people's governments on a permanent basis... also... the fleet system already costs too blasted many officers. (if the omega rep costs officers, then while it's less far fetched, it's still annoying.)

Romulan Reputation and Omega Reputation cost dilithium. As if I don't already have a huge enough sink on my paltry sum of dilithium from the fleet star base, duty officer upgrades, ship gear, fleet vendors, crafting 'unreplicateables' and so on. At least it seemed to be under 1,000 but still... Grinding isn't fun.

Being in a Fleet does not copy over, nor does your fleet (at least it's existence) even if your copied character is the leader of a fleet. This makes testing fleet related things...difficult... especially if you're the only one in your fleet with the time to try out things on Tribble...

The System seems to remember which weapon I had (of the 2 equipped) selected when I change zones. Yay!

Timer shows up on Advanced Slipstream Drive. Yay!

Romulans. Yay!

Reputation Systems. I like having a Rep system with other factions and the Omega force and being able to get new skills and not have to repeatedly go on stfs hoping to get a specific drop for gear. However, I dislike that I have to spend lots of credits (when missions don't pay you even a tenth of what it costs to buy that stuff, it's a lot. Especially with the absurd exchange prices for most things) on items to 'give them' and that I have to use marks instead of just getting something like commendation points for the missions and then maybe duty missions to DO something with it...

Everything else I tried out in the new sector block seemed to work all right... Although I never did find the Tholian Red Alert...the only alert I found was a borg one that was already over and persisted... so it was warp in-warp out. Oh, the Azure Nebula's map icon seemed to suggest it was supposed to have an interaction (like patrol sectors) but it didn't. Not sure if it's supposed to have something besides a PvE event that occurs 'in' it or if it's not supposed to look that way on the map.
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# 78
11-04-2012, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by sythkainyn View Post
Can't customize the Odyssey Tac. Will only bring up the Small Craft that's been readied.
I had the same problem, worked initially but after a couple of swaps round it wouldn't show the Ody any more on at the ship customiser, just the currently selected shuttle. Switched to the Sovereign though and that worked but then went back to anyone of 3 Ody's and they wouldn't show still.

When I leave the starbase as well, the ship shield status shows the name of my shuttle although the ship on screen is the Ody. Also when I visit the bridge it is the shuttle cockpit not the Ody bridge.

Tried The hive space Elite STF, that was rock solid and unbeatable with a full team with all XII purple gear. I take it there is a tactic they have for us to work out otherwise it's Kobyashi Maru!

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# 79 Silly Borg Queen...
11-04-2012, 04:13 AM
So far I love Season 7.
New Romulus is good. Apart from the actual mission content, I really like the vastness of it. It does seem a little mismatched though to be honest. But that's not the game play, its more just the design. Obviously that will be updated and expanded upon at some point.
But as a planet, I find it brilliant to be able to actually explore without really being aware of the confines of the area.

Into The Hive did have a bug for me though. The Queen fell off the side when battling her and the game continued despite the fact she was stuck underneath somewhere. But it didn't progress or right itself, so after 20 minutes of waiting and dodging the beams and floor, we all gave up. You would of thought with all her knowledge and her desperate pursuit for perfection, she would pay attention to where shes going. Perhaps she was a little drunk? It was Saturday night after all. Silly old queen. Actually Ive been called that a few times in my life too!
The second time I played it was fine.
Looks great, sounds great and to be honest, its a little scary too.
When we thought we had beaten her and then she comes back going crazy on the ceiling, well, that was unexpected.
Really hard though. I didn't play it on Elite level, so I really dread to think how much harder it is.
I'm sure some of you people wouldn't have a problem though, knowing how brilliant some of the players are.

Anyway, Season 7 looks Tony the Tiger Grrrrreat! Cant wait for the actual release.
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# 80
11-04-2012, 04:36 AM
So far, I like it. I like the new Romulus, I can't wait for it's launch in game play

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