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11-03-2012, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Tried on Elite and I quit, screw it ... FIVE Boss enemies (Tactical Cubes lv 51) along with Spheres and then TWO Lv. 52 B'Gers that have the Lances, full Probe and Regen Spheres and the the Ball of of Death.

NOT doing this EVER AGAIN!
you are playing brand new, hard content, on a test server, at its highest difficulty setting, for the first time ever, with a team of people also playing it for the first time ever, probably not 100% set up to face borg because its only tribble.

im not surprised people are finding it tough. the point of testing is to find out if its actually too tough or if people just need to get used to the tactics involved. where to position their ships. which ship to attack first, etc etc. if its way overpowered it will get tweaked. sometimes its the content is wrong and sometimes its the players are not playing it right. people are not meant to master it in one go.

playing it once, saying its too hard and threatening to never play it again is missing the point of hard endgame content and totally missing the point of playing it on a test server.

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# 82 A great challenge
11-03-2012, 10:08 AM
Last night, a good group that I was in took the time to really try and figure this new challenge. The Borg Queen match was insane!!! Lol! But I liked it. There was one time where she fell into the space behind her "throne" and we couldn't aim at her, but she had no problem hitting us.
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11-03-2012, 10:08 AM
To some extent it seems like Cryptic just went, 'how can we make this as ridiculous as possible'

Tried on normal,
first part alright, managed optional with no real difficulty,
then, the oddness of two v'ger, staying near the queen seemed to have no noticeable benefit. At one stage, upon death, I was insta-killed less than a second into spawning which was a bit odd. With funny business like that it took very little time to get onto a 73 second respawn timer.
The queen didn't seem as bad as others are saying, other than taking a lot of damage, it didn't seem as mad as the 2 v'ger each throwing out balls of death and probes.
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# 84 The mission
11-03-2012, 10:25 AM
the mission is great needs a little refinement,but very good. if you nurf the queen so she cannot oneshot the whole team at once please put in limited respawn fail condition. say 25 for whole team and give a dil booby prize.
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11-03-2012, 10:25 AM
First time I've ever posted on STO!!

OK so played Onslaught on both Normal and Elite.
Elite first.....very tough....loved the double Uni's and their weapons LMAO!! respawned a lot!
Queen fight not so enjoyable...we got her down to the last of her life and then she fully recovered!!! Two players left ...it's was pointless after that!
Normal...no faults here ...game played really well, perhaps it was a better team but we wrecked the cubes and spheres....the Uni's went down too easily (I personally felt this to be the case, others may disagree!). The Queen was tough ...but doable and eventually fell...I just felt a little ...robbed perhaps..was hoping for something nice as a drop..felt as though it was earned ...apart from that minor selfish statement the game was good.

Thus far I've found the new content to be OK...although being an older gamer of 40 perhaps I'm easily pleased ...There is of course always room for improvement...eitherway good effort PerfectWorld!! ...my Star Trek "needs" have been fulfilled for the day
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11-03-2012, 10:30 AM
Just run it on Normal mode (PUG), most of us didn't get any omega marks at the end although some of the team reported that they did.

In terms of difficulty, the first section wasn't too bad (tough but can be done) and we made the optional. The second section with the command ships was extra tough especially when the regen probes keep healing the command ship and you keep getting plasma bolts fired at you. Think I ended up on a full 60 second respawn timer there, seemed more like the difficulty I'd expect on Elite.

Then finally the Queen, definately a little too tough. Most of us got one shotted at least once and the one damage score we did observe when someone got killed was 72000 which is a little too high for normal difficulty in my book.

I'm all for making these missions challenging, but as this is I'd suggest this is a touch too challenging at the moment. Although it be interesting to see what affect the captain skills and kit sets have when they're fitted into peoples builds since I guess most of us are still running Season 6 builds at the moment.
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# 87
11-03-2012, 10:30 AM
Played the normal, just random group from the queue.
First impression, overall boring. just masses of borg and instant kill abilities.
We managed to do it in like 15 mins, only missed the 2nd optional thanks to the core breaches of the b'gers.

Should be a feast for a gravwell and isocharge equiped team, then scatter and spread the remains to dust.
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11-03-2012, 10:42 AM
I ran this stf twice on normal last night (this morning?) and I have to say that I like the mission very much. The no rewards bug sucks, but as far as the gameplay goes, I was really pleased.

The huge swarm of cubes/spheres in stage 1 looked a lot more intimidating than the fight it actually put up. Granted, on Elite, I'm certain I'll be eating my words faster than a Like-like eats the player's gear in the Legend of Zelda games.

The Unimatrix vessels... actually, I didn't have too many complaints about those either. I kinda wish I had peeked into this thread earlier, so I would have realized that the zone that puts you "under the guns" is between the two Unimatrix ships and not, literally under the ships (although I didn't really have a whole lot of trouble there, either). I saw, or think I saw, a little status/buff indicator that indicates when you're "under the guns," which is nice; knowledge of when you are or are not in a zone of relative safety is always useful.

I can't even really complain about the Borg Queen. There were a few things I noticed, though. She does seem to move awfully fast, but maybe that's just because I'm currently in a space-whale. I didn't die a ridiculous amount, but I died enough that the respawn penalty got to be frustrating. Also, I can easily see where component damage would really upset people running this on elite: it sounds like this is a really silly-hard fight on elite, which only gets harder as it progresses because your vital systems are degrading (which can be managed, if you have the appropriately levelled components, but how many people actually carry enough of them to keep up?).

Overall: I'm really excited by this stf and anxious to see how it turns out after a bit more polish and an official release.

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11-03-2012, 11:10 AM
Ok first thing, I was on the Hive space mission elite. I think this is a bit much

One of Two Unimatrix 01 deals 1157634 (1590309) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to you with Plasma Energy Bolt Explosion.

Did it think i was flying a planet?

When i respawned. Just as I reached the 10km distance, the unimatrix ship one shot killed me before i could even fire a shot.

And then theres the queen with her one shot kills. Attack the queen, 5 secs later, 1 shot death, this continues until the point where its, 5 secs of attacking, 75 secs to respawn, get in range of queen, 1 shot within 5 secs or so, 75 secs until respawn.
So either the one shot kills need to be looked at, or the respawn timer needs to be lowered. Or even better, both.

And the final slap in the face, when the mission was finally completed. No rewards for anyone.
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11-03-2012, 11:12 AM
Played the Normal version, very interesting on the design.

But as said above only "I see I Kill".
This is boring spending my time to fire on the mass, no strategy and elaborated scenario to put at first seeing; I felt the impression that it was a race for those who kills the best ^^

It is a map + for the borgs but I'd like to see more Borg STF Map with this design quality.

and... I didn't touch my Omega Marks...dunno why.

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