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11-03-2012, 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
Nah, nothing to do there really.

Apart from trying to get that perk to work. Gave up ages ago.
Thats whats wrong with all the federation worlds besides the Academy. I would love more content on all the fed worlds. Like a subterranean city to visit on andoria or go archaelogical hunting on Risa or hunting on Vulcan or maybe the ability to own a home or condo on a fed world. Risa must be the most disapointing planet. Bajor has great atmosphere at least.
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11-04-2012, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by chikahiro View Post
I seldom do, but that's because DS9 is right there, and has everything I want in a very convenient format. Transport in, run down to the storage to get my Contraband, run to the security officer, and generally I'm done. I might circle around a bit more to go to the Shipyard, talk to the trader, etc.
Might have been mentioned, but you can cut one stop off that trip. The security officer will take the contraband directly from your bank.

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11-04-2012, 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by tlamstrike View Post
I've seen some RPs on Bajor, and there tends to be less trolls running around in EVA suits spraying fire extinguishers like on Drozana; which makes Bajor kinda the hidden RP area in STO.

I occasionally go there when I don't want longer load times I sometimes get at DS9, but I will say Bajor needs a couple of dailies and unique DOFF assignments; its too nice to waste.
Thanks for the idea! /jk
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I remember doing the jem hadar missions, but nothing more than that, Bajor is a ground map so I haven't been there since I dinged 50.

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